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Image: Gunmetal-Action.jpg   780x955 181738 bytes 2005.12.14

A bit of a geeky tribute to Wild Arms 3 and Virginia's spiffy two-gun style. So, duh, dork that I am, I made it a fur-themed something. I figured I'd push myself with this one just a bit, but I like some of the results, though I didn't get to do as much perspective as I wanted. Could be a cleaner scan, too, but that's just the comment lament. \r\nTitle is from the battle-music portion of the WA3 soundtrack. \r\nImage and geekness wrought by Psymera

Image: chim-KaiMera.jpg   217x471 35837 bytes 2004.03.24

Thought I could use a slightly more updated look. I plan to have a few more sketches done later, but for the moment, this should do, even if there's no color. (As if I were all that colorful?) Kai Mera [c] Woven Chimera, 2004. Oh, and I'm sorry to anyone who did pics for me before.. Eheh.. Don't kill me?

Image: chim-NurseRoe.jpg   651x1104 47742 bytes 2003.09.01

Yay. Another fanservice pic. Done in my pre-ink phase.

Image: chim-Cloe.jpg   589x743 49680 bytes 2003.08.29

This is one of those OLD ones I've done. But how I could I resist posting a sketch of a little cat-girl with a big bazooka? Cloe Razulen/pencil sketch [c] Woven Chimera (duh, I think I'm going to stop putting that in my descs)

Image: ComeOnBaby-clr.jpg   312x349 25265 bytes 2003.08.25

Gee, fan-service much? Naw. Okay, it was, but it's (loosely) a tribute to Persona 2. Roe Wynn, Akaishippo, and Arizona Cardinal all [c] Woven Chimera, 2003. \r\n

Image: WacomLenon.jpg   504x360 18649 bytes 2003.08.21

My second Wacom tablet attempt. Not what I would call a success, though the background is kind of growing on me. I suppose I should put some stars up there or something too, huh? (Lenon,etc, blah,blah [c] myself)

Image: chim-Airport.JPG   638x797 74894 bytes 2003.08.08

Y'know, it's about time that I had a good picture of myself up here. (If nothing else to answer all the questions of "What are you?") Inspired by me sitting with Zeiros at the airport before he left for home after his visit. Aren't I delightfully pretentious and insightful all at once? (myself and art obviously [c] myself)

Image: chim-Hakaar.jpg   442x673 140083 bytes 2003.02.04

Image: chim-Kitah.jpg   473x811 65545 bytes 2003.01.13

Another one I did some years ago. I still fancy it, mainly because of the tail action and tattoo. :p Art/Character [c] myself

Image: chim-BrijMusooka.jpg   607x1145 322400 bytes 2003.01.13

A rendition of one of my furry personae. Brij the dreamer. Somewhat modeled after the mediator costume from FFTactics, but only slightly. More or less an idealized version of myself as a lion. Art/Character [c] myself

Image: chim-Dadge.jpg   413x749 40777 bytes 2002.09.03

Dadge Renon, a wolven dancer, giving a playboy wink to the audience. Character/art [c] myself

Image: chim-RauDeriAlinmast.jpg   669x1036 62820 bytes 2002.08.28

Rau Deri Alinmast. Character done for a fantasy world I've put together, though he has ties to a few other characters. Character/art [c] myself

Image: chim-ReiToYubi.jpg   550x1021 95109 bytes 2002.08.28

Rei To-Yubi. Rougly translated, his name means "Zero and Grace." Through his several incarnations in a few Final Fantasy RPGs, he has always been some form of thief.

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