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Image: Cynder_-_Zha_style_colour.jpg   1271x916 289851 bytes 2009.09.30

Cynder - Zha's style

I decided to draw Cynder the dragoness (from the game The legend of Spyro: a new beginning) but in my style.\r\nShe now looks more like a proper dragon, not some stick-thin waisted twig-winged, big-butted breakable looking creature, lol.\r\nI think she turned out pretty hardcore in my style of drawing dragons.\r\n\r\nCynder (c) Krome Studios\r\nArt (c) Zha'krisstol

Tags: Cynder dragoness Spyro  
Image: Delusional_Despair_colour_mark.jpg   1310x927 542365 bytes 2009.07.12

Delusional Despair

Halucinogenically inspired (i was making incense - frankensense, dragon's blood & gum arabic, and filled the room with a trippy smoke, lol.)\r\nDon't ask. I don't think there's a hidden meaning, there were certainly no intentions here. It's just what i drew and that's just the name i gave it.\r\nDone in: polychromo pencils, fineliner pens, metallic markers, neon pencils, metallic pencils & brush markers.\r\n\r\n"Delusional Despair" 01/06/2009 Copyright Sarah Collins "Zha'Krisstol" All Rights Reserved.\r\nDo not copy or redistribute any part of this image or character(s) without prior consent from the artist.

Tags: surreal creatures weirdness tentacles snakes water  
Image: Kalessin_the_Eldest_colour_mark.jpg   1301x923 428418 bytes 2009.09.30

Kalessin the Eldest

I have just finished re-reading (again) Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea quartet and i was inspired to draw one of the dragon characters - Kalessin the Eldest. This is my interpretation of the dragon kind in these novels.\r\nWhoo for lots of scale detail.\r\nI think he turned out wonderfully.\r\n\r\nKalessin the Eldest & Earthsea quartet novels are (c) Ursula Le Guin\r\nArt (c) Zha'krisstol

Tags: Kalessin dragon Earthsea  

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