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Image: otterseas.jpg   464x691 125193 bytes 2005.04.27

A Sea Otter, I suppose, although otters don't have ears, do they? Stormy night...blahblah, you have eyes. \r\n\r\nDone in pencil, fineliner, and Derwent Watercolours [thought they weren't watered, as such]. I liked it - one of my very few full page pictures, with background and all.

Image: eve.jpg   161x500 17122 bytes 2005.04.27

A cat-girl [yes, girl. Try not to be too shocked]. Done in pencil and fineliner, didn't scan nor clean-up very well.\r\n\r\nHer name comes from her tail-tuft's vague resemblance to a fig leaf [you know, bible, garden of eden, leaf clothes? Yeah].

Image: shirtoff.jpg   326x690 49618 bytes 2005.04.27

A cat furry taking off his doggy lovers shirt [singlet, I suppose]. Done in pencils of various densities, fineliners of various thicknesses, and Faber Castel connector-pens [markers/texts].

Image: wrapcuddle.jpg   285x724 47783 bytes 2005.04.27

Two cat furries cuddling, tails wrapped. Done in 4H pencil, 0.2 fineliner, and Australian Homestead Pencils [like, they cost $2 or something].

Image: 2finalbw.jpg   559x1072 111868 bytes 2005.04.23

This is the second "page" of my little comic. Done in various thicknesses of fineliner. Oh and all my images are edited and cleaned in PainShop Pro 7 [sometimes 9]. I have to check the rules, but if I can, I'll put up the coloured version of this soon. \r\n\r\nAll images and characters copyright to Zacharias Aingeal.

Image: 1striplarge.jpg   559x1040 98811 bytes 2005.04.22

Fineliner 2.0 again. This comic has also been done - digitally - in colour, but it looks horrid. Uhm...the idea for this came to me randomly, but the images came from my hands fairly easily so I thought, why not. More to come.\r\n\r\nAll images and characters copyright to me.

Image: balls1.jpg   281x546 32889 bytes 2005.04.21

A lion furry having fun with himself. Drawn with pencil, traced with fineliner [0.2] and coloured with texta [or marker]. It's my first texta colouring, so its kind of... off.

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