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Image: Dragon-Prince-Finalweb.jpg   1061x686 204245 bytes 2005.02.24

This is new i finished it a couple of days ago. Another character of mine so pls don't steal. He is a dragon prince with an interesting background story stated on one of my other sites. Photoshop CS is the tool along with some new pencils and a sketch book.

Image: Forte-Color-Final-+-Effects.jpg   922x606 106049 bytes 2005.11.15

My first ever character Forte and his new girlfriend. I think i designed him when i was 13 lol hopes u likes it :)

Image: Half-Web.jpg   669x932 174366 bytes 2005.11.15

Was feeling mushy (glad i got that out of my system). But still it is good to have someone to trust... My characters (c) Xionai.

Image: nakaido-kymera-diveweb.jpg   625x861 119048 bytes 2005.02.24

'Nother old pic spruced it up a bit in Photoshop.

Image: Volume2-Ch'marr.jpg   834x651 244260 bytes 2005.03.31

Volume 2 in my 6 character set. Done all with Photoshop (except the original penciling of course). Once again thx Ch'Marr for keeping the VCL up and running well your work is appreciated. Also to all viewers this is my first ever cheetah anthro pic! So i hope you like it!

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