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Image: fo_wayah001.jpg   551x781 183783 bytes 2003.08.08

I really needed a break from the cg+moredetail+betteranatomyness of the trades I've been doing (practically nonstop) all summer. So I doodled and it turned out to be a Wayah. XD;; Coloring/BG style is heavily influenced by Tox. <3\r\n\r\nWayah Kristin W.\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: fo_cari001b.jpg   550x863 151598 bytes 2003.07.23

"Firefly Fields."\r\n\r\nMy half of a trade with Cari...her character Cookie. I like the anatomy pretty well, but the hands could use work.\r\n\r\nCookie Carissa R.\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: fo_kafu001.jpg   637x690 160392 bytes 2003.07.18

Trade with Kafu, her character Spoonful with her pet jellyfish blowing bubbles, whilst a group of jellyfish float in the background. Yay for jellyfish. XD\r\n\r\nSpoonful Kafu\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: yoshiko023.jpg   581x763 103430 bytes 2003.07.12

A reeeeaaally cruddy picture of Yosh because I desperately needed a good reference picture of her. Drawn because this'll make it easier on the people who are drawing her (lots of trades right now...)\r\n\r\nNO SET STYLE OR LENGTH TO HER HAIR.\r\n\r\nYosh, Bob, Art '03 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_soca002.jpg   412x831 131864 bytes 2003.06.26

For Ms. Bai-Hwa Kao (aka Socara Tapestri) for her ...21st birthday, I do believe. Drawn because I've loved Soca's designs for quite awhile, and this gave me an excuse to draw her character Yune'i. \r\n\r\nYune'i B. Kao\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: fo_skittle001.jpg   485x648 90834 bytes 2003.06.21

A gift for Nikki Briola (aka the Artist Formerly Known as Skittle) XD;;; Her character Bella who appears to be lost...\r\n\r\nBella Nikki B.\r\nArt Yoshiko.

Image: yoshiko022.jpg   824x750 210852 bytes 2003.06.05

Hadn't used pencils for awhile...I'm not entirely happy with this, and believe me when I say the scanner butchered this picture...\r\n\r\nYoshiko, Art '03 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_trent001.jpg   432x875 104555 bytes 2003.06.03

Bet you thought I was dead, eh? Well, I haven't been uploading so much recently on account of schoolwork and I've been drawing pictures in categories not allowed on VCL. (If you want to see them, go here... ) Anyway, Trent for Matt Burt because it's his birthday and he gave me a lovely picture of Yoshiko.\r\n\r\nTrent Matt Burt\r\nArt Yoshiko

Image: fo_cerise003b.jpg   808x750 187707 bytes 2003.04.25

A combination picture for Cerise's birthday and Easter. (I know I missed easter, but uh...this is for greek easter which is celebrated this weekend.) Happy 15th, Cery! ^^\r\n\r\nCerise '03 Elena B.\r\nYoshiko '03 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_fantaci002.jpg   744x798 161790 bytes 2003.04.10

A trade with one of my RL best friends, Bob-chan. :D Her character Fantaci (left) and mine, Mei. I tried to put more effort into the shading, but overall there are many things I could have done better on in this picture...\r\n\r\nFantaci Bob-chan.\r\nMei, Art Yoshiko.

Image: fo_sleepykitten001.jpg   545x692 150947 bytes 2003.03.17

I wanted to draw something for Sleepykitten ( )because she's extremely talented and deserves more fanart. Her character Clover caught my eye, and with St. Patrick's Day, it just seemed to fit. ^^ \r\n\r\nClover '03 Sleepykitten.\r\nArt '03 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_toona001.jpg   714x890 146544 bytes 2003.03.15

My half of a trade with Toona ( ) This is kind of cute~ I like the way I shaded her tail the best. \r\n\r\nToona '03 Melanie C.\r\nArt '03 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_eunos001.jpg   558x600 112537 bytes 2003.03.15

Kiriban picture for Eunos because he got my 5000th hit...I think this is kind of cute, but the anatomy sucks. ^^;;;\r\n\r\nDeryll '03 Eunos.\r\nArt '03 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_cerise002.jpg   592x478 105560 bytes 2003.03.15

Some random lovin' for Miz Cerise of Deviantart. ( Not really anything special~\r\n\r\nChipotle '03 Cerise.\r\nArt '03 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_tox005.jpg   737x844 125444 bytes 2003.02.26

My half of a trade with Tox. ;3 I'm really happy with the way Tox came out, but I really should have put more effort into coloring the rock and waves.\r\n\r\nTox and her lolly '03 Brittany H.\r\nArt '03 Yoshiko.

Image: valentinesday03.jpg   619x825 149270 bytes 2003.02.16

Happy Valentine's, you guys! (albeit, a little late...) Finally got off my lazy butt and started drawing Bob again. He's too cute to leave out. ;)\r\n\r\nArt, Characters '03 Yoshiko\r\nBG Photos Their takers.

Image: fo_elae001.jpg   594x850 127947 bytes 2003.02.16

My half of a trade with Elae. I really like this, but I should have spent more time on Galileo's spots.\r\n\r\nGalileo '03 Elae\r\nArt '03 Yoshiko\r\nBG Photos Their takers.

Image: fo_woozle002.jpg   650x560 102258 bytes 2003.02.11

For one of my RL best friends, her character Suki (left) and my Willow (whose coloring will most definitely be tweaked). I really should have made the background darker.. Yay for Mint-chip ice cream!\r\n\r\nSuki '03 Woozle\r\nWillow, Art '03 Yoshiko\r\nBG Photo Its photographer.

Image: ihan007f.jpg   378x633 77488 bytes 2003.01.29

Ihan in the morning...'good morning' is such an oxymoron. Got a complete set of prismacolors for Christmas, so I was trying them out...\r\n\r\nIhan '03 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_nytro002b.jpg   484x450 55375 bytes 2003.01.11

Belated Birthday picture for the extremely talented Nytro Starfyre. Colored pencil looks so much better when you actually _use_ pigment. ^^;; Anyway, this was based offa a journal entry of Nytro's when he was complaining that he'd never been kissed. *points to picture* His cheek-tufts are colored! ^^;;\r\n\r\nNytro '03 A. Willman\r\nYoshiko '03 Yoshiko

Image: fo_yamer001.jpg   641x866 199306 bytes 2003.01.07

Part of an art trade with the talented Miss Yamer. I know the hands are really wonky, but I didn't want it to look like she was feeling herself. Anyway. I like purple hair.\r\n\r\nRoxanne '03 Yamer.\r\nBG Photo Its photographer. o.o;; Sorry. I didn't catch the name of the photographer...

Image: xmas'02.jpg   811x900 266358 bytes 2002.12.19

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you have a great season, and a wonderful new year.\r\n\r\nIhan, Yoshiko '02 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_bandit001.jpg   562x588 98437 bytes 2002.12.05

Tari, for Banditdemon. Definitely not what I usually draw, and proportions are likely way off since this is the first time I've drawn a shirtless guy. \r\n\r\nTarisune Banditdemon.\r\n12-2-02

Image: fo_cerise001.jpg   643x569 130237 bytes 2002.11.29

For Cerise. I'm trying out a different style of coloring.\r\n\r\nChipotle '02 Cerise.

Image: fo_poundpup002.jpg   357x671 78528 bytes 2002.11.20

For Poundpup's birthday. :3 A little belated, but I hope she likes it.\r\n\r\nGalaxy Poundpup.

Image: fo_twiggy001.jpg   503x888 115146 bytes 2002.11.17

My half of a trade with Twiggy aka Kristin Eriksen. I enjoyed making this.\r\n\r\nTwiggy '02 K. Eriksen.

Image: fo_sweetyt002.jpg   590x634 108154 bytes 2002.11.13

Second piece of a three-part art trade with SweetyT. I hope she likes it. :3\r\n\r\nBianca '02 SweetyT.

Image: fo_poundpup001.jpg   495x812 168496 bytes 2002.11.09

Part of an art trade with Poundpup. ^^ The background was fun to make. Too bad I got some of the character's design wrong. o.O;;\r\n\r\nKhiia '02 Poundpup.

Image: yoshiko020.jpg   576x620 85467 bytes 2002.11.04

Happy Halloween! Pretend this was uploaded four days ago. ^^;; \r\n\r\nYoshiko '02 Yoshiko.

Image: ihan006.jpg   553x904 127225 bytes 2002.10.29

Ihan, done for my Chem binder. ^^;; ihan005.jpg is the one I had on it, and I needed something more recent...^^\r\n\r\nIhan '02 Yoshiko.

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