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Image: saleena_collared_tagged.jpg   600x880 111509 bytes 2012.08.30

Tagged and Collared

"Um...can I have my glasses back please, Conrad?"\r\n"Eventually..." \r\n\r\nDespite knowing Conrad many years, even sharing his bed on numerous occasions, Saleena was still nervous about actually being part of his pride. Hyenas are a matriarchal race and it went against her most basic instincts to be tagged, cuffed and collared, much less by a lion.\r\n\r\nPhoto referenced

Tags: saleena hyena BDSM collar cuffs slave pet nude submissive   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: saleena_colour.jpg   663x1005 126439 bytes 2009.05.16

Saleena in colour

Damn I have been neglecting my nerdy hyena girl lately! \r\n\r\nI know many people say this but my scanner killed this one. It's not too bad though...

Tags: saleena hyena  
Image: saleena_colour_bg.jpg   749x1060 225503 bytes 2009.05.17

In Her Element

Saleena squatting on a giant silicon chip against a backdrop of PCB's and various CD and DVD-ROM's. \r\n\r\nBackgrounds have never been my strong point and this one was done at way past midnight under the influence of rather powerful meds which I am taking for a chest infection. I will keep going as I am slowly getting these new markers to sit up and beg!

Tags: hyena female nude  
Image: saleena_gaming.jpg   850x626 127989 bytes 2012.02.11


Judging by her trancelike expression, Saleena is playing something pretty compelling! Skyrim, maybe? It's sure taken many hours of my life so far! Mind you, judging by her state of undress and raised tail, it could be she's found my copy of New Vegas with the...ahem..."adult" mods! \r\n

Tags: saleena hyena geek gaming glasses  
Image: saleena_sleep.jpg   1000x643 132976 bytes 2007.11.30

Bedtime 2

A now heavily-pregnant Saleena sleeps...

Image: savage_passions.jpg   707x1000 187241 bytes 2008.11.25

Savage Passion

Felines do it rough! \r\n\r\nPracticing perspective with this one as well as expressions and the juxtaposition of two characters with a significant size difference

Tags: Lion Human Rough Love Passion  
Image: savage_passions2.jpg   1000x707 254986 bytes 2008.11.30

Savage Passion II - Bagheera & Jowana

Bagheera plunges deep into his mate Jowana \r\n\r\nGift art for :iconBagheera: who's work has been a great inspiration to me and who is also a genuinely humble and friendly individual. \r\n\r\nHis work is very passionate and he captures the fury, intensity and unbridled lust of feline mating very well. It is something I am trying to desperately emulate half as well as he does it.

Tags: Leopard Rough Love Pain & Pleasure  
Image: spoils.jpg   679x1000 135963 bytes 2008.06.15

To the victor go the spoils

Warrior returns doing what he usually does...buggering those who he had defeated! \r\n\r\nFYI - Back in 2003 I became disillusioned with drawing in "Disney" style and so sat down and thrashed out the bones of what would become my own style. The pic I produced was of Warrior and although it was a steaming pile of wank, you can see the beginnings of my style.

Tags: Wolf Hyena M/M Anal Rape  
Image: Stallion.jpg   654x750 81336 bytes 2005.06.05

A young stallion after a little 'relaxation'

Image: thinking_of_you.jpg   850x613 76475 bytes 2011.10.31

I Was Just Thinking About You...

I never intended to start a "series" of pictures but I seem to have done so anyway! It seems Jailbait doesn't seem to mind being woken up...thankfully! \r\n

Tags: wardy conrad lion jailbait lioness love nude  
Image: tiger2.jpg   707x1000 211920 bytes 2008.12.03

Fury (Complete)

Yep there's more! I only had the face complete by close of play last night so I uploaded it as a standalone pic...little did you know there was more lurking below! Mwaaahaaahahaa!

Tags: Tiger  
Image: tiger_door_1.jpg   435x1000 123874 bytes 2009.03.29


Samson the tiger in glorious(?) colour. I know he appears to be missing something but remember what his name is!\r\n\r\nIt's been way too long between colourings!

Tags: tiger nude  
Image: tiger_doorway_WIP.jpg   602x1000 76086 bytes 2009.03.22

Tiger in a Doorway (WIP)

Pretty self-explanatory! \r\n\r\nThis was inked using a 0.05 pen, the thinnest of the 5 thicknesses I use, the others being 0.8, 0.5, 0.3 and 0.1. However I have plans for this pic that don't require my "layered" style of inking.\r\n\r\nYes he's a tiger - his stripes will come later!

Tags: tiger  
Image: tightfit2.jpg   497x750 118431 bytes 2005.04.23

Now that's a tight fit! Sandy the cat and her new found love, Buck, doing what lovers do...(Bonking! Duh!!!)

Image: wardy_cs_fa.jpg   896x1280 185321 bytes 2008.05.27

Wardy Characater Sheet

Well it's done! I had to shrink it down to comply with FA's upload guidelines. Full-size version here:\r\n\r\n

Tags: Lion  
Image: Wardy_klepsie_1.jpg   700x482 95417 bytes 2007.10.26

Tastes Good

Colouring of an old pic. Me getting some oral attention from Klepsydra the leopardess. Scene from an RP.\r\n\r\nKlepsydra her player

Image: welcome_home.jpg   519x700 83802 bytes 2007.07.08

Welcome Home

Coming home from work, stressed and in need of relaxation, I head up the stairs and see hersitting there waiting for me. Saleena, my sweet little nerdy hyena girl. "Welcome home, honey" she whispers and idly drops her thong panties at my feet.\r\n\r\nDrawn from a photograph and with some perspective. I'm rather unpracticed at perspective but it looks okay...

Tags: hyena, femme, nerd  
Image: welcome_home_col.jpg   495x700 85045 bytes 2007.10.28

Welcome Home

More colouring of older artwork. I am doing this as I have not produded many coloured pics of late and I want to keep my hand in as well as develop my technique. \r\n\r\nHere Saleena is welcoming someone (me!) home from a hard day at the office in her own, inimitable way! \r\n\r\nSaleena is only half-spotted hyena and as a result, her spots only extend halfway down her body.

Image: wr.jpg   1000x996 164268 bytes 2008.10.20

Tablet Colouring Practice 2 - WIP

Things are going slower than I imagined. A PC crash wiping out a whole layer didn't help and lost me an hour's work! >.< Saved much more often after that! \r\n\r\nBecause I am trying to emulate my markers/pencil style of colouring with the tablet it means a lot of colour layering. If anything I am over cooking it slightly as it's a bit too dark but it could be worse!\r\n\r\nStopping for tonight as it's late and I have wankers cramp! >.<

Tags: Lion Human  
Image: young_sal_col.jpg   1050x700 165297 bytes 2009.08.16

Sweet Sixteen

One or two people were curious as to what exactly was on Saleena's USB stick. \r\n\r\nWell one pic is of her exposing her female charms for the very first time on camera. Despite her usual confidence, she is a little bit shy.\r\n\r\nI know it's been a long time between pics but I have had no time / inclination / both to draw. Decided to ease back in with a pic of a character I know inside and out in a simple pose.

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