Name: Natalie "Sutori-Toenzeru" Smith.
Age: Approximately 17.
Place of Birth: Unknown.
DOB: Unknown.
Nicknames: Sutori-Toenzeru, meaning "Street Angel"

Natalie was the first prototype for a classified experiment of Ayame Ryusuki, a failed scientist shunned from normal society. Ayame took Natalie off the streets of the L2 colony at the age of 7, and preformed several tests on her...coming finally to the conclusion that she would be the first one, of her "Alternate Forms", the name of her experiment.

No one knows exactly how, but Ayame fused DNA from Gundam pilot Duo Maxwell into Natalie's DNA. This process took over a year, and even after that, Natalie was in a coma for yet another year as her body made changes to accommodate the new DNA. During that final year, Ayame was said to had disappeared, leaving Natalie alone, with no memories of her past years and one other thing....

...a Gundam.

Heaven's Wrath: A enigmatic Gundam made only for Natalie, supposedly by Ayame. This machine locks on directly into her mind and works only if she wills it to. This has it's ups and downs...depending of Nat's mood at the time. One other downfall is that at times the Gundam can manipulate her mood, which leads to disastrous results...

Personality: Nat is much like Duo, cheerful and sometimes, a bit sadistic on her part. She does have her share of violent moments when a memory or two poke in through her mind. She knows not her mission or which side she fights for (so basically, she's neutral) , but only of one person she is destined to meet- and she sets off to find that one person.

Other:1 other person was noted as another one fused with a pilot, but there are no specific details as of yet..