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Image: Prodigy_DEPRESSED.jpg   1000x1000 186882 bytes 2006.01.07

Semms Prodigy's rage turned into a mental breakdown.\r\nThis laster 6 hours, 'till X-Volt felt so sorry fawr him that he blessed Prodigy with wings to cheer him up.\r\nI'll try to get that up later...\r\n\r\nAnyways: Seems Proddy could need a hug now, hehe^.=.^\r\n\r\nProdigy + Image (C) X-Volt Equinox 2006

Image: Prodigy_PISSED.jpg   1000x1000 173520 bytes 2006.01.07

YAY, I opened his mouth!\r\n\r\nA really pissed Prodigy after eating some Combine-Soldiers.\r\nD'Awww, come on somebody! Hug him and cheer him up^^ *snicker*\r\n(He dont attack friends unless X-Volt tell him to)\r\n\r\nProdigy + Image (C) X-Volt Equinox 2006\r\n............I think I tagged some other pics with 2005........hmmm...whatever, i'll check it later. (Help?)

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