The art of Willow-Wisp /

"Shannon of the Rift"





  Look for me on SPR, Loneport and BajorMuck, where I play the character 'Shannon of the Rift.' Oh, and if you're interested in any of my drawings, please send me an email... it seems people have so little time for a good old fashioned mail nowadays. :-p

Also, about my g2fb* image collection, I am always looking for more ideas and concepts to add to it. Good roleplaying makes better friends, VR and iRL. I have huge listings of information just waiting to be added to the next guide, but I'd love to have some ideas from you!




I do all my art with pencils and then either scan or trace them onto my computer, I then colorize these sketches using my tablet and a tool chest worth of graphics programs. I'm looking at taking up painting in the future, and have recently bought a large supply of anatomy books, drawing books, and acrylic paints. This will probably be far less painful as I get blisters from long sessions with the tablet.



My target is photorealism. I've mostly based my way of drawing on artists such as Learfox and Kyos. You'll notice that only my pencil drawings have lines, and that my eyes are drawn as 'human' as possible - I try to get everything looking as real as I possibly can.I always pay a great deal of attention to shading, coloring and texturing too, which I'm getting better at with time.



I will happily do commissions, though you'll have to interest me with your drawing idea. I have no problem with most drawing subjects, but there are a few things that I stop at. Very few. We can deal with them on a point by point basis however, if there is something really strange, ask me first.

Also, be aware that as my art is all computer generated, I can't give you a physical object (or original) at the moment. (Maybe later on, when I'm using paints) However, if you'd like I could give you the sketch I made the image from, but it's usually far from exciting. I only use digital media for creation at the moment, as my painting is not up to a high enough quality.


My Images


  A red vulpes vulpes alt of mine, lying with a black collar and bondage mittens on, as a gift to one of her friends. (a female canine) About 3 hours of work with my new digitization tablet, hope you like the neat furbrush effect.


  It's the:"Guide to Furry Bondage!" volume 1. Don't you hate it when things are roleplayed wrong? This neat little guide that I'm working on might be just the solution you need! Rather than guessing things out, give the URL to all your pets and maybe even you master/mistress. (and if you have any neat ideas that aren't here, email me, and we can put them in the next guide)


  My main character Shannon, an arctic fox girl from the rift who is filled with emotions of mixed good and evil. Symbolic of the RL me. Black and Blue, and White.

The Darkening.jpg

  Me. Looking up at a star in the sky as it is consumed by a black hole, while the same happens in my heart and soul. Also symbolic of RL.