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Image: imelda.jpg   690x1027 140559 bytes 2009.10.11


I find it absolutely unacceptable that, despite creating Imelda back in 2003 I have not drawn her until now.\r\n\r\nPhoto-reffed from a Page 3 girl...I chose her because I thought she had perfect breasts. Not too little, not too big and perfect shape.

Tags: wolf femme nude  
Image: initiated_ink.jpg   1050x793 168980 bytes 2012.12.20


I "welcome" Denetsu into my pride.\r\n\r\nDenetsu C. Hastings\r\n\r\nThis will be coloured...eventually! Partially photo-referenced.\r\n\r\nUniPin pens on A3 cartridge paper.

Tags: wardy lion denetsu tigress virgin painful blood semi-NC collar leash closeup M/F   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: jailbait_2011.JPG   800x500 60309 bytes 2011.04.05

Jailbait (new look)

A bit of a new look for Jailbait. A little shorter than she was and much more slender and feminine.

Tags: lioness jailbait nude pose  
Image: jailbait_2011_col.JPG   850x586 100882 bytes 2011.04.12


Now in colour! \r\n\r\nKept the background nice and simple so not as to draw attention away from her...although she does stand out rather well regardless! \r\n\r\nI need a cold shower...

Tags: jailbait lioness nude pose  
Image: jailbait_waking.jpg   1020x686 135095 bytes 2011.10.23


It seems that someone has woken Jailbait but she doesn't seem to mind. Could her dream be about to come true?\r\n\r\n

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Image: jailbait_waking_col.jpg   850x544 124344 bytes 2011.11.02

"...mmmrrrrm?" - Coloured

Coloured version of one of my recent pics of the delightful, Jailbait.

Tags: jailbait lioness nude bed  
Image: jb_glow.jpg   850x1293 181064 bytes 2011.05.24

A new feeling...

Jailbait the lioness, forbidden and indeed prevented from physical gratification all her life until her rescue, basks in the afterglow of her very first orgasm. \r\n\r\nPlaying with perspective on this one and I had to use a photo-reference to nail it down. Still I think it came out all-right. I also realised I never seem to draw masturbation pics and while this is technically post-masturbation, it's a step in the right direction!

Tags: lioness jailbait masturbation orgasm afterglow  
Image: JB_Lingerie.jpg   493x800 62895 bytes 2012.05.18

Gift-Wrapped (Inks)

Jailbait being all submissive and sexy in her collar and lingerie. \r\n\r\nReferenced from a photo and will be coloured.

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Image: JB_Lingerie_col.jpg   616x880 94810 bytes 2012.05.25


Jailbait being all submissive and sexy in her collar and lingerie. \r\n\r\nNot only did I choose a lighter, more natural fur-colour for Jailbait, I also tried a "smoother" colouring technique seeing as lions are generally short-furred. That and the old "paint-strokes" style was buggering my marker-tips and I started to really hate the look of it. This uses more of the chisel-tip of the markers and, while it doesn't save much ink, it is a lot quicker and I reckon it looks much better! \r\n\r\nI still have to refine this colouring style as this was a lot of trial and error! \r\n\r\nUniPoint pens, Letraset TRIA Markers and a Crayola Pro! white pencil on Bristol Board.

Tags: jailbait lioness lingerie collar submissive   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: Katy.JPG   382x750 62496 bytes 2005.05.14

And here she is in full colour! I was trying to create a character with a more "normal" body shape. Not thin, not fat; she's cuddly! \r\n\r\nKaty knows her body is not that of the supermodels that 99% of men drool over but does she care? Does she bollocks! \r\n\r\nI reckon she's sexy as hell too!

Image: lions.jpg   1000x707 143814 bytes 2008.12.07


Two lions thrashing out a truce between their two prides

Tags: Lion M/M  
Image: lions2.jpg   707x1000 177662 bytes 2008.12.09

Truce II

The talks progress...\r\n\r\nThe idea behind this short series is that the younger lion (on bottom) tried his luck in taking over the older lion's pride. Sadly youthful enthusiasm lost out to age and experience...still, I'm sure he'll learn his lesson!

Tags: Lions M/M Anal  
Image: lions_hyena.jpg   707x1000 133197 bytes 2009.04.19

Brute Force

Two lions "playing" with a hyena girl

Tags: lion hyena DP rape NC  
Image: lions_hyena_col.jpg   682x973 140093 bytes 2009.04.20

Brute Force - Colouring Experiment

This is the Brute Force pic with a lick of colour! I started with just the base "wash" as I always do with markers. However I noticed that the new TRIA's, which I decried so loudly not long ago, blended rather well. \r\n\r\nI need to refine my technique a bit and the scanner didn't pick up on the more subtle blends (hyena's foot and the upper lion's bollocks for exampe) but I am happy with the result!

Tags: lion hyena rape NC DP  
Image: love.jpg   452x780 46171 bytes 2011.11.08

I Love You (Inks)

Sorry for the mushy / cheesy title...I couldn't think of anything else! \r\n\r\nThe linework is a lot lighter than usual as I will be colouring this. My usual inking style is fine for images that I don't plan to colour but coloured works benefit from much thinner lines. Any shading and shadows are added in the coluring.\r\n\r\nAnyway - had fun with this one once I managed to get Jailbait's head properly positioned and I really could stare at her bum all day!

Tags: wardy conrad lion jailbait lioness cuddle hug embrace love  
Image: love_col.jpg   490x880 80362 bytes 2011.11.14

I Love You (Coloured)

Conrad's colouring looks a bit odd, I know but the marker I use for the base colouring (for both of them) suddenly changed colour due to contamination (I assume)...answers on a postcard!

Tags: wardy conrad lion jailbait lioness nude love cuddling embrace  
Image: love_col_gs.jpg   490x880 62712 bytes 2011.11.14

Precious Memory

OK so the coloured version is cocked up so I thought, why not display the pic as if it were a "mental" black and white photograph, as a lot of memories are portrayed as? \r\n\r\n(It's also known as "cheating")

Tags: wardy conrad lion jailbait lioness nude love cuddling embrace   [Comment]
Image: lynx_pet.jpg   660x880 150826 bytes 2014.02.12


A lynx femme finds herself bound and at your mercy. What will you do to her?

Tags: lynx female BDSM bondage nude naked   [More Info] [Comment] [Bid/Buy]
Image: Maxine.jpg   666x1000 68835 bytes 2008.05.03

Macine - A welcome return

Maxine makes a long-awaited but very welcome return to my gallery!

Tags: feline cat white  
Image: Maxine_liedown.jpg   750x450 53158 bytes 2005.08.15

Long time, no draw! Maxine the cat takes a lie down after a hard workout...and one suspects she may soon be in for another workout!

Image: meeces.jpg   660x1000 164042 bytes 2008.08.03

KIss me, Daddy

A mousegirl and her father get steamy in a Turkish Bath

Tags: Mice, Incest, Foreplay  
Image: Moonlight_GS.jpg   870x657 161277 bytes 2013.09.19

Moonlight Shadow

After cooking dinner over an open fire, me and Jailbait decide to celebrate moving into our new home by having sex...outside. Well it made sense at the time... \r\n\r\nThis picture took me over 12 bloody hours to complete! Every last part was shaded by hand >.< \r\n\r\n

Tags: lion lioness wardy jailbait night moonlight sex romance licking love   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: mouse_girl_col.JPG   346x750 46860 bytes 2005.05.25

Sally in colour! This was done in my sketchbook so the pencils are a little grainier but the overall shading is more subtle.

Image: mouse_rape.jpg   850x596 85705 bytes 2012.02.11

Debt Collection

It seems daddy didn't pay his debts so now his daughter is paying for it! If she thinks it hurts now, wait until that knot goes in! \r\n

Tags: mouse mousegirl wolf anal rape forced pain blood bleeding knot   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: new_fullbody_inks.jpg   536x1000 54852 bytes 2011.08.20

New Look - Full Body - Inked

This will eventually be part of a character sheet

Tags: wardy lion nude  
Image: ocean.jpg   530x750 117116 bytes 2005.04.23

Ocean the lioness isn't going to let an overcast sky spoil her day at the beach!

Image: preg_lioness.jpg   580x865 57523 bytes 2010.04.25


A pregnant lioness tenderly cradles her bump.\r\n

Tags: lioness pregnant  
Image: Rp-1.jpg   700x464 93114 bytes 2006.06.10

This is what happens when I force myself to take my time with inking instead of rushing it! It looks a lot better than most of the cack I've been putting out lately! \r\n\r\nAnd look! Perspective!

Image: s_passion_col1.JPG   590x875 153188 bytes 2009.12.26

Savage Passion

As one of my Pride, I care for Rosie a great deal but sometimes...well lets just say I get carried away and forget that she doesn't have a lioness' resilience! \r\n\r\nColouring of an old picture. I used a simple "outline wash" as opposed to a BG. I've seen a few artists use this measure and whilst it looks OK, I clearly need to work on it a little.

Tags: wardy lion rosie human rough  
Image: sal_break.jpg   506x1000 105046 bytes 2008.07.21

Break time

Quickie to get me back in the mood, hence far from tidy.\r\n\r\nSaleena takes a break from working on the Zingela Creations site. Hey it's full of porn...what do you expect? ;-)

Tags: Hyena, Masturbation  

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