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Image: prouddragonc.jpg   400x700 403686 bytes 2002.08.20

A proud dragon stands amongs lifes never ending judgement, living with regret sorrow and the pain that fallows event unending. a gift for my mother who has faced simular cercumstances. happy birthday mother\r\n\r\nthe color editing done by a great friend and artist look her up sometimes if you need someone to help you she isn't free but she is worth the price \r\n\r\nArtwork (c)me\r\ncgi color editing, Heather Reed, \r\nJessup the gnawing messiah

Image: Panther.jpg   456x441 23109 bytes 2002.06.18

Image: midnightKangaroo.jpg   280x377 14510 bytes 2002.06.17

a kangaroo at night, I know the last couple of sketches have been in the dark but it brings the colors out so perfectly. coloring deximal sketching me (C)me

Image: Pegasus.jpg   354x418 30744 bytes 2002.06.17

wooo pretty huh kinda reminds you of what you see after smoking way to many joints anyways sketch done by me coloration by deximal.

Image: dragonsview1sn.jpg   465x442 132943 bytes 2002.06.17

pretty cool huh had a dream where a huge eye was looking over earth I think I have been watching way to many godzilla movies :P once again sketch done by me color done by swiftrat.

Image: legendarybird.jpg   335x406 91222 bytes 2002.06.17

a sketch of a phoenix done by me edited with color by my good friend swiftrat

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