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Image: IA_015.jpg   800x530 65395 bytes 2013.04.28

IA 014 - Bloodhawk

Iron Artist for Bloodhawk of his male hawk 'sona. \r\n\r\nBloodhawk (c) Bloodhawk / Gigabloodhawk

Tags: hawk male tools belt penis cock avian   [Comment]
Image: IA_013.jpg   800x710 111484 bytes 2013.03.20

IA 013 - AndriasSch

Iron Artist Commission for AndriasSch of her female wolf / salamander hybrid 'sona.\r\n\r\nAndrias (c) AndriasSch

Tags: andriassch xanthewolf iron artist salamander wolf hybrid amphibian   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: IA_012.jpg   417x800 42049 bytes 2013.03.20

IA 012 - LuxeonJade

Iron Artist Commission for LuxeonJade of his Panda 'sona.\r\n\r\nLuxeonJade (c) Himself.

Tags: iron artist sheath giant panda bear luxeonjade xanthewolf   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: IA_011.jpg   432x800 56542 bytes 2013.03.20

IA 011 - barisaxophone77

Iron Artist Commission for barisaxophone77 of Fin, his wolf 'sona.\r\n\r\nFin (c) barisaxophone77

Tags: wolf uniform security blue fierce iron artist xanthewolf   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: IA_010.jpg   492x800 50571 bytes 2013.03.20

IA 010 - LewistheCat

Iron Artist Commission for Lewis of his grey cat 'sona.\r\n\r\nLewis (c) LewistheCat

  [More Info] [Comment]
Image: IA_009.jpg   793x800 68987 bytes 2013.03.20

IA 009 - Daimo

Iron Artist Commission for Daimo of his Pink Fennec 'sona.\r\n\r\nDaimo (c) Himself.

Tags: pink fennec fox cute shy bandanna iron artist xanthewolf   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: IA_008v2.jpg   721x800 78472 bytes 2013.03.20

IA 008 v2 - Athesis

Iron Artist commission for Athesis of his Blue Husky 'sona.\r\n\r\nAthesis (c) Himself.

Tags: blue husky sheath pin up pose suggestive iron artist xanthewolf   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: IA_008v1.jpg   721x800 72102 bytes 2013.03.20

IA 008 v1 - Athesis

Iron Artist commission for Athesis or his Blue Husky 'sona.\r\n\r\nAthesis (c) Himself.

Tags: blue husky dick cock huge canine penis knot iron artist xanthewolf   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: IA_007v2.jpg   634x800 61417 bytes 2013.03.13

IA 007 - Snuggieboo

Iron Artist for Snuggieboo.\r\n\r\nKit (c) Snuggieboo\r\nCreeper (c) Her Mate

Tags: dragon feline female male snuggles hug hugging iron artist   [Comment]
Image: IA_005.jpg   639x800 81704 bytes 2013.03.12

IA 005 - MythrilBlackpaw

Iron Artist for Mythril Blackpaw.

Tags: vulpes chthonae mythrilblackpaw armour feather hair xanthewolf   [Comment]
Image: IA_004.jpg   623x800 81431 bytes 2013.03.12

IA 004 - Krysune

Iron Artist for Krysune of their sergal 'sona.\r\n\r\nCharacter (c) Krysune\r\nSergal Species (c) Mick39

Tags: sergal iron artist xanthewolf krysune   [Comment]
Image: IA_003.jpg   509x800 64680 bytes 2013.03.12

IA 003 - Fawnix

Iron Artist for Fawnix of her fox / deer 'sona. \r\n\r\nFawnix (c) Herself

Tags: fawnix xanthewolf iron artist fawn fox deer hybrid   [Comment]
Image: IA_002.jpg   704x800 70834 bytes 2013.03.11

IA 002 - auctionedkitten

Iron Artist for auctionedkitten of their Sergal Character, Inova.\r\n\r\nInova (c) auctionedkitten\r\nSergal Species (c) Mick39

Tags: sergal inova auctionedkitten iron artist   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: IA_001.jpg   699x800 75545 bytes 2013.03.11

IA 001 - TheAlphaStormy

Iron Artist for TheAlphaStormy of their Sergal Character.\r\n\r\nCharacter (c) TheAplhaStormy\r\nSergal Species (c) Mick39

Tags: sergal iron artist xanthewolf thealphastormy   [Comment]
Image: IA_Example.jpg   640x800 83577 bytes 2013.03.11

Iron Artist Example

Example IA picture of Bloodhawk's Pygmy Iic'horrin.\r\nFlat coloured Head Shot Sketch.\r\n\r\nCharacter (c) Bloodhawk\r\nPygmy Iic'horrin Species (c) Annubrius

Tags: Pygmy Iic'horrin bloodhawk xanthewolf exotic iron artist feather   [Comment]

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