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Image: Changa1_copy.jpg   1024x342 45443 bytes 2000.06.15

Justa -'speriment- with photoshop, no scans or anything. Turned out nice-ish. Changa copyright his player.\n

Image: Ashu_copy.jpg   675x780 119985 bytes 2000.06.14

A character from my current RPG campaign, owner and captain of her own galley, the Delphinum. Ashu copyright me :)\n

Image: Ariela4_copy.jpg   522x696 57523 bytes 2000.06.09

Seri's mistress onna mucks *smiles anna earblushes sweetly, lovin' her mousie-mephitess. Ariela copyright her player. ;)\n

Image: Mates_copy.jpg   705x990 113879 bytes 2000.06.06

Sylys anna Aronel *neckbite* :) Sy_Sable copyright Mark Merlino. Aronel copyright me *mewl*.\n

Image: Cookin'_copy.jpg   800x924 238505 bytes 2000.06.06

Just a lil' skyclad vix, very self satisfied as she finishes up the last elements of a homonculus spell. The lil thing floating issa her squirrelfox familiar :)\n

Image: BadgerWarrior_copy.jpg   700x976 128100 bytes 2000.05.25

An attempt to decipher the sense of humor my badgers might elicit in the face of overwhelming odds. *shrugs softly*\n

Image: Badgersmith2_copy.jpg   800x1046 106593 bytes 2000.05.25

Another badger smith, doin' his thing. Profile again ... ack :P\n

Image: Badgersmith1_copy.jpg   900x1075 110098 bytes 2000.05.25

Justa badgermorph, a badgerlike race being the analog of 'dwarves' for Seri's homeworld. Makin a sword forra noble or somethin' :)\n

Image: Zebrataursmall_copy.jpg   1200x900 147367 bytes 2000.05.24

Gotta start looking atta model or piccie of something before I draw it forra first time. Justa study forra race for my fantasy world that came out better than I 'spected. :)\n

Image: Morning_Stretch.jpg   1200x1316 127459 bytes 2000.03.14

Wish I felt this good inna morning. *purrrr-yawwwnies-tail-back-*crick!* \n

Image: Gunferret.jpg   900x779 135770 bytes 2000.03.14

Justa lil' something that came to me, along with an accompanying roleplaying campaign idea, after reading the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. My only fuss, really, its completely profile. *sigh* Needta purge myself of that little habit still. \n

Image: Howl.jpg   468x600 51417 bytes 2000.03.14

Picking oil as my modus operandi wasn't perhaps the best choice considering I haven't lived anywhere ventilated enough to really exercize it. Ah well, hindsight being 20/20, this if my first attempt at anything furry in watercolor. Was only supposed to be a study, but turned out much better than I'd hoped.\n

Image: GMiyendance_copy.jpg   800x888 73278 bytes 2000.03.14

*Fphttts* Had to do an image I could show my grandparents and not offend them. Despite nudes not necessarily being considered 'pornographic' in my reckoning, I decided not to press the matter, and put a bikini on. *Chuckles* They commented that it was a bit 'racey.' Go fig. :>\n

Image: MSutekh_copy.jpg   840x1020 96170 bytes 2000.03.14

Sutekh's a demon of my own creation. Amiable fiend. My first 'jackal' pose of any kind, and came out looking a lot younger than I'd intended. Ah well. :)\n

Image: DemonMephit_copy.jpg   1000x1122 212875 bytes 2000.03.14

*Rrrrts and smiles* My alt Sutekh's primary succubus on Tapestries. A demon named Hel and a good friend, (c) her player.\n

Image: Miyendance_copy.jpg   900x999 91870 bytes 2000.03.14

Seriayne dancing. One offa my earliest photoshop pieces.\n

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