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Image: anthro_lion-shirt_art.jpg   800x900 211937 bytes 2005.08.15

Anthropomorphic lion, digital painting, Photoshop CS. Available on t-shirts from Cafepress at:\r\n\r\n

Image: anthro_lion_detail.jpg   765x776 72731 bytes 2005.08.15

detail of previous image.

Image: azhar_border.jpg   562x700 66533 bytes 2005.03.11

Art for Rage fan set - Azhar Serpent Slayer, chrinos form.

Image: blood-of-ice.jpg   658x700 100822 bytes 2005.03.01

Character illustration for Blood of Ice, my Lunar Exalted character. It was tempting to draw him in a more action-oriented pose, but I'm trying to shake off some of the Lunars-as-barbarians stigma that the game has associated with them, so I thought something a bit calmer would be nice.\r\n\r\nI made so many changes to the design of the character and the grimcleaver (crazy anime ax) while I was working on this that it took me much longer than it should have. Still, I'm reasonably happy with it. Give me 24 hours and I'm sure I'll regret having posted it without fixing something, but I really wanted to post it and have something to show for my time.

Image: collectors_final.jpg   648x768 93852 bytes 2005.06.14

This is the race of spooky Aberrations to be featured in my upcoming D&D campaign. They abduct people and carry them away to distant worlds. Why? What are they going to do with them? I'm not telling. = )

Image: Falling_Sky.jpg   614x709 121124 bytes 2008.02.07

Old art for Rage.

Tags: werewolf rage  
Image: ia_humbug.jpg   1024x768 210813 bytes 2005.12.27

Cthulhu communicates his feelings on the holidays.

Image: isarev.jpg   518x600 41939 bytes 2004.07.13

This is the first NPC Lunar I created for Exalted, using tyrant lizard as the totem animal. This is sort of an older image at this point, but I thought what the heck.

Image: Kolya.jpg   607x700 128602 bytes 2008.02.07

Old art for Rage.

Tags: werewolf rage  
Image: lefty.jpg   747x768 86613 bytes 2004.08.19

Servitor race for my Exalted campaign. Digital painting in Photoshop.

Image: lioness_squirrel.jpg   714x800 127962 bytes 2004.07.28

For the July VCL artist competition; Draw a mix of lioness+squirrel, possibly flying squirrel. I went for flying, obviously. About 6 hours total, all digital painting in Photoshop.

Image: midnight.jpg   800x600 75940 bytes 2004.06.21

Digital painting with Photoshop. I originally created this one for a band's CD cover, and decided to recolor and expand it a bit to use as a desktop background.

Image: olakunde.jpg   600x600 84555 bytes 2008.02.07

Old art for Rage.

Tags: werewolf rage  
Image: paradise.jpg   800x600 229564 bytes 2005.05.27

Quick piece - just a couple of hours. Wanted a different spin on "paradise" for the monthly competition. Also wanted to ease gradually back into art after a month of illness.

Image: prismdragon.jpg   800x600 69822 bytes 2004.06.21

Pencil drawing colored with Photoshop.

Image: rite_of_talisman600.jpg   751x600 71555 bytes 2004.12.04

Art for a Rage fan set. card: Rite of Talisman Dedication.

Image: shark_hobgoblin.jpg   778x600 48285 bytes 2004.08.05

Shark-based hobgoblin servitors of the aquatic Fair Folk in my Exalted campaign. Digital painting in Photoshop.

Image: silv_chrinos_dark.jpg   667x818 136166 bytes 2005.04.20

art for Rage CCG character.

Image: silv_lupus_dark.jpg   667x818 151418 bytes 2005.04.20

Art for Rage CCG character.

Image: sithiss.jpg   740x600 76550 bytes 2004.06.21

Digital painting with Photoshop. Black lizardman.

Image: Summer.jpg   1024x640 136969 bytes 2005.06.30

I kept putting this off, meaning to get to it eventually, until one day I happened to glance at a calendar and say, "Hey, June ends this week. Oops." So this is a bit rushed. Not as much as last month, but still.\r\n\r\nThe aspect of Summer that's strongest for me is the sun. The sun is a welcome friend year round, but in Summer it becomes a friend to be wary around unless you want to get burned.

Image: takedown600.jpg   751x600 90811 bytes 2004.12.10

Takedown! Combat card for a Rage CCG fanset.

Image: The_Retrievers.jpg   800x750 122570 bytes 2006.05.25

Digital painting in Photoshop CS.

Image: trago_black.jpg   1024x768 118538 bytes 2004.08.04

Trago, Octopus totem Lunar for my Exalted campaign. Digital painting in Photoshop. Viewers are welcome to download the image for use as a desktop image, but please don't reproduce it in any other way.

Image: trago_wh.jpg   1024x768 114058 bytes 2004.08.04

Trago, Octopus totem Lunar for my Exalted campaign. Digital painting in Photoshop. Viewers are welcome to download the image for use as a desktop image, but please don't reproduce it in any other way.

Image: Wiz-Tower-Con_dragon3.jpg   747x700 62605 bytes 2005.01.30

dragon for t-shirt design for Wizard's Tower's gaming con.

Image: wolf_rabbit_mix.jpg   574x600 58023 bytes 2004.08.26

Entry for the August art competition - mix of a wolf and rabbit. \r\n\r\nUpdate: It was selected as the winner! Huzzah!\r\n

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