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Image: sayurioekaki001.jpg   250x250 32518 bytes 2004.07.01

An oekaki of Sayu done awhile back. I could have sworn I'd already uploaded this here, but perhaps I was mistaken.\r\n\r\n"FISH-KEBABS!"\r\n\r\nArt, Sayuri '04 Yoshiko.

Image: yoshikooekaki005.JPG   325x225 38937 bytes 2004.05.02

Just wanted to try out a different coloring style...Not sure if I like this.\r\n\r\nYoshiko, Bob, Art '04 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_samgwosdzoekaki001.jpg   300x275 46933 bytes 2003.10.11

For the same bellybutton obsessed friend. Uhm..Sam looks like he's zoning out, but that's okay I guess..o.O;;\r\n\r\nYoshiko, Art '03 Yoshiko\r\nSam Sam S.

Image: yoshikooekaki004.jpg   250x250 24650 bytes 2003.09.24

A friend of mine is obsessed with girls' bellybuttons, so a Yosh-tummeh for him. I know there's not a lot of 'boobage' but deal with it - the focus is on the bellybutton. XD;;\r\n\r\nYoshiko, Art '03 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_tsunamidoekaki001.jpg   200x400 38482 bytes 2003.08.30

For Tsunamidusher/Dark Flame's birthday. I fully and freely admit I cannot draw short swords (or swords at all) to save my life. \r\n\r\nJones Tsi B. Taylor.\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: fo_group002.jpg   350x298 65485 bytes 2003.07.18

PL and Fantaci, the fursonas of friends of mine...PL (left) came out decently, but I'm rather disappointed with Fantaci...she's much too bright...she's supposed to be pastel-y, actually.\r\n\r\nPL Briana H.\r\nFantaci Rubab R.\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: meioekaki001.jpg   250x350 38729 bytes 2003.06.24

Just trying out a more scribbly type of shading. *shrugs* *watches as Mei gets oogled* Yes, another case of Sailormoon nudity.\r\n\r\nMei, Art Yoshiko.

Image: fo_pashylouoekaki001.jpg   300x300 58585 bytes 2003.06.10

For Pashy Lou... Just 'cause she's a sweetie.\r\n\r\nPassion Jessica E.\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: fo_nazakaoekaki001.jpg   300x300 39089 bytes 2003.06.05

For a lovely friend of mine, her characters Nazaka and Sunny. I'm rather disappointed as I don't like Nazaka's face and Sunny (the little one on the cloud) looks really bad. >>;; It's the thought that counts, right?\r\n\r\nNazaka, Sunny Britt M.\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: willowoekaki001.jpg   300x300 40827 bytes 2003.05.15

I was happy after receiving some gift art, therefore Willow is happy also. Her coloring confuses me. I'm not quite happy with it. *tweaks*\r\n\r\nWillow, Art '03 Yoshiko.

Image: yoshoekaki003.jpg   300x300 38665 bytes 2003.05.15

Inside joke with Wooz...Bald Yosh. (Yosh doesn't have a set hair length or style). I'm disappointed with how the eyes turned out. >>;;\r\n\r\nPL Briana H.\r\nYoshiko, Art '03 Yoshiko.

Image: aidenoekaki001.jpg   250x400 51856 bytes 2003.05.15

Aiden...still getting used to oekaki tools. I forgot to add the 'v' to his last name. It's 'Eoleitev.'\r\n\r\nAiden, Art '03 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_sageoekaki001.jpg   300x300 45834 bytes 2003.05.15

Done for the owner of the oekaki board I attend, which is \r\n\r\n\r\nMy third oekaki. Give me a break.\r\n\r\nSage '03 A. Evans.\r\nArt '03 Yoshiko.

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