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Image: jump.jpg   528x700 90310 bytes 2006.04.08

This image features a kitty jumping, with an intricate Art Nouveau background. I love Art Nouveau backgrounds. :)

Image: bags.jpg   502x700 64661 bytes 2006.04.03

Ink piece, done on letter-size paper. Some thought on the strife that is school :)

Image: yllakitty01.jpg   788x600 124536 bytes 2004.03.27

A character portrait of my character Ylla-kitty. Photoshop. I loved doing the hair and the tail! Image and Character Ylla 2000-2004.

Image: tigress.jpg   525x700 81310 bytes 2004.03.02

I love her dress. Notice that the version in the background doesn't have stripes. By the time I finished coloring this, I'd forgotten that she was a tiger, so I finished her stripeless and was about to save as a jpeg and upload to my site when I realized I had no idea what species of furry she was. Doh! I remembered she was a tiger, painted the stripes in, but left the background as it was. Sketched, then "inked" and colored in Photoshop.

Image: cherry.jpg   525x700 39566 bytes 2004.03.01

I wanted to do a series of furry art themed after fruits. This was the first, named "Cherry". Unfortunately, to this date, this is the only one. Personally, I loved both the "etherial" look of it and the darkness of the image. Sketched, then "inked" and colored in Photoshop.

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