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Image: Danni1.JPG   400x646 48574 bytes 2002.01.30

01/29/02\r\nmy first pic ive uploaded and it is for a friend Danni Davi. i hope she likes it. i might color it....(cant color....dont really know how to) but ontill then i'll be fine.i don't know who she'll use it for and i have not come up with a name...Danni Davi is © her player/creator.

Image: TailsBW.JPG   400x586 93275 bytes 2002.01.30

01/01/02\r\nYes i know know what the date is and it is Tails from sonic the heddgehog.....when i drew this pic i was in a bad mood but i liked how it turned out. Miles "Tails" Prower ©SEGA/ also i RP as him.

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