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Image: NBANCfuture1.jpg   710x1000 176360 bytes 2007.02.25

This is the first page of a two page tributecomic I did for the brilliant "Not big and not clever" comic by my main man Cerberus. I was very sad when Cerb desidet to put this masterpiece to sleep for now, but I accept his decision and made this comic as a farewell.

Image: NBANCfuture2.jpg   710x1000 128481 bytes 2007.02.25

Second page of my "Not big and not clever" tribute for Cerberus. I think that is the first time we see a senior macro character...

Image: New14cerb.jpg   1000x713 132566 bytes 2006.01.05

A Pic I did for Cerberus, one of my favorite artists.

Image: Newpet.jpg   712x1000 67970 bytes 2006.02.25

A new pic basing on a RP...

Image: ontopoftheworldfin.jpg   708x1000 58306 bytes 2006.01.11

Here is a bunny-girl who grew a little due to a magic amulet.

Image: PJgrowth4Goku.jpg   707x1000 102498 bytes 2007.02.25

I did a two piece trade with my man Gokutothez. Here is the first pic of my part of the trade. A minkgirl has a sudden growthspurt after getting up from bed.

Image: POV.jpg   713x1000 174984 bytes 2008.10.26

A pretty coyote girl grows in the middle of the city. And grows. And GROWS.\r\nThis one here startet as a sketch where I experimented with perspective and POV. Even thou I´m not too satisfied with the perspective I dcidet to ink and colour it.

Image: RedFox1.jpg   671x950 85680 bytes 2005.09.26

A "red" fox. Get it? Ah well...

Image: RevengeoftheNerd_eng_Kopie.jpg   708x1000 97446 bytes 2005.11.28

A nerdy mousegirl was always bullied by all other students on college. After one of her experiments tables have turned and she strolls over the, now little, campus, looking for payback.

Image: Sabrina.jpg   565x800 51428 bytes 2005.09.28

My fanart of Sabrina Skunk, from Eric W. Schwartz brilliant Sabrina Online. You gotta love her.

Image: Santa4Wylde.jpg   708x1000 116760 bytes 2007.01.23

This is a pic I did for the incredible Wyldesyde during a big christmas-secret-santa-art-trade-off at Macrophile. Enjoy!

Image: SF-Wofman.jpg   712x1000 93795 bytes 2009.02.03

A little idea I had with a friend . We where drawing our characters like characters from the Street Fighter games. That was a fun little practice.

Image: Shrinkingcatgirl.jpg   709x1000 82489 bytes 2006.10.19

Just poor little catgirl that shrinks smaller and smaller.

Image: Shroomz.jpg   1000x709 81664 bytes 2008.10.12

Thats exactly the reason why Shigerio Miyamoto didn´t put any catgirls in the Mario games...\r\nFirst entry for the Summer contest at Macrophile.

Image: Silberwölfin-Farbe_Kopie.jpg   700x987 96921 bytes 2005.09.26

A lycantropic superheroine I created a while ago. At day she is a mildmannered photo journalist for a major newspaper in Frankfurt, at night she is a werewolf fighting for justice. I think she worked out pretty well...

Image: Sorrel_Fanart.jpg   712x1000 91451 bytes 2007.10.07

This here is a fanart of Sorrel, one of the main characters from the brilliant online comic "Gothbunnies" ( ) by Joanne Wojtysiak. She is my favorite.

Image: stinking.jpg   456x650 58600 bytes 2005.09.26

One of my first furry pics. An old skunk joke.

Image: Tallshoes.jpg   706x1000 105630 bytes 2008.10.12

A not so little fanart for Tina by rail ride\r\nI had the idea for this when I saw an 100 year old strip by Windsor McCay from the"Dreams of a rarebit friend" series in which a short woman buys stilt shoes which make hera little too tall. This combined with my love for macro art and Tinas love for platforms where the key elements for this pic.

Image: Teela&Bea.jpg   708x1000 87019 bytes 2009.04.27

Had this idea when I was brainstorming with my friend Sievert some days ago. A cute, nerdy hypersmart mouse sciencist named Bea builds a timemachine, a test run leads her to the Pleistocene where she saves the life of a smilodon girl. The big (very big) smilodon cutie named Teela is of course very gratefull and friendly (VERY friendly indeed!) and from now on loyal to Bea. Bea decides that it would not hurt the time line if she takes Teela to the present, after all she would have died for sure. Back at home Bea learns surprised that Teela is very intelligent, despite being a troglodyte. Teela learns perfect english in days, to write and read in another day. She is able to easily grasp the most difficult concepts. Bea decides to make her her assistant. What adventures will await them?

Image: Tina4Railride.jpg   709x1000 66732 bytes 2007.04.25

Here is a Fanart for Railride. His Character Tina is going to make another of her mudwalks. :)\r\nRailride is really one of my favorite artists and his character Tina one of my favorite characters.

Image: Wes-B-tag.jpg   711x1000 96611 bytes 2008.03.04

Well, here is the birthdaypresent you asked for mate:\r\nI just don´t get what it is with you and puffy sleeves and afros...

Image: Wes-B-tag09.jpg   702x1000 115066 bytes 2009.03.03

Here is this years "little" present for my buddy Wes.\r\nI know you like them big, mate. ^^

Image: Wolfman_Al_Fursona_Kopie.jpg   700x992 88471 bytes 2005.09.26

My fursona. I made it for the website of my comic.

Image: Wyldesyde!.jpg   712x1000 86459 bytes 2006.11.02

Thats something I wanted to do for quite a while, here is a drawing of our beloved Wyldesyde in all her beauty and glory I just made.

Image: X-masJethThoron.jpg   1000x710 109712 bytes 2007.12.26

This years Macrophile Secret Santa Pic I did for Jeth Thoron.\r\nI hope I did a good color ffor his big bunny Tayara, since I did only see a line drawing of her I choosed a coloration I did find aproperate for her.

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