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Image: andro.jpg   120x216 5784 bytes 2001.11.04

Image: Fairie.jpg   234x311 5766 bytes 2001.11.04

this was done for Kate Botello ( a host on the satellite station TechTV ) but she never replied : ( hey i got more pieces to sell :-D

Image: Go_rilla.jpg   142x216 5624 bytes 2001.11.04

This is my other Monkey/robot thing the other one is Andro

Image: misceman.jpg   216x318 6352 bytes 2001.11.04

this is made for some guy who runs a metal shop he's my super android robot thingamajig

Image: sergeant_squirrel2.JPG   896x592 39325 bytes 2001.11.05

Look Its a Squirell in uniform General A. Nutball reporting for dutey

Image: Snuffulifugis2.JPG   896x592 43997 bytes 2001.11.06

ITS SNUFFULUFAGIS, On crack, Deranged, Mutalated, Kick off of sesame street, and reverted into my own style, And he's smokin a doobie

Image: spinmast.JPG   896x592 54244 bytes 2001.11.06

this isnt the greatest pic but it gives u a slight feel for the character, Im not all that pleesed with him but i like that fact that the wheel on his stomach SPINS its fun fun fun, and his mout cah hold stuff :)

Image: StraightJACK.JPG   896x592 52562 bytes 2001.11.06

he's got a metal straight jacket out of angel iron. thats gotta suck. and god is he under stress, JUST LOOK AT HIS EYE

Image: thunk.JPG   896x592 58674 bytes 2001.11.04

yeah youll notice that some of the pieces that contain metal stands have a little outlet in the bottom thats cause of the lack of an editing tool ( i lost the disk after my computer got fried) so i cant get rid of it ( YET ! )

Image: VioTronic1.JPG   896x592 41147 bytes 2001.11.05

This is inspired by the Comic book character, from Spawn, Violater. Sept alot more colorful and alot more spikey

Image: WTCdebri.jpg   169x288 9750 bytes 2001.11.04

this is my ode to the firemen and police men who have risked their lives for our country and have helped remove the debri from the twin towers disaster \r\nSeee he's holding the rubble

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