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Image: Billy.jpg   493x759 116076 bytes 2001.03.04

How would Billy the Kid look as a fur ? I think sumthin like this... just thinner, finished and without the errands :)\r\n

Image: billysm.jpg   612x929 157597 bytes 2001.03.04

Cant have Billy without his murderer :) Here is what I imagine his assasin to look like... \r\nUnfinished, the thing he holds will one day become a shotgun, but hey, who cares really :)

Image: ef6.jpg   1172x1540 252491 bytes 2000.06.10

Image: foranaru.jpg   948x1526 192551 bytes 2000.06.09

A drawing I made for a very good furriend of mine, \r\nhopefully one day more then just a furriend ;) \r\nDrawing of a howling wolf, not very original or good, but I did my best \r\nand thats what counts in cases like this one.\r\n\n

Image: kerio.jpg   628x650 77690 bytes 2000.06.09

Image: sketches.jpg   1027x780 107951 bytes 2000.06.09

Image: sktchwlf.jpg   748x871 64827 bytes 2000.06.09

Image: smalltig.jpg   696x939 385710 bytes 2000.06.09

I wish this was my own work, but mom made it....she asked me to\r\nput it online so that someday if she ever wants to start selling stuff ppl\r\n could check her work. I'd say she did a GREAT job on this tiger...\r\ntoo bad she doesnt want to sell it :/ not to me anyways.\r\n\n

Image: Yeahbaby.jpg   604x689 48236 bytes 2001.03.04

And here we have.... take a guess :)\r\n"Yeah baby ! Lets get busy and do the bad thing !"\r\nAustin Powers in fur form ;) I didnt feel like trieing to get the paws right tho, so I just left em in this deformed state... me is too lazy to finish stuff...\r\n

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