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Image: Alimace.jpg   504x648 82971 bytes 2000.11.24

Alimace looked FUN to draw! So I tried! I hope she doesn't mind that I'm uploading her here. She is her player!!!!\n

Image: alphaf.jpg   457x648 108761 bytes 1999.08.13

Image: AndyFoxArtist.jpg   469x600 82509 bytes 2003.05.19

His name is Andy, and he's a cute winged blue foxie artist who'd like you to pose for him. 11 x 14" marker and colored pencils. This one was a lot of fun to do, and I love the bright colors. (Jumbo Print available on FurBid: )

Image: Angela.jpg   611x650 147791 bytes 2010.03.15


A cute winged kitty on parchment paper. She is currently for sale on FurBuy. Auction ends 3/15/2010, Monday night.\r\

Tags: angela feline cat kitty spotty winged nude   [Bid/Buy]
Image: AngelBunny.jpg   333x468 50701 bytes 2000.02.03

Super-Pukey-Cutsey. Sold at FurtherConfusion 2000. Prints available at \n

Image: AnuanaXian.jpg   422x550 74205 bytes 2003.11.04

My half of an art trade with Anuana.\r\nPrismacolor markers and colored pencils on 9 x 12 paper.

Image: ArcticVixen.jpg   363x550 81187 bytes 2006.07.19

Sketchbook drawing from AC2006. Stylized "Arctic" Vixen.

Image: ArticXian.jpg   511x648 156217 bytes 2001.02.13

I am kidnapping Artica. I guess this is sort of an inside joke from over on Yerf, but it's cute enough to carry on it's on, here. Artica Shawntae Howard.

Image: Athena.jpg   438x550 105563 bytes 2002.02.01

Athena, the snow leopard. She debuted at FC 2002. Prismacolor Marker and Colored pencils. I have 8.5 x 11 prints of her for sale as well. Email me if interested!

Image: BeachSkunk.jpg   438x550 104504 bytes 2002.02.01

My skunk that was published in the comic "Hit the Beach" this past summer. I colored her up, and debuted her at FC 2002. Prismacolor Marker and Colored pencils. I have 8.5 x 11 prints of her for sale as well. Email me if interested!

Image: BearsTCM.jpg   539x600 128623 bytes 2001.10.01

I got a new job! It's great, designing stuff for kid's books and classroom materials. This is the art I drew for a book cover, "Bears Thematic Unit", TCM. Markers, prismacolor pencils, photoshop sky.

Image: BerryWeasels.jpg   403x504 60692 bytes 2001.02.10

Cute lil' weasels and a strawberry. (ermine and blackfooted ferret)

Image: BirdName.jpg   463x600 167030 bytes 2002.05.28

I redid my site this weekend! And, put a hysterical bird name game on the site for you all to check out. Well, at least _WE_ thought it was pretty hysterical. This pic (8.5 x 11 on bristol board, marker, ink and colored pencils) is a graphic for the site, and depicts Blizzard and I checking out birds and bird names...are the names real....or fake? Who NAMES these birds in real life? Check out the site, have a laugh, enjoy the art. (

Image: BlackDragon.jpg   481x600 96906 bytes 2004.01.30

A black dragon! Rawr! Prints are available, just email me.

Image: BlackKitsuneTaur.jpg   436x580 117564 bytes 2005.08.24

A black Kitsune taur explores an alien landscape under dying twin suns. Prismacolor markers and pencils on 9" x 12" Bristol board. Original for sale on Furbid.

Image: Blizzard.jpg   442x540 103372 bytes 2001.04.27

My husband's character goes out hunting. 14" x 17" Acrylic and marker painting.

Image: blizzardmonster.gif   581x504 91334 bytes 2003.04.14

Something I did at work. I totally bastardized my husband's character Blizzard. The scary thing, is the non-beer version of this guy will be available for sale along with other creatures, to the general public in school supply stores all over America. Pity the children!!!

Image: BluStar.jpg   648x486 140170 bytes 2001.04.27

A commission. BluJaguar and StarSpray. Markers and colored pencils. They are their players.

Image: BOC.jpg   446x612 94786 bytes 2001.10.01

Yay, another commission done! This is Brian O Connell's character, commissioned by his S.O. for his birthday. Markers, colored pencils.

Image: BrerRabbitC.jpg   540x406 96252 bytes 2001.04.27

Yee-haw! Brer Rabbit fishes with his toe. Sold at CF12. Marker and colored pencils.

Image: BunnyTCM.jpg   607x407 85756 bytes 2002.05.28

Bunny! Bunny! Bunny! Just a cute lil bunny I did at work. Goauche and marker and colored pencils.

Image: Buttercup.jpg   365x726 90332 bytes 2008.04.03


Just a cute grey bunny named Buttercup. Debuted at FC2008.

Tags: rabbit grey bunny  
Image: ButterflyFox.jpg   455x550 120131 bytes 2005.08.24

A cute lil' Butterfly saccharin sweet! He's done in Prismacolor markers and pencils. A framed L.E. print is available on Furbid now.

Image: ButterflyKitsune.jpg   513x530 122714 bytes 2005.11.13

A butterfly kitsune inside a green stain-glass-style circle. For sale on Furbid.

Image: CakeToppers.jpg   809x308 63223 bytes 2002.11.16

Cute! Indivudual laminted toppers I made for a birthday cake for Kiyo, myself, and Eriden. They sat upright on the cake held up by toothpicks taped to their backs.

Image: CassieV.jpg   483x648 83623 bytes 2000.03.28

Cassie, the Rocker Vixen. A commission for Earl Bacon. Done in prismacolor markers and colored pencils. 9" x 12" on bristol board. \n

Image: cataton.jpg   443x576 87594 bytes 1999.08.13

Image: Cerberus2.jpg   411x576 82565 bytes 2000.09.26

New background for Cerberus.\n

Image: Chakat1.jpg   508x648 127414 bytes 2000.03.28

ForrestWalker the jaguar chakat and Malena the foxtaur walk in the great redwood forest, checking out the wildlife. This is a commission for Bernard Doove, Prismacolor marker and colored pencils, 11 x 14 on bristol. All characters in this pic, including the name "Chakat" are copyright Bernard Doove, and are incorporated in his very interesting and complex stories about Chakats. \n

Image: chandra.jpg   428x576 56540 bytes 2008.05.12


Old con color 'sketch' from 2001 that I did for Chandra. This is pretty rare, since i normally do NOT do color pieces at Cons.

Tags: rabbit bunny  

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