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Image: humangachi.GIF   264x684 142933 bytes 2000.08.30

Oooh...Gachi-chan assa human ^^; It had to be done. (c) me.\n

Image: kawaii!.JPG   189x242 17420 bytes 2000.07.13

Whaaat?? I like hedgehogs. And yesterday I just happened to see one..and I named him even though I probably won't see him ever again *lol* Sparky just came to mind..*lol* Don't look at me like that. Hedgehogs are way better than porcupines at least!\n

Image: smart.GIF   276x428 100489 bytes 2000.06.17

The smart girl type person in the comic! XD Isn't she cuuute? Hee..more later on the characters, heh (c) me\n

Image: evilness.GIF   392x546 159425 bytes 2000.06.17

Oh, did I mention that I don't make all the characters m'self? I used my highly paid minions to do them...]=) Hehehe..not really, but if ya wanna draw a character for this or have an idea, email me! We'll sort out all the details *evil laugh* Um well..back to the picture. This is the evil goddess type person that's after Airisu. And Beth was the lucky girl to make her ^^ Ohhh...I think I'm gonna have to draw more of her....(c) me and Beth C.\n

Image: airisu.GIF   392x519 142704 bytes 2000.06.17

Wai! There's a high possibility that I'm gonna be doing an online comic later on. I just was sketchin' some of the characters ^^ This is Airisu, the main character and all that stuff. Yeah..she's a messenger godess who had some uh..problems with her most recent mission. All we be explained later (I hope) (c) me\n

Image: jane.jpg   333x506 73303 bytes 2000.06.11

Here Rai- even if you can't post any pics up now, here's your trade ^^ I decided to do Jane 'cause she's spiffy, hehehe..Woulda added a gun but I can't draw guns worth sheit *lol* Hope ya like!\n

Image: reina.JPG   456x599 86432 bytes 2000.05.14

Lookit Rai! It's yer character since couldn't design her. So I did it myself. ^^ Meet Reina Rienhart- all around superstisious gal. She hears or the ghost people and well, Raven and that pulls her into the story, heh. See? *points to the garlic* I'm still trying to figure her out-but anyway, that's Rai's job yo do! Hehe...(c) Y. Saaka and R. Witter\n

Image: 6to8.GIF   412x533 153433 bytes 2000.05.10

Now fer Hex, Septème and Octa. Yup, if you haven't caught the trend you're blind. Oo; And...oh yeah! Sept is a sexy bitch!*l* Ok...9 and 10 comin' up next! Ha ha! (c) me\n

Image: 1to4.GIF   412x533 185647 bytes 2000.05.10

Charcters from an oooolllllldddd story of mine redesigned ^^ Maybe I'll let some of my friends add chatacters into it..*ponder* Anyway this is One, Deuce (or Deux), Tri (ME! Not really..but based on me ^^) and Quad. All I have to say is that Quad is pretty cute and One is a midget phycho. Yes. (c) me.\n

Image: sakura1.JPG   421x519 116997 bytes 2000.05.01

Image: cherobeon.JPG   244x296 32490 bytes 2000.05.01

MY eeveelution, cherobeon. Hmm...I'd guess it would be a flying/holy type even though I ment for it to be just a flying ^^;; Ah well, either way it's cute. (c) me.\n

Image: ayeka1.JPG   360x451 36348 bytes 2000.03.22

This is a GOOD picture of Ayeka...the mother of a character in school I have to play. I love this pic! It's the best 'real-life' pic I've ever done! Ayeka Okibi (c) me\n

Image: akane-c1.JPG   396x515 57359 bytes 2000.02.07

Concept #5...woo I'm worn out >_O Akane is my fave outta all of them. I wanna be able to turn into an animal tooo! ^^\n

Image: yuri-c1.JPG   358x479 49944 bytes 2000.02.07

Concept #4-Look-it's Neo ! ^^; I wonder who'll be Trinity?\n

Image: nate-c1.jpg   373x450 43548 bytes 2000.02.07

Concept #2-Nate! Pretty good considering I don't know I thing about him...^^;\n

Image: jane-c1.JPG   354x488 46677 bytes 2000.02.07

Concept #2-Jane! Yes, she's cool...and she as nifty hair too!\n

Image: alice-c1.JPG   417x537 65640 bytes 2000.02.07

Concept #1 inna bunch of concept sheets I did for Rai-san! I did about 5 of them...Oo;; Yes, I'm forcing myself to draw. *nod* And I got Lee almost done for you Gaz', and Kuroi! I got Will and Draca to scan...I get them to you soon! Anyway...this is Alice inna bunch of poses and sutff :P Man..I wish people would do this for meeee! *j/k* (c) Rachel Witter\n

Image: rai.JPG   417x500 60293 bytes 2000.01.18

Arghh...too..many..exchanges...:P Well, justn now I drew this! It's Oni, Seby and SS obessing got it-raichus!!!! I was talking to Oni when I got this idea, heh! People say that raichu is not as cute a pikachu-well YOU'RE WRONG!! *teehee* Raichus are sooooooo kyuute....*hugs Ikari-sama* (c) our cool selves\n

Image: ryu.JPG   507x556 80652 bytes 1999.12.15

Image: ryuchi.JPG   507x602 78318 bytes 1999.12.15

Ryuchi! Ryuki's second stage! Now Ryuchi is even harder to train 'cause it has a big temper! You have to be very gentle with it cause it'll relly hurt to see what happens to you when you don't! I mean these things are 6 9' fer cying out loud! Ryuchi and Ryuki and (c)me, so lay off!\n

Image: ryuki.JPG   507x430 48342 bytes 1999.12.15

This is my fan-pokemon, Ryuki! Awwww, ain't it kyoote?? It's very hard to train Ryuki 'cause its very defiant and likes to wander, but it's even harder to train....\n

Image: evichu.JPG   338x439 34436 bytes 1999.12.15

Evichu! Now this is one kickass pokemon! I had to drew her!\r\n Evichu is(c) Kuroi-sama\n

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