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Image: Fal&Tenshi1.JPG   630x708 86965 bytes 2002.12.24

I very rarely do holiday related images, but that doesn't mean I don't do drawings as gifts! This is for Tenshikawa, for whom I've owed a (good) picture for almost a year now. Better late than never, I guess.\r\n\r\nFal, Tenshi (c) respective players.

Image: Jungleink2.JPG   519x297 42684 bytes 2002.08.13

The second of the two I finished. Its fair I guess, next time I'm going to try highlights with some sort of white paint. Correction fluid might even work.

Image: Jungleink1.JPG   769x389 51030 bytes 2002.08.13

One of two, this one turned out best in my opinion. I must say I prefer the style to what I've been using, I just need more practice.

Image: FalCol.JPG   484x434 70923 bytes 2002.02.16

Considering I've not uploaded in an good long while, I figured I'd start by uploading an updated picture of Fal. I seem to have made this a tradition. Anyway, while I'm happy enough with my other pictures of him, this one is more of a muscle study for future reference, with only simple colours. Fal (c) Will Price.

Image: Infantry.GIF   747x1019 629309 bytes 2000.12.02

Those few who followed my art years ago when I was still on Yerf might remember a little series I had going, where I drew profile shots of various military types. I thought I might have a go at that again, only in my new style. And with a background. And unfortunately in pencil, since all three of my ink pens ran out simultaneously. Grrr. I'll ink when I get some new ones.\n

Image: Falsword.GIF   752x805 286220 bytes 2000.12.02

I like my guns, but swords are cooler. Especially big mothers like this one! If you're interested, its even part of the comic I'm writing. Its extraterrestrial origins make it lighter than it looks, virtually unbreakable, and even at 1000+ years old hasn't lost its edge. Once owned by an ancestor of Fals, legend tells it was used to slay an evil god, although I won't go into that now. :)\n

Image: Crashsite.GIF   555x713 252569 bytes 2000.12.02

Less inks on this one. I was paying more attention to the background really, although I edited some of it out 'cause it didn't look right. Check out the gun! I didn't even go overboard with it, big-ass guns have a special place in my heart, so expect more in the future. :)\n

Image: Fal&Aradia.GIF   280x507 105862 bytes 2000.12.02

I promised I'd upload this one a while ago. Took my time, sorry, but there you go. :) Been practising my shadowing on pretty much everything lately. I can pencil well enough but I hate inking, never seems to turn out right for some reason. This one isn't bad though.\n

Image: FalShadows.GIF   560x1143 458976 bytes 2000.12.02

Hi all. :) Been ages since I uploaded, but what with the state of things with me lately its been hard to get time to draw new stuff. However, in that time I perfected my drawing style (finally), and as a result tore the old stuff out of my archive so that I could start fresh. Here's the first of the 'new order', so to speak.\n

Image: Kingpin.GIF   456x517 175241 bytes 1999.05.15

Dedicated to the game of the same name, that'll probably be banned or significantly altered for UK release. Mother funsters. ;)\n

Image: DekRif.gif   555x725 115361 bytes 1998.12.13

This is one of my all-time favourites. I'll get around to colouring it one day.\n

Image: RaidSktch.jpg   485x572 42324 bytes 1998.11.21

Raidie from FurryMUCK, who keeps bugging me to draw more pictures all the time. :)\n

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