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Image: yoshiko019.jpg   546x862 94903 bytes 2002.10.11

^^ Drawn in World History, (I have such an observant teacher), and colored more quickly than usual with only dodge and burn. This is the first dodge & burn only picture I've done since yoshiko012.jpg, and I must say it looks a lot better now. o.O;; The bellybutton is much too high. *nods*\r\n\r\nYoshiko '02 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_durp001.jpg   547x712 122280 bytes 2002.09.21

Rough picture for Durp...I'm just learning how to use watercolor. ^^;; I didn't know all of her markings so I kind of guessed on the face and ears. *laughs*\r\n\r\nDurp '02 Pandora\r\nArt '02 Yoshiko

Image: fo_nytro001.jpg   795x670 142721 bytes 2002.09.16

For Nytro...*glompclings*\r\n\r\nNytro '02 A. Willman\r\nYoshiko, Art '02 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_sage002.jpg   562x656 106364 bytes 2002.09.04

Birthday picture for Sage. Miko (c) '02 Lex.

Image: fo_sage001.jpg   480x853 83649 bytes 2002.09.01

For the talented Lex. ^^ Her character Sage. The pose is kind of strange, but I'm happy with the coloring job. Sage (c) '02 Lex. Art (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_cee001.jpg   507x601 82518 bytes 2002.08.29

For Cee 'cause I admire her work greatly. ^^ Hope you like! Fuyuko (c) '02 Cee. Art (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_nazaka001.jpg   581x585 90054 bytes 2002.08.26

For Nazaka, because she's really nice. What started as a doodle came out looking pretty decent. ^^ I'm happy with it. Characters (c) '02 Britt, Art (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: yoshiko018.jpg   437x790 114891 bytes 2002.08.24

Cg picture of Yoshi 'cause I hadn't done one for awhile...I like the coloring on the pants. Yoshiko (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: aegis002.jpg   761x1075 231217 bytes 2002.08.12

Aegis looking decidedly girly despite the fact that I tried harder to make him look like a guy in this pic. >_< I think I've cured him of tail-looks-like-PVC-pipe-itis. Aegis (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: emotion002.jpg   399x684 67879 bytes 2002.08.08

Been feeling a lot of it recently...this is the result. Yoshiko (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: yoshiko017.jpg   450x756 61018 bytes 2002.07.25

So cute! My first-ever Cell-shaded picture. Yoshiko (c)'02 Yoshiko.

Image: ihannyosh001.jpg   503x526 60042 bytes 2002.07.18

*loves* Ihan with pigtails! XD Yoshi's the only one that can get away with that though. ^^;; Yoshiko, Ihan (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: aiden001.jpg   509x906 128021 bytes 2002.07.18

Aiden, a new character of mine, and Bob. I swear, this is the last time I draw anyone with purple pants. o.o;; Oh, and that thingy he's holding is supposed to be a musical instrument/flute-type thing. Aiden, Bob (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_tox003.jpg   335x682 61900 bytes 2002.07.18

*can quite obviously not draw anything with a snout* Tox (c) Tox '02 Tox.

Image: yoshiko016.jpg   788x762 112720 bytes 2002.06.28

Drawn last week when I was feeling particularily lousy. Decided to have Yoshi be white in this picture for no paticular reason. Yoshiko (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_fantaci001.jpg   496x708 83116 bytes 2002.06.20

Quickie sketch of my friend's new character, Fantaci, hastily colored in Photoshop. I drew her wings in, but they got erased when I started coloring. Sorry. o.o;; Fantaci (c) '02 R. Rizvi, Art (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: tenna002.jpg   567x591 84945 bytes 2002.06.16

Thenalae, a request I got back in February. RL Tenna wants to streak her hair red, but so far hasn't gotten around to it. I decided to give her a hand ^^;;. That's supposed to be blood on the knives. Since it's so thick, I'll just call it corn syrup with red food coloring. Thenalae (c) '02 Malka, Art (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: yoshiko014.jpg   483x873 96362 bytes 2002.06.11

A sick Yoshiko and Bob toasting you with a mug of tea. Drawn in honor of my getting sick the day before Finals. Yoshiko, Bob (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: ansui001.jpg   430x811 110445 bytes 2002.06.03

Prismas! Ansui'une (c) '02 Yoshiko

Image: yoshiko013.jpg   494x811 99590 bytes 2002.05.29

Yoshiko, Bob (the skull), and Inu-chan (the hand). A picture of Yoshiko and her pets because I hadn't done a decent one of her in awhile. Yoshiko, Bob, Inu-chan (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: meinari001.jpg   523x756 72537 bytes 2002.05.17

Drawn about a month ago and I just now got around to coloring it. ^^;; Aria is the tiger, and Mei-Lin is the panda. There are quite a few problems, but most notably the fact that it appears Aria's tail is cut off (check between her pant legs) Aria and Mei-Lin (c) '02 Yoshiko

Image: quetzalia001.jpg   673x875 132058 bytes 2002.05.11

I hadn't planned the colors out, so this took quite a while. It's Quetzalia, one of Yoshiko's relatives. (Grandmother?) Quetzalia (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: fo_london001.jpg   370x773 65567 bytes 2002.05.07

Doh. I forgot to put in the 'Congrats for +1000 hits' in, but I think that's all right. London is (c) '02 the very talented artist known as Tox and art is (c) '02 Yoshiko. Go see Tox's art here...

Image: sive003.jpg   532x459 46583 bytes 2002.05.02

A picture of Siv'e I did for Bri because she drew me a very cute picture of Sd Ihan. ^^ I'm really satisfied with the results of this picture. Siv'e (c) '02 Yoshiko

Image: aria001.jpg   458x547 89192 bytes 2002.04.28

Quickie sketch of Aria. It looks a lot better in real life. Aria (c) '02 Yoshiko

Image: fo-murasaki001.jpg   415x785 44972 bytes 2002.04.21

My half of an art exchange with Woozle. Hope she likes this. (Yeah, I know it's pretty bad.) Nameless char (c) '02 Woozle13, Image (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: yoshiko012.jpg   571x853 158784 bytes 2002.04.21

Yoshiko's newer priestess form, (or an idea at least). I won't get rid of the original Mizu no Miko since many people seem to like her. She'll either become another form of Yoshi, or some separate character. Yoshiko (c) '02 Yoshiko.

Image: elrean001f.jpg   511x892 130011 bytes 2002.04.12

A picture of Elrean drawn for Oni, whom I am much in debt to for her friendliness and help. ^^ Elrean (c) '02 Oni, Art (c) '02 Yoshiko

Image: yoshiko09a.jpg   402x749 47373 bytes 2002.04.02

Photoshop redo of yoshiko09.jpg (can be seen at my Side7 account) Notice that in each picture of Yoshi I do her hairstyle is different. o.O;; This was drawn a couple months back so it's not that great. Yoshiko (c) '02 Yoshiko. Imagine that.

Image: aucide002b.jpg   615x886 99948 bytes 2002.03.26

Aucide, redone in Photoshop. ^^ I'll probably be doing a lot more Photoshop pictures now that I can actually use it... Image (c) '02 Yoshiko

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