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Image: eidorian.jpg   420x533 73928 bytes 2004.02.14

Pastel picture I never got around to finishing -- the unfinished part being somewhat visible in the bottom right. Was attempting to draw this like it was being drawn by one of the other characters (Trent) but it still looks too much like my work.

Image: esrb.jpg   498x498 53048 bytes 2003.02.19

Two dueling ESRB parody logo shirts. Jeremy is sporting the "Rated W For Wicked" version and Mike is showing his "Rated N For Nifty" version. Huzzah.\r\n\r\nJeremy Moore (C) Will B., Mike Nifty (C) himself\r\n\r\nAnd the IWA is now the IFWA (there were too many IWA's already) but the directory is still called 'IWA' (for now). Too bad there's no quick way to change directory names in the admin function.

Image: fullmoonsault.jpg   88x87 6035 bytes 2004.02.14

Icon thingy based on the logo from a shirt I've been drawing Adrian wearing a lot lately. (Him doing a moonsault if you can't tell.)

Image: fvkmicro.jpg   424x556 110427 bytes 2002.09.05

The colour version of the "FVK: Micro" pic I did based off the Chip & Dale - Rescue Rangers cartridge art. This takes up a full page IRL. Yee, it took awhile to finish (when I actually worked on it).

Image: fvkmicrofurs.jpg   413x544 60908 bytes 2002.07.30

A picture based off the cartridge art for the old NES game 'Chip & Dale - Rescue Rangers', but with Bailey and Adrian instead. The cartridge would take up maybe about 1/3 of the space on a sheet of paper and the actual art takes up maybe 1/2 the space on the cartridge front. My sketch takes up the full sheet of paper, so this obviously isn't a trace job. But anyway..

Image: greetingsfromsanmierde.jpg   501x653 196334 bytes 2002.07.30

I'm still impressed with the effort I put into this (6 characters and an actual background, taking up a full sheet of paper, and it's all in color?), but there are all these height disparities due to character placement. Oh well.

Image: halfaface.JPG   289x641 197075 bytes 2002.09.05

(C) Will B.

Image: hipunk.jpg   186x510 41417 bytes 2004.02.14

Part of another page of outfit concept sketches, with this being the only one I finished up.

Image: hockeycaptain.jpg   300x370 23233 bytes 2003.11.01

Jeremy modeling his team's hockey jersey -- the Photoshop ReMIX.

Image: iamnotanusher.jpg   273x612 56356 bytes 2003.03.27

For some reason, the outfit reminds me of a movie theatre usher. That wasn't my intention, but oh well.

Image: iamyouroneinten.jpg   205x450 42924 bytes 2003.11.25

Pretty much for archival purposes since Adrian's hair isn't like that anymore. I still want a shirt like that, though.

Image: idontneedit.JPG   502x662 272906 bytes 2002.09.05

That's supposed to be beer being poured.\r\n\r\nThe lines are from "I Don't Need It" by Fearless Vampire Killers (DC). I hope that's considered "fair use"..

Image: iwanttoconquertheworld.jpg   190x377 32605 bytes 2002.06.13

Based really loosely off a picture of JSN at the after-graduation party a few weeks ago. He was holding an inflated Earth with this "I will own this one day" expression. Hehe.

Image: iwastars.jpg   636x334 135984 bytes 2001.12.23

From left to right: Adrian Moon(Cruiser champion), Yiff Daddy(Xtreme champion), Phreak(Federation champion), Risc, and Justin Bailey. "Insane Beyond All Reason". \r\n\r\nAdrian Moon - Face - 6'2", 212 lbs. - The Lunita de los Muertos(Moonsault) and Wolf's Bite(Dragon Sleeper) are his finishing maneuvres. He enters to "Something Told Me" by Coal Chamber. \r\n\r\nYiff Daddy - Face - 6'9", 269 lbs. - The Yiffy Dreams, Rear Yiffy Dreams, and Super Yiffy Dreams are his finishers(a Tazzplex plus reverse and turnbuckle variations). - "Baby Got Back" by Agent Felix is his entrance music. \r\n\r\nPhreak - Heel - 7'3", 320 lbs. - The Bong(Samoan Neckbreaker) and the Punisher(Brainbuster off the turnbuckle) are his finishers. - Enters to KMFDM's "Megalomaniac". \r\n\r\nRisc - He's fallen into disfavour with the league, so I'm striking his data from here for now. \r\n\r\nJustin Bailey - Heel - 5'10", 195 lbs. - Utilizes the 69er Driver and numerous leg drop variations for finishers. - "Hi, It's Me Christ" by Emil Bulls is his theme. \r\n\r\nThe IWA and all related trademarks are (C) Will B.

Image: jeremy.jpg   169x419 24102 bytes 2003.02.06

Jeremy returns, again. I'm proud that you can actually pretty much read what I wrote on his shirt. ^_^ "Boy Band Reject"\r\n\r\nBut wait! Last time we saw him, he had wings. Where'd they go? Uh.. well, this is an "alternate" Jeremy -- Jeremy as he appears in 'San Mierde'. The rumour still occurs, but someone stops him in time from killing himself and he seeks counseling. ..yeah. Anyway, Jeremy (C) 2001(?) Will B.

Image: jeremyhead.jpg   269x381 33231 bytes 2003.05.06

Smart blur is my friend.

Image: jeremyheadshot.JPG   268x402 30457 bytes 2003.02.25

I don't see why some people complain when they draw cheetahs. In a weird way, it's kinda fun drawing all those spots...

Image: jerviper.jpg   299x471 55513 bytes 2003.11.20

A Fighting Vipers-inspired picture of Jeremy. He's holding the stick like that because he was originally resting on it while kneeling, then I changed his legs halfway through inking it. Ah, yeah.

Image: jesusraves.jpg   390x400 26420 bytes 2003.12.30

Photoshoppery a go go. Inspired by a shirt on, "Jesus Raves".

Image: juliana.jpg   270x795 46304 bytes 2003.02.06

Newish character. First time drawing her, but she's been on my copy of No Mercy for a few months now. Anyway, Juliana Martinez (C) 2003 Will B.

Image: lionwolfhead.JPG   424x574 44571 bytes 2002.10.15

Just trying out a lionwolf version of Loko again. I like it, but I've basically established Loko as a pure (well, purish) wolf.\r\n\r\nAdrian "Loko" Moon (C) 2000 or 2001 [not sure] Will B.

Image: loka.jpg   202x478 30399 bytes 2003.10.13

I consider myself in touch with my feminine side, thus, female Loko.

Image: lokofigure.jpg   270x519 29192 bytes 2001.12.23

An Adrian figure made from some old Batman figure. I still have it but it doesn't look like this anymore.

Image: lokoheader.jpg   691x143 40838 bytes 2002.07.09

Yay, I can do a closeup of the eyes in anime style now. Go, me. (C) Will B.

Image: lokoheelflip.jpg   354x500 69578 bytes 2002.06.18

I tried to upload this last night, but the disk I had this on was acting up. Anyway, it's Adrian doing a heelflip in River City Ransom's Sherman Park area. The scanner turned his name out way too dark, but oh well.\r\n\r\n(C) Will B.

Image: lokosnewshades.jpg   200x399 40362 bytes 2002.05.25

I got some new sunglasses at the after-graduation party Tuesday, so I decided to draw Loko wearing them. I really like how he turned out here. Adrian "Loko" Moon (C) Will B.

Image: lunita.gif   300x300 17001 bytes 2003.05.17

Originally an oekaki that I resaved as a gif. I hope the recompression didn't make it too noisy.\r\n---\r\nA little side note: My scanner isn't working, so you might not see anything aside from the occasional oekaki from me for a little while.

Image: mangastyleloko.jpg   259x436 48166 bytes 2002.06.12

I bought "Manga Mania" by Christopher Hart yesterday. Just trying out a few of the things in it (shading style, hair and eyes). Also trying out NeoPaint's "highlighter" tool as a means of colouring.

Image: mulletequation.jpg   587x354 65342 bytes 2002.06.12

I found an article on some mullet site about the scientific theorem of a mullet (the "Havlock Equation") and decided to draw my mullethead Justin Bailey teaching it in a class.

Image: mulletman.JPG   424x674 38412 bytes 2002.08.10

Bailey chibi. 'Nuff said.

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