Morning Glory

The sun dappled gently through the large French-windows and the birds twittered softly in the trees as Zippo slumbered peacefully in his room – his head full of sweet, innocent dreams. He turned over and stirred slightly in his sleep as the door to the room opened and a large purple and green Doberman slipped inside. The dog clicked the door closed behind him audibly, but Zippo was a deep sleeper and it would take far more to wake him from his sopor.

The dog moved silently across the room and dropped the few items he had brought with him on the floor next to the bed. He then proceeded to fetch a few more things from around the room and too placed them next to the sleeping cat’s bed. He sat on the bed next to the feline and stroked his ears gently, exacerbating an unconscious ‘purrrrr’ form the cat, but knowing that it was not enough to wake him.

“Muuum, your going to have fun this morning kitty”, he said letting go of Zippo’s ear, “It’s just you don’t know it yet!”

He reached down and lifted the blanket covering Zippo’s middle and said: “Well well, got quite the Morning Glory haven’t we kitty. Remember you once told me you weren’t randy in the morning? Well it seems you are, doesn’t it. You will pay for laying to me.”

He took the cover and pulls them off the sleeping cat, exposing his naked sleeping body. Then the dog took a coil of rope from the floor and moved around the bed towards Zippo’s feet. He carefully moved the cat’s legs together and began to wrap his ankles in the soft rope. He worked gently but tightly and once he had neatly looped Zippo’s legs several times he brought the rope between them and clinched down the bond – creating a very tight tie, yet keeping the cat asleep. Once he had finished with the ankles he moved up the sleeping feline to bind above and below his legs in the same fashion – tightly pulling them together with the cotton ropes.

From there the big dog climbed up onto the bed and moved up to lie beside the cat, who was lying on his back. He took the cat’s paws and brought them up to rest on his chest. He placed each of Zippo’s paws within a black leather mitt, which kept his paws in a fist and prevented him from fiddling with anything or using his paws at all. Then these mitts were locked together and to a D-ring in the front of Zippo’s collar – which he always wore. This kept his paws close to his neck and together – perpetually in a begging position.

Suddenly the tiger stirred, trying to paw at his face but unable to because of his bonds – he did not wake however, much to the canine’s relief.

The big dog then fetched a simple leather belt form the pile of toys. He moved back over to the cat and prods him in the side with his paw trying to move I’m over – Zippo does not respond. Giving up with the subtle approach quickly he simply got onto the bed and heaved the cat over until he is laying on his front.

Zippo then began to stir seriously, starting to wake up. However before he had the chance, the dog has stood up, raised the belt and brought it down across Zippo’s exposed buttocks with a loud ‘crack’.

AHHHHHHHGGGGGUUUU!!!” Zippo suddenly cried in agony, immediately awakened from his sleep.

He looked around to see the dog, his lover, just in time to catch another blow landing.

AHHHHHH!”, he howled for a second time, “Cai! What the fuck!

Zippo struggles, realising he is bound. He squirms and wriggles, testing his binds, but they hold fast and he realises he is trapped to the torments of his mate.

Cai, please, what’s happening, why are you hitting m.... AHHHHUUU!

He pulls at the locks restraining his paws and realises they are mitted and locked to his collar, making him look pathetic as well as constricting him.

Darling, please, please stop, it hurts... AHHUUGGGGG!” he says, almost on the brink of tears.

The next blow lands, and then the next and the next – each exacerbating the same horrible cry from the bound cat.

Ca... UUUUGGGGH!” he finally gives up trying to speak as the blows continue to hit him, one after another impacting on his delicate flesh.

Good morning Zippo!”, Cai chirped as he continued to beat his mate relentlessly with the belt, “Remember you said you had problems getting up in the morning? Well I’m going to solve them for you!

The tanning continued and Zippo’s butt began to turn and increasingly dark shade of red as the hard leather bit into his soft fur. Unable to take it any longer the big cat began to cry as his eyes flushed with water from the pain.


The belt fell silent but Zippo continued to wail and cry, his shouts filling the silent morning ambiance. Cai dropped the belt and got on to the bed. He ran his paws over the bound tiger’s now very sensitive and bright red butt and kissed it softly and tenderly.

Shush, shush”, he says comfortingly as if consoling a small cub, “its ok, it’s over now – the nasty belt is all gone

Zippo continued crying, his mate’s attention to his rear actually causing him more pain as his butt is caressed: “Why? Why? Wha... what have I done? Why were you hitting me? Why am I bound?

I don’t think you are in any position to ask those questions, just take it like the bitch you are Zippo – or should I say pet Zippo!

He struggles and writhes in his bonds in anger: “You bastard, you just untie me and I’ll show you a thing or two about being a pet.

Now why would I do that, you can show me plenty about being a pet while you’re all tied up nice and tight! And I don’t think I want any more discussion on the topic.

He brings out two new items from the pile, the first and most striking is dangled in front of Zippo’s eyes as he lays face down on the bed – it was a cock gag. And not just any cock gag, it was about the width of a normal canine penis, complete with a very wide knot – however it was only 4 inches or so long to prevent chocking the user. It was made of an ultra firm rubber and apart from the length and taste of rubber, it was indistinguishable from the real thing.

Cai took the gag away from Zippo’s sight and mounted the cat, straddling his upper back and facing the same way. He was naked and his shaft was standing proud and already dripping pre form the excitement of the belting. The dog took the gag and wiped it on the end of his cock, covering it in his pre – Zippo felt hot globules of canine pre dribble onto his back as they dripped over and off the rubber phallus.

Just helping you remember that it’s me doing this, you won’t be able to see me, so taste will have to do” Cai said cryptically as he took the, now slimy, gag in his paws and said: “Open wide!

Zippo clamped his jaw closed, as was the natural way to deny and object into ones mouth, however Cai had other plans and reaching back he gave the cat a light slap on his now crimsoned ass.

AHHHHH!” screamed the tiger as a sudden wave of pain hit his constricted body – his mouth opening subconsciously.

Cai ceased the opportunity and rammed the phallus into the cat’s muzzle, forcing the knot past his teeth and buckling the strap behind his head. The gag was now in and there was nothing Zippo, no matter how hard he hollered, could do about it. He was stuck with the large cock in his mouth, the knot keeping him unintelligible and quiet if not silent, and the sweet tasting pre of his lover only confusing , and exiting, him.

Cai sat back, happy with his work, and fetched his second item saying: “And along with no talking, I don’t think my little pet really needs sight either – I will permit you hearing and feel, for now.

Fittingly, Zippo did not see the second item coming, only heard and felt the tight latex snap around his head.  The black latex hood was made of thick rubber and had no eye or mouth holes, only a very small aperture on the end of the muzzle to allow the noise to breath and prevented the wearer from suffocating. It did however completely block out all sight and all light – night or day, only Zippo’s patchy memory could tell him which it was now.

The cat experimented with his new situation, trying to speak and move his head around – he only found darkness and mutability as the dog had promised. However, he did find that with every passing moment his sense of feel was doubling and his anticipation was tripling. He felt every little shift the dog made on his back, the brushing of the canine’s tail angst his still burning butt and every affection of the dog’s soft paws on his fluffy ears.

Suddenly the dog shifted, moving off Zippo’s back and further down the bed. Zippo could trace his movement by the trail of pre his, still evidently rock hard, cock left on the cats fur. He felt the sticky trail move down his back  and over his hot ass. Then again suddenly and without any warning his butt was assaulted by a savagely cold sensation that conflicted painfully with the glowing heat it was still giving off.

Cai’s paws came down on Zippo’s ass to rub the cold jell around Zippo’s ass and into his burning fur.

This should help some of the burning sensation”, he said kindly as he worked, “and ease entry” he said not so kindly and with a snigger.

He kept working the jell in and it did begin to take some of the heat from Zippo’s rear, soothing the rawness as it went and just as the pain was beginning to feel bearable the dog stopped rubbing the jell in and focused more and directing a worryingly large amount of it towards Zippo’s tailhole – the coldness causing him to squirm and moan.

He then sat back on his knees (and on top of Zippo’s legs) and began to rub a generous about of the jell into his own hot shaft. He took particular delight in the flamboyance of his self pleasuring and preparation; knowing full-well that the cat could not see it, but feeling it was implied and required anyway. Once Cai had coated his proud shaft in the clear lubricant he began to rub his slicked cock on the tiger’s buttocks, enthralled by the sensuous contact of the two lubbed-up body parts frotting and rubbing against each other.

Zippo for his part was too, almost, enjoying the sensation in his rear, the cold jelly substance soothing his sore backside. He was however keenly aware that this situation was only going one way with Cai in control, and it was going to get worse before it got better. He groaned through his cock-gag and convinced himself that it was going to be ok, but he didn’t quite trust himself – never mind his frenetic partner.

Does that feel good pet, is that cooling nice, does it sooth your burning butt.

Zippo only ‘humphed’ and grunted trying to show his disapproval of the situation.

Cai tired of his frotting and decided to move on to the show proper, however not before taking the time to tease his new pet.

Well, it doesn’t matter, because your butt it’s going to feel like it’s on fire when I’m through with you!”, he leaned close to Zippo’s head, rubbing his cock up and down the cleft of the tiger’s ass as he did, “I’m going to ram this into you without mercy, I’m going to stretch that tight morning ass of yours, I’m going to fuck you to within an inch of your life!

Zippo let out a long, hoarse wine from behind his gag, the latex muffling it, but still allowing Cai to hear it.

Ohh, you don’t want this? I find that hard to believe, you are begging for it – in the way you act, the way you conduct yourself and the way you lead your life – and...”, the dog reaches under the tiger and grasps the feline’s own rock hard shaft, “... by the looks of it you want this more than anything, so shut the fuck up and stop complaining or you will suffer!

The warning was stark but Zippo ignored it, moaning and thrashing in his bonds more than ever, infuriated and embarrassed by his own arousal being brought into this. Cai ignored this, sitting on his lover’s legs and pinning him down, he took hold of his own slicked shaft and placed it against the rose of Zippo’s anus. Due to the way the tiger was bound and lying, his buttocks were hugged around the dogs cock even before he had been penetrated – Cai had planned this, he had always wanted to try a straight legged fucking!

Cai began to push his cock, very slowly, into the tiger – its lubricated head beginning to open Zippo’s tailhole up – stretching it oh so slowly. Zippo’s breathing quickened as his heart thumped in his chest.

Muuuummuuu! MUUUMMUUU!” Zippo mumbled past the cock in his muzzle as the cock in his ass continued to penetrate him further and further.

The dog continued to push in and after only a few long minuets the head of his cock slipped into the tiger’s rear with a small ‘pop’.

“Muuuuum! Muuuuhh!” Zippo protested through his gag as Cai stopped dead, with only the head of his ample furhood logged in the tiger’s tailhole.

What’s that tigey, you want fucked?

Nuu! Nuu!! Nuu!!!

Well ok then, if you insist!” Cai said with gleeful malice.

He seized his cock and penetrated the tiger a further inch, he then pulled out and penetrated the same inch again – he did this again and again gently and very shallowly fucking the tiger. This was not providing any pleasure for Cai but it did succeed in tormenting Zippo.

Nuu, pleeese! Juss do eit, fuk mi! Fuk mi!” said Zippo desperately, his desire becoming clear for the first time.

Cai did not respond he only laughed slightly as he grasped his cock once more and gently but swiftly slid the entirety its copious length into the backside of the struggling feline. Zippo felt the dog hilt within his ass, he felt the head of the canine cock rub vigorously against his swollen prostate. He thrashed about more and more in his bonds, not sure he what he was trying to achieve. He wanted to be fucked, to feel his mate cum within him - but he wanted to be free more – it was too early for this shit!

Cai withdrew, almost fully, before ramming his cock back into his captive with great force. Again he did this and again - each time Zippo murmuring a small whimper though the gag in his mouth as he was roughly fucked. The dog began slowly, each thrust forceful but slow.

Once tiring of this he leaned over the cat’s back – gaining a better angle of attack, and then began to thrust more quickly, his cock thrusting in and out of the tiger’s slick anus.

Ohh this is so good, you’re so good!” he said almost forgetting he was involved in a rape – over whelmed by feelings of love and passion for his mate.

The fucking went on, Cai beginning to pant from his exertions and Zippo continuing to moan softly through the gag.

Ohh I love you so much, this feels sooooo good!” Cai gasped, lost in his emotions. Zippo responded with the same gentle groaning though now it seemed more a moan of pleasure rather than pain.

The two lovers continued their congress, the canine speeding up his thrusts while the feline for the first time responded physically – bucking his hips backwards to the extent his situation permitted.  

I can’t hold out for much longer Zippo, I’m going to cum, we have to knot!

Cai ceased his thrusting motion and hilted himself in the tiger to just before his knot, which was now swollen and at full size. He pushed forwards with gentle but firm pressure, trying to force his large knot into his mate.  Zippo responded by pushing his hips forwards against the bed again, trying to escape having his butt stretched anymore.

Nuu! Nuu noot, nu knoot!” he howled as best he could.

Cai paid no heed to these wishes and continued putting more and more pressure on his mate’s tailhole. Zippo’s bottom stretched and stretched until eventually....


...Cai’s knot slid into him. Zippo’s tailhole retightened around the base of the dog’s shaft and they were now locked together - intertwined, as only loves can be. Zippo relaxed his hips again, realising they had gone beyond the point of no return.

Ohh him close love, I don’t think I can control myself. I’m, I’m, going to cum!

Cai began where he had left off, uncontrollably thrusting into Zippo’s ass. Now, however, he could not withdraw his cock at all and was confined to grinding his hips against Zippo’s bottom – the two fur’s balls slapping in to each other in the commotion.

Cai’s knot pulled at Zippo’s anus with every thrust, though the tugs were not nearly strong enough to pull the monster bulge in the canines cock out – they only succeeded in putting further pressure on Zippo’s prostate as the cock moved around inside of him.

This is it mate... err... pet, this is it!

Cai came. Spraying his hot seed deep into the belly of his lover.

I love you Zippo, I love you so much!

The cum continued to issue forth from the canine’s cock filling Zippo’s ass with the warm salty substance. Once Cai had stopped cumming he collapsed onto Zippo’s back, exhausted and still locked within him.

As they recovered together, Cai spoke words post-orgasmic love to his mate: ...pant, pant...That was amazing hun” ...pant, pant... I love you so much” ...pant, pant... “How was it for you?”

He listened for Zippo’s response, forgetting he was gagged and unable to speak.

Oh, sorry hun, let me get that for you...

He leaned forwards and peeled the latex hood off the fatigued tiger’s head. Then undid the strap on the cock-gag. ‘plah!’ Zippo spluttered as he spat the gag out on to the bed, accompanying it with saliva and some of Cai’s pre. He panted, trying to cool down and regain his breath.

Well?” said Cai expectantly.

Pant, pant, pant

Oh hunny, it was wonderful, I loved it... but... did it have to be so early in the morning?” the tiger said belatedly.

Ohh Zippo, you know you asked me to help you get up in the mornings, and I thought that a good belting would do the job well.

Well... it did, but couldn’t you have come up with a softer way? You know what I’m like in the morning.

Yes I do love, and that’s why I want to help you up

That’s not exactly what I meant, and what the hell was the fucking about? Fun though it was

Oh that”, Cai said light heartily, “that was just a bit of fun on my part!

Well...” Zippo struggled to express his feelings, but Cai helped him out “Well if you really feel that hard done by me, why don’t I help you out?

Zippo was not given time to answer. Cai slipped his, now semi-flaccid, knot and cock out of the tiger’s tailhole and got off him. The dog rolled the, still bound, tiger over so he was now lying on his back on the bed, facing up.

This revealed the tiger’s own, rock hard, cock witch flopped and bobbed from side to side as he rolled over.

What are you doing hun?” asked Zippo, half knowing the answer.

Cai moved around to the end of the bed and clambered on to it, moving up over Zippo’s bound legs. He supported himself on his fore-paws, shuffled forwards and stopped when he was over Zippo’s middle.

Without a word he lowered his head and began to lap at the head of Zippo’s penis. He worked his way around the head, coating it in his warm saliva. At the same time one of his paws went to the tiger’s ball sack and began to pay with it teasingly.

Muuurr” Zippo purred in pleasure.

He then began to work his way down and around the shaft if the tiger’s cock with his rough canine tongue, particularly focusing on the sensitive underside. He worked his way down towards the base, where Zippo’s own knot lay, and licked around it eagerly.

Oh god, hun, you’re so good at this. Don’t stop!” the tiger encouraged.

Cai moved from Zippo’s cock to his balls, licking and nuzzling at each in turn. He took both in his mouth and sucked on them softly while is rough tongue continued to stimulate the cat’s ball sack.

He moved back up the shaft slowly, ending up back at the head. The dog took the head of his lover’s cock in his mouth and began to suckle on it gently. Slowly he began to move his head up and down, the tiger’s cock sliding in and out of his mouth.

He began slowly and built gradually but his soft lips and warm maw working over the tiger’s furhood were more than enough to exacerbate yips and yammers of excitement form the aroused feline.

Cai began to work faster and faster the cat’s cock going deeper and deeper, beginning to touch the back of his throat. Zippo started to buck his hips as his arousal rose towards climax. He had been woken up sharply, whipped, fucked in the tailhole and teased to torment; he wanted this bad, he wanted to cum.

Cai moved his head in conjunction with Zippo’s thrusts and began to deep throat the tiger, the cat’s cock sliding in and out of the dog’s maw smoothly and quickly. With every thrust, Zippo’s swollen knot hit Cai’s nose and muzzle – the dog not taking the cat’s cock completely.

Zippo neared climax rapidly, thrusting his hips more and more subconsciously than ever. Wanting, needing to cum. It was still too early in the morning and his butt and tailhole still hurt but if he came it would all be alright.

The tiger’s body began its ejaculatory cycle – his balls pulling tight against his body, his prostate swelling and his cock quivering dribbling more pre than ever. He was going to cum, he needed to cum, it was imminent, he had to.


... something was wrong, something felt wrong – there was no sensation.

He felt a sharp pressure on his perineum.

His whole body was on the edge of climax but his cock was not – his cock was soft?

He was confused his mind was a flush with hormones, endorphins, lust, and love and was still foggy form the early morning waking. He felt something around his semi-flaccid penis; a ring around his furhood, a sharp pressure on the top of his cock, another tight ring sliding past his de-engorged knot, something going over his cock – the click of a padlock.

The pressure in Zippo’s perineum ended as Cai removed his finger and moved away. Zippo’s cock was now free to re-engorge, though free was not the best analogy of his situation – or his cocks.

Cai then untied the tiger, who was too tired and confused to fight back and just lay there. Once he was fully free, Cai moved away towards the door as if to leave. Zippo got off the bed and followed frantically.

Eeeeek!” the tiger howled in pain as his cock and balls we tugged at very forcefully.

He looked down to see a metal contraption around his furhood. The device consisted of a metal ring connected to a metal sheath keeping his cock caged; it also had metal spikes in the top. Its intention was clear – you will not get hard, you will not cum. A chain attached to its lock was securely padlocked to the head of his bed – preventing him from moving too far from it.

He pawed at the device frantically but it was not going to give in and relinquish orgasm to him – his sexual life was now in the hands of his mate.

Get back in bed Zippo, or this key is going to get accidentally lost.

Zippo gave up and obeyed - moving back to his bed, he lay on his back and drew the covers over himself.

Cai opened the door to the tiger’s room, turned and smiled.

Well hun, I’m off back to bed, it’s early. I suggest you get some rest too – in fact I insist upon it!”, he said evilly, I will be back tomorrow morning to milk you! Have a good rest sweetie, you deserve it” he said warmly, before leaving the room and closing the door behind him gently.

Zippo squirmed in his bed and snuggled up to his plushy, a plushy of Cai. He was still confused and still an instant from orgasm , but above all he was frustrated as hell. Butt stinging, tailhole burring, limbs sore and cock twitching he settled down for the long empty day ahead – he was defiantly not a morning cat!

So much for Morning Glory.