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Image: Graywolf.jpg   457x550 92672 bytes 2001.10.07

My half of an art trade with GrayWolf/Illahie!

Image: GThieme.jpg   414x550 102731 bytes 2001.11.01

A commission for G Thieme. I must admit, it was pretty hard. Marker, ink, paint and colored pencils on bristol board.

Image: HenkeAilahX.jpg   415x600 91438 bytes 2003.11.18

My half of an art trade with Ailah. It's Henke! He is the intellectual property of Ailah, no touchie...and the Art is mine.

Image: HollyAnn.jpg   405x612 83729 bytes 2001.06.01

A pic for HollyAnn cause she's so nice! This is her character, HollyAnn. Colored pencil and marker.

Image: Hritilani.jpg   363x496 74171 bytes 2000.02.03

Hritilani of Tapestries! She's her character. Prints available at \n

Image: HuskyRio.jpg   449x612 108607 bytes 2000.09.26

Commission. Rio, the official husky editor of Anthrolations.\n

Image: IASWjaguar.jpg   399x550 113975 bytes 2005.10.03

Ok, I admit it... I'm one of the weird few that really truly enjoys the ENTIRE "It's A Small World" ride, INCLUDING the song. Gah...sick. So, this is an older 'cosplaying' pic of XianJaguar (from 2002) the Jaguar standing in the South American rainforest with the umbrella from the Disney Ride "It's a Small World." I hope you ALL get that song stuck in your heads now. Lemme help...."It's a world of laughter, a world of tears...It's a world of hopes, and a world of fears ...There's so much that we share, that it's time we're aware ......It's a small world after all .....It's a small world after all....It's a small world after all....It's a small world after all...It's a small, small world!!! Bwahahaha.....\r\n

Image: JaguarCOLOR.jpg   512x550 81133 bytes 2004.04.04

I FINALLY got around to uploading my website! Yaaaay! And this is the entry page graphic. For once, I drew something that wasn't small and cute. ;P \r\

Image: JaguarKingColor.jpg   534x684 165726 bytes 2000.02.03

Called "The Jaguar King" and is a color version of the pic I submitted to Gallery #37. Prints available at\n

Image: jaguartail.jpg   421x400 59475 bytes 2004.10.09

Jaguar that I created at work for stickers. Cute lil guy. He looks better shrunk down to sticker size. The art is TCR, created by Brenda DiAntonis (aka XianJaguar).

Image: JoyMouse.jpg   300x371 38812 bytes 2003.05.02

Adorable Mouse Femme named Joy!

Image: jungle1.jpg   576x456 199854 bytes 1999.08.13

Image: JwylDragon2005.jpg   518x633 152636 bytes 2005.01.26

This was a commission for JwylDragon of her character. Colored Pencils and watercolors on 11 x 14 bristol board with a bit of photoshop thrown in for good measure.

Image: KaellanC.jpg   460x612 131688 bytes 2001.08.03

A commission for Kaellan, of herself and her winged hunting cat. Coloring the butterfly wings of the hunting cat was quite enjoyable. I think this is one of my more successful pics to date. 9" x 12", colored pencils, watercolors and markers on bristol board.

Image: KannikahColor.jpg   449x600 118913 bytes 2004.10.09

A gift pic for the ever-so-sweet Kannikah. This is her character, a butterfly winged leopard. =)

Image: Karysha.jpg   684x530 149463 bytes 2000.12.14

A commissioned Christmas gift for Jen from Dan C., of her character Karysha. Karysha is a bear/vixen mix. She just recently came out to CA from...brrr....New York to visit. We had a lot of fun. \n

Image: Katarina.jpg   474x620 67418 bytes 2003.05.02

Birthday pic for Katarina! She's KEWL. =)

Image: Kistelli.jpg   429x630 93980 bytes 2004.02.03

One of my more ambitious commissions...this is Kistelli, the creation of Thomas Brady. He commissioned me to paint her, and I am proud to finally be able to upload this pic. Whew! Goauche and marker on 11 x 17 cold press illo board.

Image: KitFox.jpg   436x612 83893 bytes 2000.02.03

My rendition of my friend KitFox from FurryMuck. He isn't wearing his glasses or his leather jacket in this pic. I couldn't work them into the picture, and still have it look good. But I think this came out great. This is marker, colored pencil and ink. There's a highly detailed INKED version of this (MUST SEE) in the portfolio "Wings" (with Dark Natasha, Megan Giles, Brenda DiAntonis) Buy them from us!\n

Image: KitsuneBlack.jpg   473x600 84909 bytes 2005.12.29

Commission for Josh Volt of a 5-tailed black and red Kitsune. Lotta blacks in this one! Whew!

Image: KiyoFire.jpg   407x504 71293 bytes 2000.03.28

A commission for my friend Kiyo and FireCat for Valentine's Day! Aren't they Cute?\n

Image: Klandagi.jpg   428x648 98896 bytes 2001.10.01

Klandagi's birthday pic! This was a quickie 1 hour job. I shoulda went slower.

Image: lemur.jpg   612x444 160935 bytes 1999.08.13

Image: LemurCheerleader.jpg   420x550 113363 bytes 2005.08.27

Rah Rah Rah! A ring-tailed lemur and her penguin mascot cheer for their home team. Prismacolor Markers and Prismacolor pencils. (On Furbid through

Image: LenaLinsangC.jpg   408x504 96626 bytes 2001.02.10

According to my personal tradition, stuff I send to FurCon, has to include at least 1 Linsang. (In the event of no linsangs, lemurs are to be used instead.) Sold at Further Confusion 2001.

Image: Leona.jpg   437x648 148447 bytes 2002.03.12

My half of an art trade (I don't normally do trades!) with the talented Leona! It's a bit of different twist for her character. I was trying for a different pose, and some cool textures. Gouache, Prismacolor pencils, prismacolor markers on bristol board.

Image: LinsangTiger.jpg   389x504 63476 bytes 2000.04.11

Wei Xian's Red Lantern. An Asian Linsang Female and her tiger spirit. Prints Available.\n

Image: LoriLinsang.jpg   528x670 152047 bytes 2008.05.12


Lori, a spotted Linsang, enjoys a day at the beach.

Tags: spotted linsang viverrid  
Image: lutraxj.jpg   720x509 196161 bytes 1999.08.13

Image: LynnLinsangC.jpg   349x468 69259 bytes 2000.02.03

Lynn the Winged Linsang. She sold at Further Confusion. Prints may be available. eMail me for more details. \n

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