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Image: reto7.jpg   509x648 223570 bytes 1999.11.08

Image: RingtailButterflies.jpg   449x600 82704 bytes 2004.01.31

I'd be grabbing them butterflies if I were her. Sold at FC. Yes, Prints are available! Email me for details.

Image: Rooth3.jpg   535x685 245472 bytes 2001.06.01

An older commission. Rooth'ragon! The background is inspired by Chris Goodwin's style, whose art I admire lots! Rooth'ragon is Dave Michaels

Image: RosaYerf.jpg   337x500 42474 bytes 2004.01.31

Dhole/Ethiopian wolf mix. Her name is Rosa. Edited for a PG upload. No, you may not see the unedited one.

Image: Roxanne.jpg   434x600 146306 bytes 2002.02.16

This is a cover for a friend at work daughter's water polo team program book. They are the Griffins. This griffin is in full water polo gear!

Image: RoxiCat.jpg   366x550 71688 bytes 2004.04.04

A pin-up of a surfer cougar. Based on my black and white pic that was published in the 2003 Radio Comix issue of Hit the Beach. ( )

Image: sabrejaggie.jpg   566x570 117746 bytes 2004.06.16

Sabretooth Jaggie! Rawr!! Sketch colored in Photoshop.

Image: SabreToothPineappleC.jpg   864x669 170304 bytes 2004.09.14

This is mah off-topic, non furry post. I think we're allowed like, 5 percent of these or something. It's a saber-tooth pineapple. Was done as a joke on DA in response to something someone said. It has NOTHING to do with a certain other artist's anthro fruit/veggies, nor was it inspired by any other art.

Image: Selket1.jpg   374x504 72898 bytes 2001.02.10

Good doggie! Selket is a black canine of questionable lineage. Sold at Further Confusion 2001.

Image: SerengetiFriends.jpg   403x600 75283 bytes 2003.05.02

CUTE! A zebra femme cuddles her cute giraffe friend.\r\nJumbo Print available NOW on Furbid. Ends in less than 24 hours.

Image: Silverfoxx.jpg   641x500 95614 bytes 2003.05.02

My half of an art trade with Silverfoxx!! I shoulda uploaded this sooner. She's got a pretty nifty hookah there. (yes, a hookah is a middle eastern TOBACCO pipe.) Well, in any case, I think this turned out cute.

Image: SleekFox2.jpg   432x329 43064 bytes 2001.06.01

An older pic....Sleek Fox! Picture sold at Further Confusion 2001. A bit of a different style for me.

Image: SnowLeopard.jpg   513x650 94517 bytes 2004.05.12

A cute harem snow leopardess that I drew for Shyfox. Prints available on Furbid...

Image: SnowMeowSnug.jpg   478x600 114518 bytes 2005.03.16

Instant sugar rush! She's a cute lil' snow leopard snugging her own enormous fluffy tail! Prismacolor markers on 9" x 12" bristol board. If you'd like to own her, you can bid on her at:

Image: Squirrel.jpg   455x600 60626 bytes 2003.08.22

Squirrel in a bathing suit. How original!

Image: Staci3.gif   519x576 111225 bytes 2000.04.20

Staci Squid and new-found friend Floyd the Magical JellyFish enjoy a morning cup-o-Joe after a long hard night of partying. (Is Staci hung over or stoned?) Floyd appears to have enveloped (jellyfish style) a StarBucks brand of cappucino. NO Staci! No! Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks! Get that away from Floyd before he goes commercial! Floyd belongs to Ainsley Seago, and Staci is the creation of my warped mind, but you knew that already. \n

Image: StacyBea.jpg   573x648 122116 bytes 2001.02.13

More Staci Squid! Doing a strip tease with a teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini. Mmmmm...SEXY!

Image: StarNite.jpg   399x648 105790 bytes 2000.03.28

This is a picture for my husband for Valentine's Day, 2000. It is hand-inked, scanned in, and then colored entirely in Photoshop.\n

Image: StarVixenC.jpg   390x500 84832 bytes 2002.05.28

Art trade with Star Vixen. No, I normally do NOT do trades, this was sort of an exception. Colored pencils and markers. Prints available, if interested.

Image: Stephen.jpg   435x600 66327 bytes 2003.11.18

Commission for Stephen, the Pinto Horse of Tapestries.

Image: StreamPaw1.jpg   451x600 94932 bytes 2001.07.05

This is a commission of StreamPaw, the purple otter. His creator wanted 5 different poses on one sheet of paper...whew! Lotta detail to squeeze in. So the scan sorta loses some of the smaller stuff, sorry. (this is originally 11 x 14). Marker and colored pencil.

Image: Sunni.jpg   429x570 71762 bytes 2002.02.05

Sunni the Mouse. She debuted at FC 2002. Prismacolor Marker, paint and Colored pencils. I have 8.5 x 11 prints of her for sale as well. Email me if interested!

Image: SurferCheetah.jpg   376x504 89404 bytes 2001.07.13

She is for sale on FurBid! (I hope this link works ok..if not, she's in the PG-rated art section.)\r\n\r\n\r\nI can actually honestly say I had fun drawing this one. It's hot and sunny here in Southern California, and I love the beach, so I was inspired to draw a surder femme. Of course, she's mostly the wannabe sort (lotta those here in So. Cal.), since the hardcore surfers out here rise at 4 am, and don wetsuits and hit the water far before the rest of us even wake up. Prismacolor markers and Prismacolor pencils on 9 x 12 bristol.

Image: Syrina.jpg   426x504 78505 bytes 2001.08.03

This is a picture I did for DarkFox for his birthday of his web mascot Syrina. I like the overall pose and wings, I do not like the fact that she is floating on nothing. But, I ran out of time. :( This is marker and colored pencil and the wrist cuffs and ankle bracelet are done with silver pen. Syrina is Fox Potter, 2001.

Image: TaffiVixen.jpg   310x432 47881 bytes 2000.04.11

Sickenly Sweet Vixen. Prints Available.\n

Image: Talin1.jpg   518x650 211106 bytes 2001.07.12

Commission for Talin! It's finally finished! Mexican wolf, jaguar and a huge Quetzalcoatl in the rain forest with a lot of plants and a bird. Took forever to do, marker and colored pencil and gouache.

Image: tashi.jpg   404x576 96982 bytes 1999.08.13

Image: Tashira.jpg   437x576 83939 bytes 2001.04.27

Tashira contempates beginning her power workout. For sale at Furbid.

Image: TerrieKitten.jpg   576x415 86078 bytes 2000.12.01

My version of TerrieKitten! TerrieKitten is Boris Chwosta\n

Image: Tevildo.jpg   385x650 97184 bytes 2002.01.07

A commission pic for Tevildo, winner of my badge auction. Will upload the actual badge with text later. This is prismacolor pencil and marker on 9 x 12" bristol board and is Tevildo, the black and white cat.

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