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Image: myfirstoekaki.png   300x300 33884 bytes 2003.05.01

First time I've ever done an oekaki picture. Thought I'd commemorate it by uploading a copy to VCL. (hope they don't mind)

Image: nohaymiedo.jpg   318x578 33668 bytes 2003.01.10

"I don't have fear in my heart."

Image: nuskoolsuperhero.jpg   466x879 133486 bytes 2002.08.10

(C) Will B.

Image: oldmeetsnew.JPG   424x695 185406 bytes 2002.09.05

"Gyah, that voice! You can only listen to him for so long and then.. oh, no.. I've gone cross-eyed."

Image: oldskoolgamesta.jpg   424x455 69828 bytes 2002.06.01

I think someone else beat me to the "Zapper sodomy" idea, but I'm not sure. In any event, it's old school vs new school in a way here. Alanna's shirt depicts a Nazi swastika being sliced into bits.

Image: oldstyle.jpg   500x521 91663 bytes 2004.02.14

Concept sketch for an OST (official soundtrack) project I'm working on. The fun part's gonna be recreating it on the actual cover. ._.

Image: oneyearlater.jpg   342x400 60043 bytes 2002.06.01

I decided to do a pic of Loko and Alanna in the style I use now facing Loko and Alanna in the style I used to use when I first joined the VCL. I like to think I've improved a lot since I joined.

Image: originalsanmbanner.jpg   400x83 41265 bytes 2003.03.13

A 'San Mierde' banner.

Image: outwiththeold.jpg   420x552 64454 bytes 2004.02.29

This is my way of acknowledging that I was kind of a dumb kid when I first joined this site. Also an excuse to experiment with a digital coloring technique again. Well, not so much on old Loko, but more on current Loko.

Image: pickitup.jpg   229x342 15695 bytes 2003.01.23

"Skank faster!"\r\n"I'm skanking as fast as I can!"

Image: pizzapimpsucks.jpg   387x378 44625 bytes 2003.07.10

Mouse art (sorta) of Jeremy at work, longing to be at home.

Image: popnmusic.jpg   656x182 54903 bytes 2003.09.18

Inspired vaguely by the Pop'n'music games, here's each of the San Mierde characters in some sort of dance/pose based on their preferred musical genre. Loko (punk/ska) is skanking, Bailey (rap-metal) is doing that weird run-punch thing from #021, Alanna (hardcore) is doing one of my weird dances, Grassy (modern rock) is playing air guitar, Rod (rap) is busting a phat flow, Trent (alt-rock) is jumping around, and Jer (dance) is steppin' DDR style.

Image: portraits.jpg   512x206 49965 bytes 2004.02.14

Cast portraits for the Winds of Faith site. Everybody in the top row should probably be recognizable by now (except maybe Rick, second from right), but the bottom row has some new faces. From right, a redesigned Alex Stone, dj PRiDE, Jimmy Harrison and Milo Takeshi.

Image: redesign.jpg   359x438 30366 bytes 2004.10.03

Yesterday, I had the random idea to try and make some of my characters better resemble the real world species they're based on. I also picked specific subspecies in Adrian's and Trent's cases.

Image: redesignedbailey.jpg   177x479 18878 bytes 2002.12.10

I got sick of drawing Bailey the old way, so I decided to do a major redesign on him. The shirt says "I'm not paid enough to kiss your ass." One of my favourite shirts I own...

Image: sanmierdeost.jpg   420x470 22602 bytes 2003.10.13

Another concept cover picture. Based off of the picture of Face To Face from the back cover of their self-titled album's booklet.

Image: sanmierdespritebanner.jpg   350x83 21375 bytes 2003.06.29

A new banner for a new style.

Image: scan.jpg   250x554 39883 bytes 2004.05.04

Picture of Alex drawn for a friend. I apologize for the crappiness of his hands.

Image: scientist.jpg   364x572 138227 bytes 2002.08.10

One of my comrades on the T!-Bored is writing a story and wanted to put some of us in there as guest roles. He thought Loko should be a scientist. I took it as an excuse to do a picture of Loko in a scientist-y outfit and play around with my new paint program (Arcsoft PhotoImpression). Yee!

Image: semiraver.jpg   150x539 28475 bytes 2003.12.30

It seems like I always draw him wearing the same outfit for a length of time before I change it to something else, wash rinse repeat. So, this was part of a bunch of random outfit design sketches, and the only one I felt like giving the full colour treatment to. Was also trying out a no-ink approach and some new coloured pencils I received.

Image: sincelunch.jpg   434x508 59434 bytes 2002.11.27

I'm on the cutting edge of last year's spoofs.\r\n\r\n"How long has she been up there?"\r\n"Since lunch."

Image: slade.jpg   262x360 21875 bytes 2003.01.23

Kenny Holland, aka Slade -- an old character of mine that I decided to draw just for the heck of it. He's a shifter and this is his full anthro wolf form.\r\n\r\nSlade is (C) 1999(!!) Will B., picture (C) 2003 Will B.

Image: smfeatwof.jpg   400x300 66686 bytes 2003.11.18

Actual in-game screenshot from the Stepmania theme I was working on. (my apologies in advance in case this doesn't qualify as appropriate)

Image: somenewoutfit.JPG   364x722 53713 bytes 2002.07.20

Just an experiment with a combination of Prismacolor markers and Xonex pencils and pastels.

Image: soverytired.JPG   826x692 36308 bytes 2002.09.19

I'll leave the filename to talk about the picture.\r\n\r\nMy paint program is lying to me. It wasn't this big when I finished, I swear.

Image: stepbasic.gif   191x218 24326 bytes 2003.10.31

Part of a theme for StepMania I'm working on.

Image: stepbeginner.gif   192x216 19523 bytes 2003.11.05

Part of a theme for StepMania I'm working on.

Image: stependless.gif   192x216 21700 bytes 2003.11.05

Part of a theme for StepMania I'm working on.

Image: stepmaniac.gif   192x216 28367 bytes 2003.11.05

Part of a theme for StepMania I'm working on.

Image: steptrick.gif   191x218 27262 bytes 2003.10.31

Part of a theme for StepMania I'm working on.

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