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Image: 050312hoshi.jpg   568x677 47000 bytes 2006.06.14

Overly grungy, but that's what I was going for.\r\n\r\nCharacter copyright Dai-chan (\r\nArt copyright 05-06 Yoshiko.

Image: 050120yoshiko.jpg   710x1050 48083 bytes 2006.06.14

Awfully big. I like the inking, and I _LOVE_ the cheesy blood effect. Oh yeah.\r\n\r\nArt copyright 05-06 Yoshiko.

Image: 050109yoshiko.jpg   711x550 62052 bytes 2006.06.14

I hate this feeling!\r\n\r\nArt copyright '06 Yoshiko.

Image: 041115yoshiko.jpg   859x920 275731 bytes 2004.11.18

Finished! For my boyfriend. :D\r\n\r\ncharacter '04 Yoshiko.

Image: 040926yoshiko.jpg   333x703 74843 bytes 2004.11.18

College apps + 5 college-level classes + boyfriend = major lack of free time + art time.\r\n\r\nStressed? Just a little.\r\n\r\ncharacter '04 Yoshiko.

Image: 040714ceri.jpg   647x653 161775 bytes 2004.07.20

For Briana. Screwed up some of the colors, but I mostly like this. Yay for browns.\r\n\r\nArt '04 Yoshiko\r\nCeri '04 Briana H.

Image: 040711willow.jpg   582x753 197424 bytes 2004.07.20

I'm unhappy with the background...way too much orange.\r\n\r\nWillow, Art '04 Yoshiko\r\nLyrics Richard O'Brien

Image: yoshiko029s.jpg   540x769 111352 bytes 2004.06.21

Bri told me to draw Yosh being 'more evil-like' so I complied.\r\n\r\ncharacter '04 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_ariakitty001.jpg   659x698 151772 bytes 2004.04.21

A Dweezil for Jessica Bogardus as my half of our trade. <3 Dweezil's awesome. :3\r\n\r\nDweezil J. Bogardus\r\nArt '04 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_sheepyo001b.jpg   779x632 158820 bytes 2004.03.27

A trade with Crumpet/Sheepyo from Deviantart - her character Annabelle in hedgie and chao form.\r\n\r\n(Yes, she's nekkid, but she's supposed to be a sonic-styled hedgie so oh well)\r\n\r\nSome anatomy and movement problems, but I like the colors.\r\n\r\nAnnabelle ...her creator. (sorry, don't know the actual name!)\r\nArt '04 Yoshiko.

Image: arquette001.jpg   488x502 103454 bytes 2004.03.17

REALLY old lineart. (It's been lurking on my computer for the last two years.)\r\n\r\nIssa Arquette! The only finished picture of her I've got. XD;\r\n\r\nArquette, Art '04 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_mutsy001b.jpg   548x739 123084 bytes 2004.03.01

My (very, extremely) late half of a trade with Nikki Stavin... Her characters Renard and Booyaka.\r\n\r\nI'm not overly thrilled with this - the background could have fit better...\r\n\r\nBooyaka, Renard N. Stavin\r\nArt '04 Yoshiko.

Image: valentinesday04.jpg   424x646 122277 bytes 2004.02.15

Happy St. Valentine's. My character Mei and Byron's ('Darkflame' on VCL) Colasant. Byron has proclaimed himself Mei's number one fan, plus he's a nice guy, so this resulted. He's got a girlfriend, so NO, there's nothing between us.\r\n\r\nI think the scribbly border provides too much motion in the picture. Either way, there's something about the bg that annoys me.\r\n\r\nMei, Art '04 Yoshiko.\r\nColasant Byron T.

Image: fo_woozle004.jpg   664x611 132534 bytes 2004.02.09

Killing three birds with one stone...this picture is for 1.) For Briana because she's awesome. 2.) For a school-friend of mine who needs to stop asking me to draw for him and 3.) To show an updated version of Aria (tiger) since I hadn't drawn her for...two years.\r\n\r\nArt, Aria '04 Yoshiko.\r\nSuki Briana H.

Image: fo_kari001.jpg   383x738 85267 bytes 2004.01.27

A belated Birthday gift for Kari who is now 15 and almost-one-month. Her character, Torrent.\r\n\r\nI rather like this.\r\n\r\nTorrent Kari F.\r\nArt '04 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_nekophoenix001c.jpg   384x584 95572 bytes 2004.01.10

A trade with Holly Fogarty aka Nekophoenix. Her lynx-character Amethyst. The clothing folds aren't that great, but I do like the clothing concept.\r\n\r\nAmethyst Holly F.\r\nArt '04 Yoshiko.

Image: xmas03b.jpg   525x620 121138 bytes 2004.01.03

Happy Holidays. X3 This picture took TOO long, and it's by far the most amount of work I've ever put into a piece.\r\n\r\nArt, Ihan, Yoshiko '04 Yoshiko.

Image: chulien002.jpg   531x803 124387 bytes 2003.12.09

XD Chu-Lien, one of my favorite characters whom I haven't drawn for...too long. ^^;\r\n\r\nChu-Lien, Art '03 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_kiiro001.jpg   582x639 135719 bytes 2003.11.22

For Kiiro's 15th Bday. <3\r\n\r\nKiiro Samantha R.\r\nArt, Bob '03 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_jenneh001.jpg   467x838 142199 bytes 2003.10.14

This picture wasn't supposed to happen (I've got so much other work to do!) But inspiration pulled it through and I finished it in record time. It's Bambou the panda-stripper character of one of my friends from the kaki board.\r\n\r\nBambou Jenneh.\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: fo_yamer003.jpg   362x632 86683 bytes 2003.10.11

For Yamer, for she is a very sweet person. Bg's cluttered, but I do still like it. (Prolly won't in six months, though.) Breaking out the prismas once again~!\r\n\r\nRoxanne Yamer\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: fo_fantaci003.jpg   486x688 122375 bytes 2003.09.28

For a friend's half-birthday. I tried to put more effort into the cging process this time around.\r\n\r\nFantaci R. Rizvi.\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: fo_oni003.jpg   384x616 115076 bytes 2003.09.24

For Oni's 21st birthday. I like the expression and the coloring pretty well, but I wish I had made the background more vibrant and less cluttered. o.o;; Perhaps I'll redo it?\r\n\r\nOni '03 S. Kao\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: mei001.jpg   367x310 38988 bytes 2003.09.08

Rubab's fault. This was a quick picture for an icon which she made me add a background to and kind of make it look prettier.\r\n\r\nI forgot her shoulder-spots. *eats self*\r\n\r\nMei Yoshiko.

Image: fo_sage004b.jpg   333x780 115855 bytes 2003.08.27

For Skitz, her character Ratch totally out of character, but a Ratch nonetheless. Not overly happy with this but c'est la vie.\r\n\r\nRatch A. Evans\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: fo_divi001.jpg   721x731 183162 bytes 2003.08.20

My half of a trade with Divi, her character Rinbo. I tried to reflect the vibrant colors of autumn with the background, but I think I succeeded a tad too well. Although I like the background I think it's too distracting.\r\n\r\nRinbo Divi\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: fo_yuwa001.jpg   606x785 161359 bytes 2003.08.13

My half of a trade with Yuwa. Obviously, her fursona Yuwa. I'm not sure if she's a raver, but I do know she's a master at DDR. ^^;;\r\n\r\nNot as much fun to make as the previous pictures, but I still like it pretty well.\r\n\r\nYuwa Kim A.\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: yoshiko024.jpg   434x718 135255 bytes 2003.08.12

Decided to saw screw it to anatomy/perspective and draw something and actually have fun with it for a change. Yosh originally wasn't so happy and perky as she is now. This kind of reflects how she used to act.. \r\n\r\nI really love the reflectiveness, the lantern and Yosh's expression. I didn't do such a great job with the reflectivity, but I had loads of fun making it. \r\n\r\nYoshiko Yoshiko.

Image: willow001.jpg   486x628 120530 bytes 2003.08.12

Willow. I had loads of fun making this, especially the stippling for the shading. XD\r\n\r\nWillow's eyes are blue, by the way. It's difficult to tell because I've drawn only one picture of her with her eyes open. o.o;;\r\n\r\nWillow Yoshiko.

Image: fo_blackcrystle001b.jpg   680x847 119132 bytes 2003.08.09

I don't understand the telegraph-pole thing myself. I thought it'd be cool if BC was sitting on something and for some reason I decided on a telegraph pole. *shrugs*\r\n\r\nBlack Crystle Rochelle S.\r\nArt Yoshiko.

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