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Image: greetingsfromsanmierde.jpg   501x653 196334 bytes 2002.07.30

I'm still impressed with the effort I put into this (6 characters and an actual background, taking up a full sheet of paper, and it's all in color?), but there are all these height disparities due to character placement. Oh well.

Image: fvkmicrofurs.jpg   413x544 60908 bytes 2002.07.30

A picture based off the cartridge art for the old NES game 'Chip & Dale - Rescue Rangers', but with Bailey and Adrian instead. The cartridge would take up maybe about 1/3 of the space on a sheet of paper and the actual art takes up maybe 1/2 the space on the cartridge front. My sketch takes up the full sheet of paper, so this obviously isn't a trace job. But anyway..

Image: somenewoutfit.JPG   364x722 53713 bytes 2002.07.20

Just an experiment with a combination of Prismacolor markers and Xonex pencils and pastels.

Image: tears.jpg   316x521 32859 bytes 2002.07.20

I was feeling fine at the time. I just felt like practicing a crying picture for some reason is all.

Image: adrianstretching.gif   565x574 80237 bytes 2002.07.20

And here's a coloured version of the stretching pic I did a few weeks ago.\r\n\r\n(C) Will B.

Image: whosconcealinganerection.jpg   357x450 41682 bytes 2002.07.20

It's time for that hot new quiz show craze...\r\n\r\nWHO'S CONCEALING AN ERECTION?

Image: votaisparawill.jpg   598x749 144728 bytes 2002.07.09

A fake campaign poster for a mock election that was being run on the old Toonapalooza! Message Bored. My campaign statement was part of Bad Religion's "I Want To Conquer The World".

Image: lokoheader.jpg   691x143 40838 bytes 2002.07.09

Yay, I can do a closeup of the eyes in anime style now. Go, me. (C) Will B.

Image: adrianstretching-lineart.jpg   565x574 75370 bytes 2002.07.09

Adrian stretching. Drr, way to state the obvious, me. Anyway, this'll be coloured eventually. Otherwise, I wouldn't've tacked on the '-lineart' part to the name. Heh. Adrian "Loko" Moon (C) 2001 Will B.

Image: baileysitting.jpg   394x476 51054 bytes 2002.07.09

Not a particularly exciting picture, but at least it's not another stand around blandly pic. Justin Bailey (C) Will B.

Image: eggplant.jpg   288x516 60755 bytes 2002.06.23

FINALLY! I've been trying to upload this since Monday! Bleedin' disk...\r\n\r\nSebastian is (C) JSN, his shirt's logo is (C) Marilyn Manson, the board design [Didn't Stop In Time] and the pic are (C) Will B.

Image: lokoheelflip.jpg   354x500 69578 bytes 2002.06.18

I tried to upload this last night, but the disk I had this on was acting up. Anyway, it's Adrian doing a heelflip in River City Ransom's Sherman Park area. The scanner turned his name out way too dark, but oh well.\r\n\r\n(C) Will B.

Image: taunt126.gif   227x556 48031 bytes 2002.06.18

This is one of Adrian's trademark taunts, also known as "Taunt 126" on No Mercy. For the hell of it, I made it a transparent bg-ed image.\r\n\r\nAdrian "Loko" Moon is (C) 2001 Will B.

Image: iwanttoconquertheworld.jpg   190x377 32605 bytes 2002.06.13

Based really loosely off a picture of JSN at the after-graduation party a few weeks ago. He was holding an inflated Earth with this "I will own this one day" expression. Hehe.

Image: whenwewerekids.jpg   363x237 33891 bytes 2002.06.13

Based loosely on some old school pictures of Jason and myself.\r\n

Image: mangastyleloko.jpg   259x436 48166 bytes 2002.06.12

I bought "Manga Mania" by Christopher Hart yesterday. Just trying out a few of the things in it (shading style, hair and eyes). Also trying out NeoPaint's "highlighter" tool as a means of colouring.

Image: mulletequation.jpg   587x354 65342 bytes 2002.06.12

I found an article on some mullet site about the scientific theorem of a mullet (the "Havlock Equation") and decided to draw my mullethead Justin Bailey teaching it in a class.

Image: oneyearlater.jpg   342x400 60043 bytes 2002.06.01

I decided to do a pic of Loko and Alanna in the style I use now facing Loko and Alanna in the style I used to use when I first joined the VCL. I like to think I've improved a lot since I joined.

Image: oldskoolgamesta.jpg   424x455 69828 bytes 2002.06.01

I think someone else beat me to the "Zapper sodomy" idea, but I'm not sure. In any event, it's old school vs new school in a way here. Alanna's shirt depicts a Nazi swastika being sliced into bits.

Image: thoughthowl.jpg   420x396 85852 bytes 2002.05.25

Gratuitous anime-esque imagery. Fun.

Image: lokosnewshades.jpg   200x399 40362 bytes 2002.05.25

I got some new sunglasses at the after-graduation party Tuesday, so I decided to draw Loko wearing them. I really like how he turned out here. Adrian "Loko" Moon (C) Will B.

Image: baileyshoodie.jpg   289x411 34578 bytes 2002.05.25

A picture I did of Justin just to show how the little ICP-type logo he has on his trademark hoodie looks.

Image: 420stash.jpg   789x472 137212 bytes 2002.04.26

Random drug-related humor.

Image: dodgeball.jpg   1024x481 233335 bytes 2002.04.22

Super Dodge Ball inspired pic, but with a new "wall" rule. Whee! All characters (C) their respective owners.

Image: iwastars.jpg   636x334 135984 bytes 2001.12.23

From left to right: Adrian Moon(Cruiser champion), Yiff Daddy(Xtreme champion), Phreak(Federation champion), Risc, and Justin Bailey. "Insane Beyond All Reason". \r\n\r\nAdrian Moon - Face - 6'2", 212 lbs. - The Lunita de los Muertos(Moonsault) and Wolf's Bite(Dragon Sleeper) are his finishing maneuvres. He enters to "Something Told Me" by Coal Chamber. \r\n\r\nYiff Daddy - Face - 6'9", 269 lbs. - The Yiffy Dreams, Rear Yiffy Dreams, and Super Yiffy Dreams are his finishers(a Tazzplex plus reverse and turnbuckle variations). - "Baby Got Back" by Agent Felix is his entrance music. \r\n\r\nPhreak - Heel - 7'3", 320 lbs. - The Bong(Samoan Neckbreaker) and the Punisher(Brainbuster off the turnbuckle) are his finishers. - Enters to KMFDM's "Megalomaniac". \r\n\r\nRisc - He's fallen into disfavour with the league, so I'm striking his data from here for now. \r\n\r\nJustin Bailey - Heel - 5'10", 195 lbs. - Utilizes the 69er Driver and numerous leg drop variations for finishers. - "Hi, It's Me Christ" by Emil Bulls is his theme. \r\n\r\nThe IWA and all related trademarks are (C) Will B.

Image: lokofigure.jpg   270x519 29192 bytes 2001.12.23

An Adrian figure made from some old Batman figure. I still have it but it doesn't look like this anymore.

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