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Image: Bitch_sword.jpg   787x900 152068 bytes 2004.01.19

So Far I've been experimenting with Different positions. Since it was pointed out that my art had a lot of the same positions. So here one I decided to do. (Inspired by Gris Drawing). Warenn A. Dog

Image: bitch_towel.jpg   607x900 78572 bytes 2004.01.19

A female Holding a towel. Warenn A. Dog\r\n

Image: Cowboy_dog.jpg   488x759 111551 bytes 2006.03.19

Something I came up with

Image: DMG_Warnndog.jpg   664x900 197021 bytes 2004.01.19

This is as it says it is. Me and DMG Kissing. Warenn A. dog

Image: Dog_cock.jpg   594x900 127986 bytes 2004.01.19

I figured one day that I don't do enough Single males with an erect penis. So I decided to draw this yiffy dog. Warenn A. Dog

Image: Evan_Juliet.jpg   578x900 147713 bytes 2004.01.29

This are Two lovers that I might turn into a series? Interesting huh. I don't know if I could ever sell this as an original piece because it drawn on the back of my offices paper. Heading and all. Oh well. I'm very proud.\r\nWarenn A. Dog. ©Warnndog

Image: Flightdog.jpg   357x664 60206 bytes 2005.04.04

None at this time

Image: Football_wolf.jpg   688x888 180969 bytes 2005.03.29

None at this time

Image: Inspired.jpg   618x386 83671 bytes 2005.03.28

None at this time

Image: Intise_Dmg.jpg   631x900 178862 bytes 2004.01.29

My girlfiend kept on complaining that I didn't draw enough pictures of us together. Well I decided to do this one. DMG I hope you like it. It was a fun drawing anyway. Warenn A. Dog. ©Warnndog

Image: Lion_Racoon.jpg   777x900 159241 bytes 2004.01.11

A yiffy picture, initially I was experimenting with different position and this one seems to have remained on my mind. Warenn A. Dog

Image: lovers.jpg   800x961 184915 bytes 2006.04.25

Just something I decided to Draw one day

Image: Macro_Racoon.jpg   584x900 144484 bytes 2004.01.22

Hey, I'm Macro, I'm storng and I'm Buff. But I'm also a Racoon! Warenn A. Dog. ©Warnndog

Image: Otterskates.jpg   760x900 128669 bytes 2004.01.11

This started out as an otter playing twister, then I figured that the exact positioning of the hands and feet weren't right for that situation. So I started at the picture for a while and this came to me. Warenn A. Dog

Image: Polar.jpg   686x900 114786 bytes 2004.01.19

I was thinking if I ever play a muck, I would like to play a big brawny Polar bear. So I drew this image, again experimenting with different positionings. Warenn A. Dog

Image: Prisoner.jpg   800x1024 208156 bytes 2006.04.25

A chronicles of Riddick inspired piece, but dont' be fuled the dog is not suppose to be Riddick. That's why I say inspired.

Image: Satyr.jpg   581x900 144016 bytes 2004.01.09

I'm roleplaying Dungeons and Dragons and one of my Cohorts in the saga is a Horses Ghost Character, A Satyr. I don't know if this is a good depiction of his character, but he's usually gaga over Stayrs anyway. I hope he like it. Warenn A. Dog

Image: Threesome_2.jpg   663x612 141688 bytes 2005.04.04

None at this time\r\n

Image: Warnn_sadd.jpg   617x800 147065 bytes 2006.03.19

Something I cooked up. Can't really say much, this is me being a little sad. Isn't I cute.

Image: Warnndog_erect.jpg   765x900 173028 bytes 2004.01.22

You know thinking about it. I hardly draw my character erect. So I decided to draw this version. Warenn A. Dog ©Warnndog

Image: Warnndog_sword.jpg   723x900 154120 bytes 2004.01.22

Here is a very interesnting picture. I modeled this one after some Herbie Bearclaw drawing. Anyway. Thier real nice. © Warnndog

Image: Zebra.jpg   459x900 138959 bytes 2004.01.11

When I drew this, it started out as a Horse then I saw that I never drew Zebra. So I attempted, and it also seems that in my plane of existance zebra's have cloven feet?? Warenn A. Dog

Image: Zyphur.jpg   806x580 147465 bytes 2005.03.28

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