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Image: Selket1.jpg   374x504 72898 bytes 2001.02.10

Good doggie! Selket is a black canine of questionable lineage. Sold at Further Confusion 2001.

Image: Mystee2000.jpg   422x576 97469 bytes 2001.02.10

She's sexy, she's vampy...and she's a cool friend. Mystee, the only Christian vampire Squixen I know of. This was for her birthday this year.

Image: LenaLinsangC.jpg   408x504 96626 bytes 2001.02.10

According to my personal tradition, stuff I send to FurCon, has to include at least 1 Linsang. (In the event of no linsangs, lemurs are to be used instead.) Sold at Further Confusion 2001.

Image: ChibiEriden.jpg   391x504 65269 bytes 2001.02.10

Cavity inducing cuteness. The "chibi" version of my good friend Eriden GreyFox. Sold at Further Confusion 2001, voice auction.

Image: BerryWeasels.jpg   403x504 60692 bytes 2001.02.10

Cute lil' weasels and a strawberry. (ermine and blackfooted ferret)

Image: Karysha.jpg   684x530 149463 bytes 2000.12.14

A commissioned Christmas gift for Jen from Dan C., of her character Karysha. Karysha is a bear/vixen mix. She just recently came out to CA from...brrr....New York to visit. We had a lot of fun. \n

Image: Dan.jpg   452x576 93608 bytes 2000.12.14

A Christmas gift for my good friend Dan C., of his character Kaelan Douglas Gryffn. Thanks goes out to Carl Howard for pointing me in the direction of some good medieval source materials online. \n

Image: ZipRat.jpg   401x576 45493 bytes 2000.12.01

My tribute to my pet rat Zip who died the last day of the month of November. She was a real sweetie.\n

Image: TerrieKitten.jpg   576x415 86078 bytes 2000.12.01

My version of TerrieKitten! TerrieKitten is Boris Chwosta\n

Image: Lyosha.jpg   417x576 75540 bytes 2000.12.01

This is my version of Lyosha! Lyosha is the very cool Amy Fennell.\n

Image: Alimace.jpg   504x648 82971 bytes 2000.11.24

Alimace looked FUN to draw! So I tried! I hope she doesn't mind that I'm uploading her here. She is her player!!!!\n

Image: XianBird.jpg   338x425 67220 bytes 2000.10.24

This is me! With BIRDS! Looks like the South American rainfoerst landed on me, and brought an Australian friend. (Yes, folks, Macaws are south american, and cockatoos are from the land down under.)\n

Image: MsEriden.jpg   439x576 81529 bytes 2000.10.24

Eriden needs a girlfriend. Here's an arctic vixen with a sword for him. What a hottie. Marker, ink, colored pencil.\n

Image: Melody1.jpg   576x437 92415 bytes 2000.10.24

Commission. Melody the Blue Tigress. She is (c) J. Kufrovich. Done in marker, ink goauche and colored pencils.\n

Image: Eriden3.jpg   398x576 58558 bytes 2000.10.24

Eriden as a floofy Foxtaur!\n

Image: Eriden2.jpg   538x684 173497 bytes 2000.10.24

A commission for writer J. Houghton for a story in progress. 11 x 14" marker, colored pencil, paint on bristol board.\n

Image: XiaAngst.jpg   583x612 175447 bytes 2000.09.26

yes, this is a joke. But it WAS my birthday!\n

Image: WeaselHB.jpg   504x520 76750 bytes 2000.09.26

Maniacal weasels with mallets rule.\n

Image: HuskyRio.jpg   449x612 108607 bytes 2000.09.26

Commission. Rio, the official husky editor of Anthrolations.\n

Image: Fartwhl.jpg   396x504 77386 bytes 2000.09.26

Sketchbook commission for Mike Russell. Skunk femme gymnist...and her problem.\n

Image: Cerberus2.jpg   411x576 82565 bytes 2000.09.26

New background for Cerberus.\n

Image: ChrisXian.jpg   648x460 95341 bytes 2000.09.26

My friend Chris Sawyer and I! He's such a sweetheart.\n

Image: Mark1.jpg   364x504 68534 bytes 2000.05.12

Winged Horsie! One commission down, 999 left to go...or so it seems....\n

Image: Staci3.gif   519x576 111225 bytes 2000.04.20

Staci Squid and new-found friend Floyd the Magical JellyFish enjoy a morning cup-o-Joe after a long hard night of partying. (Is Staci hung over or stoned?) Floyd appears to have enveloped (jellyfish style) a StarBucks brand of cappucino. NO Staci! No! Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks! Get that away from Floyd before he goes commercial! Floyd belongs to Ainsley Seago, and Staci is the creation of my warped mind, but you knew that already. \n

Image: LinsangTiger.jpg   389x504 63476 bytes 2000.04.11

Wei Xian's Red Lantern. An Asian Linsang Female and her tiger spirit. Prints Available.\n

Image: TaffiVixen.jpg   310x432 47881 bytes 2000.04.11

Sickenly Sweet Vixen. Prints Available.\n

Image: WildDogC.jpg   326x432 71116 bytes 2000.04.04

She's hunting cats for dinner....this time in COLOR! She will be at the CF art show for sale.\n

Image: OzFox.jpg   389x504 64394 bytes 2000.04.04

For those of you who remember Stryper (and if you watched MTV during the 80's, you know), here is a picture of Oz Fox, lead guitarist of Stryper.\n

Image: StarNite.jpg   399x648 105790 bytes 2000.03.28

This is a picture for my husband for Valentine's Day, 2000. It is hand-inked, scanned in, and then colored entirely in Photoshop.\n

Image: OffCentaurAg.jpg   612x509 113961 bytes 2000.03.28

My commission for OffCentaur is finally finished! Yaaaay! This is his farm, (well, at least the way I imagine it), the draft horse Olga, and the resident family of foxes, out by the stream.\n

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