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Image: 040711willow.jpg   582x753 197424 bytes 2004.07.20

I'm unhappy with the background...way too much orange.\r\n\r\nWillow, Art '04 Yoshiko\r\nLyrics Richard O'Brien

Image: 040714ceri.jpg   647x653 161775 bytes 2004.07.20

For Briana. Screwed up some of the colors, but I mostly like this. Yay for browns.\r\n\r\nArt '04 Yoshiko\r\nCeri '04 Briana H.

Image: 040926yoshiko.jpg   333x703 74843 bytes 2004.11.18

College apps + 5 college-level classes + boyfriend = major lack of free time + art time.\r\n\r\nStressed? Just a little.\r\n\r\ncharacter '04 Yoshiko.

Image: 041115yoshiko.jpg   859x920 275731 bytes 2004.11.18

Finished! For my boyfriend. :D\r\n\r\ncharacter '04 Yoshiko.

Image: 050109yoshiko.jpg   711x550 62052 bytes 2006.06.14

I hate this feeling!\r\n\r\nArt copyright '06 Yoshiko.

Image: 050120yoshiko.jpg   710x1050 48083 bytes 2006.06.14

Awfully big. I like the inking, and I _LOVE_ the cheesy blood effect. Oh yeah.\r\n\r\nArt copyright 05-06 Yoshiko.

Image: 050312hoshi.jpg   568x677 47000 bytes 2006.06.14

Overly grungy, but that's what I was going for.\r\n\r\nCharacter copyright Dai-chan (\r\nArt copyright 05-06 Yoshiko.

Image: aegis002.jpg   761x1075 231217 bytes 2002.08.12

Aegis looking decidedly girly despite the fact that I tried harder to make him look like a guy in this pic. >_< I think I've cured him of tail-looks-like-PVC-pipe-itis. Aegis (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: aiden001.jpg   509x906 128021 bytes 2002.07.18

Aiden, a new character of mine, and Bob. I swear, this is the last time I draw anyone with purple pants. o.o;; Oh, and that thingy he's holding is supposed to be a musical instrument/flute-type thing. Aiden, Bob (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: alex001blue.jpg   353x825 66394 bytes 2002.02.28

I was trying to give this picture a background and I kinda screwed up...It was a good screw up though. ^^ Alex, Art (c) '02 Yoshiko, background image (c) Microsoft o.o

Image: ansui001.jpg   430x811 110445 bytes 2002.06.03

Prismas! Ansui'une (c) '02 Yoshiko

Image: aria001.jpg   458x547 89192 bytes 2002.04.28

Quickie sketch of Aria. It looks a lot better in real life. Aria (c) '02 Yoshiko

Image: arquette001.jpg   488x502 103454 bytes 2004.03.17

REALLY old lineart. (It's been lurking on my computer for the last two years.)\r\n\r\nIssa Arquette! The only finished picture of her I've got. XD;\r\n\r\nArquette, Art '04 Yoshiko.

Image: aucide002.jpg   615x886 141296 bytes 2002.03.10

Aucide. I finally canned the 'scissor-wings' in favor of something more original. The problems are mostly coloring-wise. Her wings should be the same color of the thing on her dress, and her necklace should be aqua-colored. Other than that, I'm pretty happ with this. Aucide (c) '02 Yoshiko

Image: aucide002b.jpg   615x886 99948 bytes 2002.03.26

Aucide, redone in Photoshop. ^^ I'll probably be doing a lot more Photoshop pictures now that I can actually use it... Image (c) '02 Yoshiko

Image: chulien001.jpg   612x686 45155 bytes 2002.02.26

Chu-Lien Gaeaboro, my ferret character holding her staff and looking bored. This picture screams for a background. Chu-Lien is (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: chulien002.jpg   531x803 124387 bytes 2003.12.09

XD Chu-Lien, one of my favorite characters whom I haven't drawn for...too long. ^^;\r\n\r\nChu-Lien, Art '03 Yoshiko.

Image: elrean001f.jpg   511x892 130011 bytes 2002.04.12

A picture of Elrean drawn for Oni, whom I am much in debt to for her friendliness and help. ^^ Elrean (c) '02 Oni, Art (c) '02 Yoshiko

Image: emotion002.jpg   399x684 67879 bytes 2002.08.08

Been feeling a lot of it recently...this is the result. Yoshiko (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: fo-murasaki001.jpg   415x785 44972 bytes 2002.04.21

My half of an art exchange with Woozle. Hope she likes this. (Yeah, I know it's pretty bad.) Nameless char (c) '02 Woozle13, Image (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_ariakitty001.jpg   659x698 151772 bytes 2004.04.21

A Dweezil for Jessica Bogardus as my half of our trade. <3 Dweezil's awesome. :3\r\n\r\nDweezil J. Bogardus\r\nArt '04 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_bandit001.jpg   562x588 98437 bytes 2002.12.05

Tari, for Banditdemon. Definitely not what I usually draw, and proportions are likely way off since this is the first time I've drawn a shirtless guy. \r\n\r\nTarisune Banditdemon.\r\n12-2-02

Image: fo_blackcrystle001b.jpg   680x847 119132 bytes 2003.08.09

I don't understand the telegraph-pole thing myself. I thought it'd be cool if BC was sitting on something and for some reason I decided on a telegraph pole. *shrugs*\r\n\r\nBlack Crystle Rochelle S.\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: fo_cari001b.jpg   550x863 151598 bytes 2003.07.23

"Firefly Fields."\r\n\r\nMy half of a trade with Cari...her character Cookie. I like the anatomy pretty well, but the hands could use work.\r\n\r\nCookie Carissa R.\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: fo_cee001.jpg   507x601 82518 bytes 2002.08.29

For Cee 'cause I admire her work greatly. ^^ Hope you like! Fuyuko (c) '02 Cee. Art (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_cerise001.jpg   643x569 130237 bytes 2002.11.29

For Cerise. I'm trying out a different style of coloring.\r\n\r\nChipotle '02 Cerise.

Image: fo_cerise002.jpg   592x478 105560 bytes 2003.03.15

Some random lovin' for Miz Cerise of Deviantart. ( Not really anything special~\r\n\r\nChipotle '03 Cerise.\r\nArt '03 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_cerise003b.jpg   808x750 187707 bytes 2003.04.25

A combination picture for Cerise's birthday and Easter. (I know I missed easter, but uh...this is for greek easter which is celebrated this weekend.) Happy 15th, Cery! ^^\r\n\r\nCerise '03 Elena B.\r\nYoshiko '03 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_divi001.jpg   721x731 183162 bytes 2003.08.20

My half of a trade with Divi, her character Rinbo. I tried to reflect the vibrant colors of autumn with the background, but I think I succeeded a tad too well. Although I like the background I think it's too distracting.\r\n\r\nRinbo Divi\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: fo_durp001.jpg   547x712 122280 bytes 2002.09.21

Rough picture for Durp...I'm just learning how to use watercolor. ^^;; I didn't know all of her markings so I kind of guessed on the face and ears. *laughs*\r\n\r\nDurp '02 Pandora\r\nArt '02 Yoshiko

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