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Image: SagOhNo.gif   504x683 28077 bytes 2001.09.16

Ack! Sag... she's.... she's growing!!!! \r\nSagKitten is Yiffer

Image: Pie.gif   685x768 53236 bytes 2001.09.13

Ronda feeds cookie pie after pie after pie, but how much more can she take? ;)

Image: CrystalTD.gif   668x962 52008 bytes 2001.09.06

Crystal the dragon trys out some cloths that are more know around "Dragon island".\r\nHer comic book is also in the works :)\r\nCrystal the dragon is Yiffer

Image: DaisyRoo.gif   800x575 87034 bytes 2001.08.27

3rd picture in series I am working on. But what will happen to this roo and how big will she get? ;)\r\nDaisy the kangaroo is Yiffer

Image: sagphoto.gif   411x657 32700 bytes 2001.08.14

SagKitten gets her hair done to get her photo taken :) Or something like that ;)\r\nSagKitten is Yiffer

Image: Nurse.gif   475x775 34103 bytes 2001.08.14

Cyber trixi as a nurse... and a hot one at that! ;)\r\nCyber Trixi is her player\r\ndrawn by Yiffer (uploaded with permission)

Image: dragon.gif   771x614 49019 bytes 2001.08.13

I wonder what kind of magic this dragoness uses... We will have to wait and see =D

Image: JudyR.gif   828x1009 115841 bytes 2001.08.13

mmmmmmmmmm..... bunnies...

Image: Rollita.gif   837x887 51987 bytes 2001.08.11

Rollita is one big and hapy vixen =^_^=\r\nRollita is Ryan Hobbs\r\nDrawn by yiffer (uploaded with permission)

Image: LeeDance.gif   740x1075 51285 bytes 2001.07.30

Lee dances in this ever so lovely picture :) With a nice outfit, feathers in her hair, and a more then ample bosom, she is all set and ready to go for a night on the town! =^_^=\r\nLee the panda Yiffer

Image: Trixi.gif   592x756 49299 bytes 2001.07.19

Cyber trixi stands neat a window :)\r\nDrawn by Yiffer

Image: Mary4.gif   513x657 30218 bytes 2001.07.17

Well it's all over, and what a show! 8) But what's this? Another bottle! Will she take them? :) (pic 4 of 4)\r\nMary Swanson the mouse Yiffer

Image: Mary3.gif   590x614 38063 bytes 2001.07.17

The lactation inflation pills turn on full blast as Mary is forced to milk herself. (pic 3 of 4)\r\nMary Swanson the mouse Yiffer

Image: Mary2.gif   430x805 30226 bytes 2001.07.17

here we go! (Pic 2 of 4)\r\nMary Swanson the mouse Yiffer

Image: Mary1.gif   422x832 28149 bytes 2001.07.17

Mary takes a whole bottle of lactation inflation pills and plands to get quite big... I guess we just sit back and watch <=) (pic 1 of 4)\r\nMary Swanson the mouse yiffer

Image: MaryS.gif   566x813 38419 bytes 2001.07.16

Mary gets some pictures taken of her ;)\r\nMary Swanson the mouse is Yiffer

Image: Big4th.jpg   701x931 165368 bytes 2001.07.05

Biggie the vixen wishes everybody a happy 4th of july! =^_^=\r\nBiggie the vixen is Yiffer

Image: RPumped.gif   740x875 32499 bytes 2001.06.26

Ronda looks like she needs some help in this picture as she over-inflates herself... Mind lending her a hand? <=)\r\nRonda the inflatable bunny is Yiffer

Image: Crystal.jpg   510x654 116070 bytes 2001.06.26

Crystal works at Knockers late into the night as the city lights up to make one awesome view for diner =^_^=\r\nCrystal the dragon is Yiffer

Image: JewelWon.jpg   832x859 207473 bytes 2001.06.17

The inflation contest is over and Jewel won! =D After quite a while of voting it seems jewel was your favorite ;) \r\n(There was a real contest I held on my site at furnation, to see before and after pictures check out my web site ;)\r\nJudy the inflatable bunny, Ronda the inflatable bunny, and Jewel the inflatable mink are all copyright Yiffer

Image: K9Unit.gif   543x1115 57276 bytes 2001.06.15

officer 1 : "Sir, he has a gun, I think it's time to send in the k-9 unit". Officer 2 : "Yes, the k-9 unit should be able to bring this to an end with ease and without hurting anyone".\r\nofficer 1: "Here girl *whistle-whistle*, go get him, got get him". k-9 Unit : "All right you, step out of the car, put your hands behind your head and.... No! Not that head! Get your hands out of there!".\r\nArtwork Yiffer

Image: CrySoda.gif   491x650 25657 bytes 2001.06.11

Cryssallie drinks more and more soda, thus the bigger and bigger she inflates ;)\r\nCryssallie Herself Artwork Yiffer

Image: TamBaby.gif   510x785 27266 bytes 2001.06.10

This is what Tammy would look like if she were to have a child of her own :)\r\nTammy the husky is Yiffer

Image: OnPhone.jpg   457x332 79811 bytes 2001.05.28

Mew talks on the phone :) This picture is a preview (in a way) of my comic book I am currently working on Staring Mew! =^_^= It all starts with a phone call :)\r\nMew the cat is Yiffer

Image: Shop.jpg   700x527 239187 bytes 2001.05.26

Jenna Grape and Orange are hanging out in a comic book shop. Jenna's got some bubble gum and Orange has a coco-pop :)\r\nJenna Grape and Orange are Chris Farrington\r\nArt work and background Yiffer\r\n(uploaded with permission)

Image: Tammy.gif   585x667 34590 bytes 2001.05.23

It's Tammy again, and she looks a bit.... Bigger then before? Must be the food she eats :)\r\nI also am working with a new inking style here. I don't notmaly use it, but thought it added a kind of "depth" (if you will) to the picture in certain ways.\r\nTammy the husky is Yiffer

Image: OpHusky.jpg   604x752 89648 bytes 2001.05.23

Tammy Stars in the upcoming comic book I will be working on called "Operation Husky". Be sure to keep an eye out for it :)\r\nTammy the husky is Yiffer

Image: BustyLee.gif   384x686 57078 bytes 2001.05.23

Lee decides to give a nice pose for the camera =^_^=\r\nLee the panda is Yiffer

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