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Image: Me'likk.jpg   610x521 58781 bytes 2004.09.06

This is Me'Likk, my current D&D character. Oh, yeah. It's gonna be quite the campaign. Five Furries from across America and Canada playing over AIM, using the Honor system for their rolls and character sheets. It's gonna be great.\r\n\r\n Me'Likk is a Kobold Bard with wings. For anyone who knows what I'm talking about, her Dex stat is 26 at level 1. She has weapon finesse. Let that sink in.

Image: Mykell_Kickin.jpg   987x680 92149 bytes 2004.09.07

Mykell delivering a forward thrust kick. Randomly drawn for no reason, so I hope my friend likes it.\r\n\r\nMykell C. His Player

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