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Image: Helios_Sven.jpg   506x614 59831 bytes 2008.01.02

Beastly Dragon

I have no idea how I came up with that name. Well, at least People who are obsessed with antro dragon muscularity will like it.

Tags: antro dragon muscularity   [Comment]
Image: Braxxis_Crimsonclaw.jpg   646x987 106156 bytes 2008.01.02

Cybernetic Amputee

I like to make a lot of characters. It makes sense no? plus, my PC's keyboard is screwed up so ignore any typos please.

Tags: dragon draconian Braxxis Crimsonclaw character   [Comment]
Image: Aaron_Valos.jpg   512x586 46403 bytes 2008.01.02

Dragonkin Exile

Well, my first submission on VCL. and iwant to know what people think about it. I know I suck at anatomy, but still.

Tags: dragon dragonkin Aaron Valos Character   [Comment]

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