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Image: yoshiko015.jpg   427x788 42233 bytes 2002.06.15

Watched Wild Wild West last night, so I felt inspired to do a picture based on it. I like Yoshi's hair style in this sketch. Yoshiko (c) '02 Yoshiko

Image: yoshiko025.jpg   480x440 92485 bytes 2004.03.17

Sloppy, but fun to make. Happy St. Patrick's.\r\n\r\nYoshiko, Art '04 Yoshiko.

Image: yoshiko027b.jpg   791x634 61709 bytes 2004.04.11

I'm not depressed or upset, I just felt that way at the time and wanted to draw this to get it out of my system.\r\n\r\nJust a quick sketch with even quicker colors. Sometimes it's easier to get the feeling across that way.\r\n\r\nYoshiko, Art '04 Yoshiko.

Image: yoshiko028b.jpg   350x713 87544 bytes 2004.04.11

An old sketch (on graph paper, no less!) that I felt compelled to color because I liked the pose. (This is one of the first sketches done after my anthro 'style-change' last fall.\r\n\r\nI'm not overly thrilled with this, but I think I may redraw the pose and/or add in another character to liven it up a bit.\r\n\r\nYoshiko, Art '04 Yoshiko.

Image: yoshincerysketch001.jpg   843x595 79029 bytes 2003.01.07

Result of being bored in Art and having too much paint and time on my hands. Yosh, Cery and Bob all going 'Eee!'\r\n\r\nYoshiko, Bob '03 Yoshiko\r\nCerise N. Bailey

Image: yoshisketch01a.jpg   417x758 59291 bytes 2002.04.06

Reference picture of Yoshi's 'new' Priestess form. I have a better picture of that form that'll be up soon. Yoshiko (c) '02 Yoshiko. Kind of redundant, huh?

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