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Image: ApisBull_Cool_Color.jpg   400x518 35441 bytes 2002.10.17

"Apis Bull of Mempis" (Cool Color Version) B.\r\n\r\nThis was actually my 2nd version.\r\n\r\nThe Apis Bull of Memphis was believed to be the reincarnation of the god "Ptah"; and in some Eras, believed to be the reincarnation of "Osirus".\r\n\r\n(By the way, I don't worship idols, I just like to draw and read about 'em. So, don't be a party pooper!)

Image: ApisBull_Warm_Color.jpg   425x550 40038 bytes 2002.10.21

Apis Bull of Memphis (Original Vison Version in Warm Colors)\r\n\r\nActually, the Apis Bull is supposed to have an Eagle on it's back, (according to some descriptions) yet it didn't quite fit in the pic, and I made the horns more like the Mid Western American Steers. The Bulls in Egypt actually have horns that curv upwards and round.

Image: Astra_Color_E.jpg   550x758 148199 bytes 2004.02.25

I thought I'd clean this up. So, here's a cropped and cleaned version of my Art Trade for Astra.\r\n******\r\n\r\nHand Colored Trade with Astra, for Astra, of her dragon (Astra). All rights of Astra Reserved, and are prperty of Astra. \r\n\r\nMixed Media: \r\nColor Erase Pencils: "Ticonderoga", "Sanford" (Premium brand) \r\nInk \r\nErasers \r\nPaint: Acrylic white, water, Red Sabel Brush \r\n

Image: Astra_Color_HW.jpg   500x460 73276 bytes 2004.02.25

A closer scan of astra's head.

Image: BackSideofGriffR.jpg   850x550 105845 bytes 2004.07.07

I've sold many of these at Anthrocon and online. I'm reposting this picture in a larger size so it can be seen in better details.

Image: Capricorn_Pastel.jpg   648x887 191990 bytes 2005.09.09

Colored on Gray Pastel paper with markers & pastels.\r\n\r\nDone for a Portfolio for Swandog. ^_^\r\n\r\nIt's the god Capricorn.

Image: CDrag_Smot.jpg   502x772 82966 bytes 2004.06.25

Blue Dragon\r\n\r\nIn Chinese this is called a:\r\n"Lan Long" (Blue Dragon)\r\n\r\nI actually drew this one for a friend, for a webpage. I don't know how that's going w/her... but, i hope it's all well & good.\r\n\r\nAnyways, It's originally drawn in Red sanford Color Erase pencils.\r\n\r\nBut, I scanned it, then colored it in Adobe Photoshop.

Image: CloseupTigress.jpg   454x500 102394 bytes 2004.07.07

A Close up of an old version of this Tigress. \r\n\r\nNote: She has the Chinese word "Wang" which means "King" on her head. All tigers have this word on their heads. It's also my married name.

Image: Commission__Colin_Catherson.jpg   550x675 78175 bytes 2004.08.13

Color Version\r\n\r\nArt Black UniGryphon 2004, Colin property of M. Carpenter.\r\n\r\nThis was a commission for M. Carpenter. The Horse's name is "Colin Catherson".\r\n\r\nThis peice was done in Color Erase Pencils, some ink too.

Image: Consoling_My_Brother_RinbowUni_by_BlackUniGryphon.jpg   797x550 101056 bytes 2005.07.18

"Consoling My Brother"\r\n\r\nDone with color pencils, and a special Multi color Pencil.

Image: Cover.jpg   440x600 88927 bytes 2002.09.29

Cover I did for a Fairy Tale book which has Eastern & Western stories in China/Chinese as a favour to my mother-in-law

Image: CoverLower.jpg   595x473 88744 bytes 2002.09.29

Sun Wukong The Monkey King VS a Hulijing (Type of "Yaoguai" or Vixen Demon)

Image: CoverUpper.jpg   558x348 61259 bytes 2002.09.29

Look! Puss in Boots! Big Bad Wolf! ...and a frog?

Image: DA_Figure_2_Done.jpg   909x550 116307 bytes 2004.10.22

Figure 2 of 3, Colored\r\n\r\nThe Soccer Gryphon Commission.\r\n\r\nDone for a Soccer Team's Bus, to be printed on their team's Bus.\r\n\r\nHand Drawn. (Graphite & Color Erase Pencils)\r\nDigitally Colored (Adobe Photoshop)\r\n\r\nStarted in July. Finished in October.

Image: DA_Griff1_Color_NBall_Fin.jpg   550x638 94919 bytes 2004.10.22

Figure 1 of 3, Revised: The New Ball Version.\r\n\r\nThe Soccer Gryphon Commission.\r\n\r\nDone for a Soccer Team's Bus, to be printed on their team's Bus.\r\n\r\nHand Drawn. (Graphite & Color Erase Pencils)\r\nDigitally Colored (Adobe Photoshop)\r\n\r\nStarted in July. Finished in October.

Image: DujiaoLaohu.jpg   582x537 47377 bytes 2002.10.21

Chinese Unicorn: "Dujiao Laohu" (The Unicorn Tiger)\r\n\r\nIn Chinese Mythology there are several types of Unicorns, and here is one of them.\r\n\r\nI wouldn't considder this illustration to be a "Sketch" because it looks finished just like this.

Image: Figure_3_Color.jpg   749x550 111600 bytes 2005.01.20

Soccer Gryphon 3 of 3\r\n\r\nfor a Bus Commission... soon to be finnished printing on a bus, very soon.

Image: FishyBoner_Dragon_Art_Trade_by_BlackUniGryphon.jpg   500x679 74131 bytes 2005.01.20

An Art Trade Done for a Friend: FishyBoner.

Image: FlyingPandaGlider.jpg   500x569 78517 bytes 2004.07.07

This is my Flying Panda. Version A.

Image: FlyingPandaGliderBlau.jpg   500x569 82977 bytes 2004.07.07

This is my Flying Panda Version B. Blue

Image: FlyingTigerColor.jpg   708x500 55605 bytes 2003.02.18

Color Version of "Flying Tiger". \r\n\r\nOriginal sketch is done in red Color Erase Pancil. \r\n\r\nScanned into Photo Shop.\r\n\r\nColors are Complimentary and show a blending of warm and cool colors.

Image: Goally_Gryphon_Color.jpg   781x558 129252 bytes 2005.07.18

Commissioned Artwork of Gryphon Goally done in Mixed Media: pastel, Color Pencils, ink, and Graphic Markers, for Gryphons Soccer Team.

Image: Griff_Figure01_CWeb.jpg   707x800 127803 bytes 2004.10.06

Soccer Gryphon Figure 1 of 3\r\nPart of a Commission for a Soccer Team in California to be Printed on 1 side of the Team's Bus.\r\n\r\nThis is my orginal version of it with the Original Ball. It will be edditted with a new prop/ball later in a revised version.\r\n\r\nThe white background was thought to better suit the figure, and any ideas for a Background went out the window.

Image: Griff_Figure01Head_Dun.jpg   783x800 152245 bytes 2004.10.06

Head of the Soccer Gryphon.\r\n\r\nIf you like this drawing, you can look at my Preproduction scans of thumbnails, for developements, and works in Progress, as well as the coloring in Progress, and Color Mock-ups, for the Bus design in my Scraps Gallery within my Deviant Art "Scraps" gallery:\r\n\r\n

Image: Huli_Jing01.jpg   550x850 75574 bytes 2004.07.07

This is my Chinese Vixen Demon (Fox). They are called "Huli Jing" and are a kind of "Yao guai". The most common ones in Chinese fairytails are the 9 tails vixens. When I read "Journey to the West" these were the most offen fought demons of the Monkey King.

Image: HuliJing02.jpg   850x550 85325 bytes 2004.07.07

\r\nThe most common type of "Yao guai" (Demon/Imp/Moster/Spector)stories in Chinese Mythology are the "Huli jing". \r\nHulijing are Foxes (Vixens) and in most stories about the Hulijing involve it changing into a beautiful woman, and seducing a powerful or Rich Man, and on the night of the marriage she will eat him or suck his blood. In other stories, the Hulijing will hunger for Virgin Males, particularly Monks. \r\n\r\nThe background is an actual painting I made for an animation, but I reused it for this illustration.\r\n\r\nThe vixen was sketched in pencils, and the coloring was doen in Adobe Photoshop.

Image: HuliJing03.jpg   850x550 75425 bytes 2004.07.07

"Yao guai" are the most common charecters in Chinese Mythology. A "Yao guai" is usually a kind of Imp or Demon which was an animal that had sucked the spirits and essence from the stars, Moon, Earth, Heaven, Etc. and Learned "The Way". (Dao)\r\n\r\nYaoguai are also kinds of ghosts and spectors, or even Zombies and Monsters. \r\n\r\nAll Yaoguai have an appetite for human flesh, or blood. \r\n\r\nThe most common type of Yaoguai in most stories are the Vixens and 9-Tailed Vixens (Female foxes) which are called "Huli jing". In most of these stories, the Hulijing changes her body into a human woman and seduces a virgin Male, usually a rich or powerful person or sometimes a Monk, and on the wedding night she will eat him.

Image: Kategod.jpg   500x666 109670 bytes 2004.02.25

An Art trade done for Kategod. This is the Color Version.\r\n\r\nIt's colored with Color Erase Pencils. It took about 3 days to color, and many long hours.\r\n\r\nCharecter rights are the property of Kategod.

Image: Kategod_Kopf.jpg   500x474 85279 bytes 2004.02.25

Kategod's head. Close-up shot/scan of Kategod's head.

Image: Kloaked01.jpg   850x550 83550 bytes 2004.07.07

This is a really old one.\r\n\r\nThis is my She-Wolf. Well, she's more of my inner wolf-dog. I hadn't realized that I didn't post this on VCL, so here she is.

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