The young mare sat uneasily in the stables tugging at the heavy metal shackles in place around her neck, wrists and ankles when a padlocked clicked open and the heavy wooden door in front of her swung open, casting light into the dingy stall.

“Time to inspect the latest catch I think” said a deep masculine voice.

Yes Sir, this one’s a Mare called Dannie.” replied another.

As Dannie’s eyes adjusted to the light, she saw the figure of a tall muscular white tiger standing in the doorway in front of her and behind him an almost equally impressive black Jaguar. As if knowing the question in her mind the tiger replied.

“I’m Rah Zippo but you will call me master. You will be referred to as 'fESS823' or 'female equine sex-slave number 823' and that means a change of cloths.”

Being completely naked apart form her restrains Dannie was not quite sure what the tiger meant until he stepped forward and buckled a tick black leather collar around her neck with the letters “fESS823” engraved on a silver plaque on the front and a tag saying “Dannie” dangling from the front ring. The collar also had three other rings, one on the back and one on each side and after checking its tightness, the tiger locked it in place with a small silver padlock. Confused, Dannie said

“Why me? Why are you doing this?”

“Watch that tongue girl or you’ll be in trouble” replied the tiger sternly.

Clipping a leash to ring on the front of Dannie’s collar the tiger then proceeded to unlock the shackles holding Dannie in the stall and then with a short sharp tug on the leash, he raised her from the floor of her stall, another tug told Dannie she should move forward and she followed him out of the stall.

Having been unconscious when she had arrived Dannie now realised that the stables were only a “rustic section” of a modern and extensive slave facility. As they paced down the corridor, she caught glimpses of signs that read “Arrivals” and “Stables” pointing the way that they had come and signs that read “Playrooms” and “Training” that pointed that way they were heading. She also noticed signs for corridors branching of from the one she was on reading things like “Dormitories”, “Stores” and “Punishment cells/hall”.

As they finally came to a stop out side a door that read, “Playroom A-15 / General Practise”, the Jaguar reappeared and Dannie suddenly noticed how naked she was. Making a vain attempt to cover herself up, the tiger just snorted and lead her into the room. The room was rectangular with large built in cupboards down both sides, a door at that back on each side and a large set of double doors along the very back wall. The floor and walls were lined with some sort of carpet that looked very resilient but was surprisingly soft to touch; Dannie figured it was some sort of padding in case someone fell.

“Assume the position” commanded the tiger imposingly.

Not knowing what to do, Dannie just stared at the tiger blankly until he withdrew a leather whip from his belt and struck her across the face with the butt of it. The shock knocked Dannie to the floor and before she could recover, the tiger was wrestling her into a kneeling position.

“In the presence of you’re betters, unless otherwise instructed, you will all ways assume this position.” said the tiger. “On your knees, feet flat, hands palm up on your thighs, back straight and legs well spread.”

Dannie strained to comply but felt angry that she was expected to know something she had never been taught, still she said nothing.

“That’s better, but you need more practise. Now on your feet.”

Dannie stood up and the tiger unclipped the leash from her collar and neatly folded it away, the burring sensation from the whip had almost subsided and Dannie figured it was the shock more than the impact that had knocked her down.

“Pass me her sheet Mike” said the tiger, the Jaguar passed a clip-board to him, “Lets see, you’ve been here three days and you’ve eaten most of your food, peed twice” - Dannie blushed at the though of someone recording when she went to the bathroom. - “but you haven’t excreted once, you must be bursting.”

Now that she though about it and the adrenaline from the whipping was gone, she realised she was.

“Well this is your lucky day” chirped the tiger hollowly, “the bathroom is the rear-left door and you might want to take a shower too, make sure you get nice and clean, I will be cheeking!” he said with quasi-quirkiness.

Dannie nervously ran to the back of the room and through the left hand door not knowing what to expect, inside she found a large, present bathroom with a toilet, hand basin and open shower. In fact, the only oddity she found in the room at all was a large heavy wooden bench in one corner with a raised centre and panels running along the sides. The whole contraption was covered in cushioned black leather and had straps dangling form every conceivable anchor point. There was also a steel frame, with several anchor points built above the bench. Not knowing its purpose and knowing she probably had limited time until the tiger checked up on her she decided to ignore the bench and spend as much time in the shower as possible. Quickly she emptied her bowels and bladder and then rushed over to the shower, finding the heat that was right for her, she stepped into the shower and let the warm water drench her fur.

After several minuets of soaking, she took some of the soap she had found on the washbasin and proceeded to rub it into every inch of her fur in an attempt to get rid of three days worth of sweat, pee and dirt from the stable floor. Once she was satisfied with her cleanliness and to frightened to keep the tiger waiting any longer she turned the water off and took one of the white towels hanging on a rack by the shower. She dried her long light brown hair first and then the top of her body taking particular care with her large, firm breasts. She was surprised to find her nipples hard, but though nothing of it and continue. Satisfied with her top half she moved on to the bottom, this time paying particular attention to her firm thighs and delicate ass – she had always attracted attention and took pride in her body. She also took the opportunity to make sure her vaginal aria was nice and clean, though this had been made easier by the fact that she had been shaven on arrival at the facility.

Just as she was finishing up the door to the bathroom swung open and the tiger strode in, this time not accompanied by the Jaguar.

“Give me that towel and stand to attention” demanded the tiger.

He held the towel up to his eye line and inspected it closely.

“Hmm, very little dirt at all, very good but do you fallow suit.”

The tiger dropped the towel and moved closer to Dannie, staring her up and down. When satisfied with his inquisition of her front, the tiger began to move around Dannie in a counter-clock wise motion inspecting every part of her body closely.

“Very clean, very good, but there’s still one place we haven’t checked.”

Dannie ran over her cleaning of the past half hour in her head and felt sure she had cleaned everywhere she could. The tiger took a seat on a chair positioned by the shower.

“Stand on my right slave and look towards my left.”

As she did, the tiger reached out and grabbed Dannie pulling her over his knees as if to smack her. With her abdomen over the tigers knees Dannie was acutely aware of his throbbing penis just inches from her sex and with only his uniform separating the two, he was obviously getting a kick out of this.

“Now lets see, what have we here” said the tiger as he spread apart the lips of her labia, to inspect her. “Your vulva is clean, but internally you’re a bit dirty, not bad though, good effort.”

Dannie breathed sight of relief as the tiger finished his inquisition, though oddly he did not relinquish his hold and allow her off his lap.

As Dannie began to struggle, the tiger replied “Ahh but there’s still one place we forgot about!”

Dannie did not know what the tiger meant and was quickly becoming tied of being treated this way.

“Can’t forget about this, can we.” the tiger chirped as he plunged one of his fingers deep into her ass.

Dannie let out a hoarse moan as she felt her inner sanctum invaded by the tiger and she continued to struggle. This time the tiger made no attempt to stop her struggling and took pleasure in wiggling his finger around in her to great effect. As the tiger continued to tease her, Dannie grew increasingly impatient and angry, moaning and whining even more. After several minuets of wiggling, poking and prodding the tiger withdrew his finger and held it up to his eye.

“Oh no, no, no this wont do at all, filthy, just filthy.” said the tiger as he shook his head from side to side.

The tiger lowered his finger to allow Dannie to see it; the entire length of his once gleaming white finger was coated in shit.

Dannie finally snapped, “Well how do you expect me to clean up there” she snarled aggressively.

“I told you to watch that tongue slave, you just crossed the line” replied the tiger, “and that means a punishment for not getting properly clean and a punishment for talking to your betters like that. Usually we use a card system here where the slave picks a card with a punishment on it but in your case I think its better if the punishment fits the crime, and you will be finding out how we clean ‘up there’.”

With that, the tiger wiped his finger on another towel by the shower and then forcefully rolled Dannie of his lap on to the floor. Dannie landed face down on the floor and then the tiger then sat on her upper-back, pining her to the ground. She struggled to throw the tiger off but he was far too heavy for her and she continued to struggle, neighing and kicking her legs in the air. The tiger withdrew an object from a pouch on his belt and held it in front of Dannie so she could see it; the mere sight of it stopped her dead in her tracks. It was a system of black leather straps and silver buckles centred around a very large red rubber ball.

“This is called a ‘trainer gag’” the tiger explained, “and it is used to keep noisy slaves quiet, I think you will find it is very good at its job.”

Dannie stared wide-eyed at the contraption as it dangled in front of her face until the tiger took hold of the ball and began to move it towards her mouth. Dannie panicked and held her jaw shut as tightly as possible, attempting to prevent the ball access. The tiger forced the ball against Dannie’s mouth but she would not give in. Clearly having dealt with this problem a thousand times before, the tiger calmly reached back and gave Dannie a sharp swat on the ass cheek. As Dannie involuntarily opened her mouth to scream, the tiger rammed the ball home and quickly buckled the main strap behind her head, Dannie tried with all her might to push the ball out of her mouth but the tiger had been too quick and now his job was easy. He quickly and efficiently bulked the rest of the straps tightly around her head starting with the two that met at the top of her nose and continued back to the lock in the middle of the main strap. Then with the short one under her chin and finally he locked all the straps in place with several small silver padlocks.

Dannie tried to scream but “MMMHHHFFF!” was all that came out.

She despaired as she realised just how big the ball was. The tiger got off Dannie and lifted her struggling, ‘MMPHNNFFing’ body from the floor.

Holding her close to his mouth, he whispered “and now for the second of you two punishments, I have feeling you will hate this one more!”

He dragged her over to the black bench she had seen earlier.

“This is a ‘whipping bench’ its used to hold furs in an ‘on all fours’ or ‘doggy style’ position so they can be whipped or flogged, but that’s not what this one’s used for.”

The Jaguar reappeared and he and the tiger lifted Dannie onto the bench – the two of them together had no trouble surprising her futile struggling - and proceeded to tightly buckle straps around her ankles, knees, thighs, lower back, upper back, shoulders, elbows, wrists and neck, a chain from the front of the bench was also locked to the front of her gag to keep her head down. By the time they had finished and locked all the straps in place Dannie could do no more than wiggle her toes and fingers, pleased with there work the two stepped back and admired Dannie’s bound form. Moving over to one of the draws in a unit behind Dannie, the tiger rummaged about and withdrew something from a draw Dannie could not see because of the way she was bound facing into the corner. Coming back over to behind Dannie the tiger fiddled about with the object he was holding and the metal rails above the bench. Moving back around to the front of the bench again the tiger lifted Dannie’s head by her hair to the extent her restraints would allow and looked directly into her eyes.

“This is my favourite feature of this particular bench” He said.

He used his other hand to release a latch under the front of the bench and the front legs shot forward half a metre under the weight of the bench (and Dannie) leaving the front of the bench at a significantly lower level to the back. This left Dannie’s ass high in the air compared to her head and left her feeling very venerable.

There was a knock at the door and the tiger turned.

“Come in” he barked and the door swung open.

“You wanted this sir” said the new fur

“Yes, thank you José, it is mine isn’t it?” said the tiger

“Yes sir, I made sure of it, 3 day old” replied the new fur before leaving closing the door behind him.

Still frozen, that wont do, I’m not that mean” said the tiger as her turned on, presumably, the hot tap of the sink basin and lowered what ever he had gotten of the other fur into the sink.

The sound the object made as it softly hit the bottom of the deep porcelain sink made Dannie suspect it was a glass container of some sort, but she still had no idea of what was in it. The tiger strode back over to Dannie and teasingly dangled an object in front of her to see, it was a pretty standard back hot water bottle that was slightly lager than a normal hot water bottle. Dannie looked at it in confusion.

Sensing this, the tiger said “Still don’t know what’s going on? Well let’s throw something else into the mix shall we.”

The tiger took something from the rail above Dannie and held it in front of her, this time it was a length of hose piping with a screwing fixture at one end and a long plastic nozzle at the other. The nozzle was about 5.5” long and had a large rounded head tapering to a tin segment near the base and then flaring out again to form a wide base.

“Still don’t know what’s happening?” the tiger asked Dannie, “well your going to find out!”

Dannie did, after seeing the hose and water bottle, subconsciously have a rough idea of what was happening though some parts still did not make sense and she was to frightened of what she thought was going to happen to fully contemplate it.

“42 degrees, that should do nicely” the tiger said as he withdrew the glass container from the sink, “come and hold the water bottle for me mike”.

The Jaguar moved out of Dannie’s field of view as he went to help the tiger. Dannie was now left looking at a blank wall and all she could do was listen to the trickling sounds as the two big cats prepared whatever they had in store for her.

“That’s all of it…” chirped the tiger, “…thank you Mike”.

The jaguar placed the empty glass container on the sink unit and Dannie heard a ‘click’ as the tiger clipped something to the metal rail above her ass. He then removed the stopper of the water bottle and screwed in the fixture end of the hose in its place. After checking the valve at the base of the nozzle was closed, the tiger refocused his attention on Dannie.

“Pick a number between one and ten” said the tiger, still positioned behind Dannie.

To petrified to answer and gagged as she was, Dannie said nothing and after several moments of silence, the tiger moved round to face her.

“A number between one and ten” the tiger said more slowly and intimidating.

Dannie did not know how she was expected to answer but knew she had to try to avoid further punishment. She tried her best to say ‘four’, but all that came out was an unintelligible ‘MMMFFFNNN’.

Aww that’s unfair…” said the tiger quasi-sympathetically “…and I’m not going to be known for being unfair.”

The tiger dipped into one of the pockets in his belt and withdrew a small black 10 sided die with an ornate silver number engraved on each side, he placed the die on the end of the padded leather strut supporting Dannie’s right forearm, just under her hand. “Roll” he commanded and Dannie, with what little movement her bonds would allow, flicked the die off the bench on to the floor.

“Lucky seven” said the tiger stooping to pick up the die, “well unfortunately for you its not, if you had rolled even the nozzle would have been… shall we say, assisted on its journey with artificial lubricant but you rolled odd.”

Dannie did not understand what he meant but before she had time to think, the tiger unceremoniously rammed the entire length of the nozzle into Dannie’s pussy. It was only five and a half inches long and the widest point (the head) was only two and a half inches making the nozzle smaller than any stallion Dannie had ever taken but the rough and unexpected way it had been inserted made it feel far worse. Dannie squirmed and gritted her teeth (or the gag) against the pain but after several moments, these feelings subsided and Dannie relaxed.

Thinking it was all over she was shocked when the tigers finger ran over her clitoris, a shock wave ran though Dannie and she strained against her bonds. The tiger continued to rub her clitoris and Dannie continued to thrash and moan and strain against her bonds. As Dannie’s sexual excitement rose she began to relax and was even beginning to enjoy her self, the tiger sensed this and with out hesitation extended the claw on his finger. Not for the first time Dannie strained and kicked as the tiger stimulated her. She was surprised to find that instead of hurting her the tiger’s methods were exiting her to a point she had never been before. Dannie felt herself nearing climax and as she was about to go over the tiger stopped dead. Dannie screamed in frustration, and realising her assaults on her restraints was getting her nowhere, she gave up and lowered her head in admission of defeat.

The tiger withdrew the nozzle form Dannie’s sex to find it dripping in her juices.

Ahh natural lubricant” said the tiger as he put the nozzle to his nose and inhaled. “Your lucky you’re not male and rolled odd… remember that” the tiger said as he lowered the nozzle to Dannie’s anus.

Slowly but firmly the tiger pushed the head of the nozzle against Dannie’s anal rose and slowly but surly the nozzle slid into her rear. Dannie had expected this but she had never been interested in anal and the lack of proper lube made the pain even worse.

“Relax!” commanded the tiger.

Dannie tried but the pain was too much and the compulsion to push got the better of her. She strained and strained trying to deny the intruder accesses but she knew in her heart that her attempts were futile. The nozzle continued on its slow journey into her ass until the tiger paused at the widest point, Dannie knew this was just to tease her but that didn’t make the pain recede any. Her ass felt like it was going to split and the pain was getting worse and worse, she was about to go over the edge, she was going to faint. Just at that moment and after what seemed like an eternity the tiger gave the nozzle a final push and it slid into her rectum. Dannie came back form the brink as her sphincter pulled the rest of the nozzle in and the pain began to recede. She found that, due to the slimming of the nozzle after the head, she was unable to push it back out with her mussels alone.

The tiger waited for several moments for her to adjust and then said “Brace your self slave.”

He quickly opened the valve at the base of the nozzle and the liquid began to flow into Dannie’s rear. Simultaneously the jaguar started to count down from ten; he was obviously well practised as the liquid hit Dannie’s anus exactly as he said ten. As the liquid began to flood Dannie’s bowels she tensed again, it felt like acid and because of the way she was position it continued to flow up deep inside her. As the jaguar hit seven a new sensation hit Dannie, she needed to go to the toilet… bad! As more liquid flowed into her this sensation become more and more urgent until she was crying in need to empty her bowels. On the jaguar’s count of two Dannie felt the unknown liquid stop flowing into her but the pressure remained suggesting that not all the liquid had left the bottle. The tiger closed the valve and removed the tubing from the nozzle, making sure not to spill any of the liquid. With the valve closed and the nozzle still in place, Dannie could not expel the liquid even with the hose removed. The tiger let all the residual liquid flow from the hose into the bag and then he removed the tubing.

Walking round in front of Dannie the tiger held the bag up and said “There is still half a quart in here that lets say… wouldn’t fit, now that wont do. Will it.”

Dannie was struggling to understand the tiger due to the discomfort in her bowels and she was totally shocked when the tiger emptied to contents of the bag over her head.

It was urine! The mystery liquid had been urine and form what the tiger had said earlier it seemed it was his, Dannie felt sick. Her head was now covered in piss as well as her ass being filled to the brim with it.

“Ok slave you will now hold that urine in your bowels for ten minuets… for every inch of my finger you got dirty, see you in half an hour” with that he turned and strode out of the bathroom followed by the Jaguar.

Dannie despaired; she had never needed the toilet so badly! And she was stuck like this for 30 minuets! She tried repeatedly to push to nozzle out, but try as she did not a drop of liquid escaped her rectum. Admitting defeat Dannie collapsed into unconsciousness. When she came to she had no idea how much time had passed but she was aware of a new sensation, as the Tiger’s urine travelled further and further up her bowels she began to feel bloated and swollen. With this new sensation, the old one still remaining and unable to faint a second time Dannie simply had to wait for that bastard to return. There is was her fiery streak, that would pull her though she was sure, he would not break her… never.

After what felt like aeons, Dannie heard the door open and the tiger appeared in front of her.

“Enjoy that, did you?” the tiger smirked.

Dannie could not reply or even scowl back at him, but her eyes said it all.

“Is that so, well lets get you off that thing anyway.”

The Jaguar came in and he and the tiger unlocked the straps holding Dannie’s legs, then – oddly – they bulked and locked thick leather cuffs round her ankles. They then unlocked the wrest of the buckles holding Dannie to the bench and lifted her of it and into a standing position, however they left the nozzle lodged in her ass. Dannie felt a strange new sensation as the urine in the upper parts of her bowels flooded back down as far as possible, this felt good but soon put a lot of pressure on her rectum. Taking her over to the open shower the two males laid her on her back on the floor and threaded a long chain hanging from the roof though eye-holes on of the cuffs on her legs. They then pulled the end of the chain upwards, pulling Dannie’s legs towards the ceiling. When Dannie was almost balancing on her shoulders with her legs straight up in the air, the tiger locked the end of the chain to the main length and Dannie was stuck… again.

With the tiger’s urine beginning to flow back up her ass, Dannie pushed again and just as she did so, the tiger pulled the nozzle out of her anus with a loud ‘pop’. Suddenly Dannie felt warm liquid running down her back and she tried to stop pushing but her need to empty her bowels was too great and she let go. Urine ran down her front and back and soaked her fur, because of the way she was positioned much of it ended up in her face. She felt so degraded but she couldn’t stop pushing. Then without warning, the tiger unlocked the chain and Dannie’s feet fell to the floor, he and the jaguar then stood Dannie up and as soon as she was supporting her own weight the tiger suddenly punched her in the stomach. Dannie, stunned, fell to the floor in what was now a puddle of urine and expelled the residual liquid in her bowels, she knew the tiger had only punched her to achieve this but she still hated him for it. While she caught her breath, the tiger simply stood motionless, watching her.

After two minuets or so, in an act of defiance Dannie picked her self up, urine dripping off her saturated fur, and drew level with the tiger as best she could (being at least 2 feet shorter than him).

“Finished have we” he said condescendingly, “Well you appear to be dirty again so put your arms out in front of you, palms up”.

She did not comply immediately and the tiger commanded “Now!” The force in his voice brought back the memories of the past hour and she struggled to comply quickly enough.

She’s already starting to break, excellent, she shouldn’t take more than a few weeks” the tiger thought with smug satisfaction.

The tiger brought out leather cuffs to match the ones still in place around Dannie’s ankles and buckled them tightly around her wrists. The tiger moved Dannie to the side and the jaguar brought out a hose to clean the urine-soaked floor and curiously brought out another he did not use. While the jaguar cleaned the floor the tiger forced Dannie to the floor and threaded a single thick rope through each eyehole in each one of Dannie’s four cuffs, then he tied a double knot in the rope so Dannie’s hands and feet were all drawn together to a single point. The jaguar turned off the hose and the tiger unceremoniously dragged Dannie back over to the open shower (where she had expelled the enema) by the free end of the rope binding her limbs together. When they reached the centre of the shower the tiger trough the rope over a winch and the jaguar caught it and pulled it taught, the tiger joined him and together they pulled Dannie’s arms and legs upwards until her back just cleared the floor. At this point, they tied the rope off to a peg on the wall and Dannie hung there suspended indefinitely. The tiger and the jaguar picked up a hose each and Dannie jumped when she felt two jets of freezing high-pressure water strike her backside.

Dannie squirmed and moaned as she realised the water was stone cold and was beginning to hurt her tender fur. However, the two big cats soon grew tied of teasing her butt and moved on to actually cleaning her. They sprayed every inch of Dannie with the hoses and the high-pressure water even penetrated those areas of her that were concealed by the way she was bound. After five minuets or so, they turned off the hoses and left Dannie to shiver and drip-dry. After a further five minuets the tiger released the rope and let Dannie fall to the floor, there she lay splayed and panting, to tied to fight her bonds. The tiger untied the rope binding Dannie and lifted her to her feet, carrying her over to a glass box (that looked like a small shower cubical) build into the storage section of the bathroom, he placed Dannie in it and closed the glass door. Dannie, still exhausted and just able to stand, heard a faint beep and suddenly the atmosphere inside the box became extremely hot but not humid at all. Several seconds later, the heat suddenly stopped and the atmosphere was normal again. Two beeps sounded and the door opened, the tiger beckoned and Dannie stepped out suddenly realising she was bone dry.

“Ever hearted of an IHI chamber?” asked the tiger “wonderful things, even if they do take some getting used to”.

Dannie had heard of Infra-red Heat Irradiators that are were used to dry furs very quickly but they were very new and very very expensive, the fact this place had them suggested it had a lot of money to splash about. Clipping a leash to her collar the tiger then led Dannie out of the bathroom and back into the main playroom. The jaguar had opened the door opposite the bathroom, on the right of the room, to reveal a collection of cages build into the cupboard. There were two standing cages about 7 feet in height and 2 feet in length and depth and below them there were three crouching cages extending back about 4 feet and only about 1.5 feet in height and width. The cages were obviously used to hold slaves in short term confinement while there masters or mistresses ether prepared a deviation or took a break.

“Ok Dannie I think you need a break to recover your strength, we wouldn’t want you to be tied for tonight’s fun” the tiger said as he unclipped her leash. “Assume the position” he commanded.

Dannie surprised at herself for remembering what to do, sunk to her knees and placed her hands upright on her spread thighs just in front of the ‘confinement cupboard’ as it was marked. The tiger nudged the inside of one of Dannie’s thighs with his boot and commanded “wider!” The tiger put his paw on the back of Dannie’s neck and pushed her head towards the floor.

Put your hands out to the sides” he said and Dannie bend forward even further. “Now, into the cage” the tiger said pointing towards the cage on the left, “You’ll have to keep your arms underneath you; it will be a bit of a squeeze.”

Dannie shuffled forwards and attempted to move into the cage. Just as her head had entered the cage she felt a stinging sensation on her right ass cheek as the tiger smacked her, startled she lifted her head, only to have it collide with the roof of the cage.

“Hurry up, your eating into your rest time” the tiger said irritantly.

Ignoring the dull thud in her head Dannie continued to shuffle into the cage until her head was touching the back of it. Very little light penetrated to were where her head was and she could see very little. The next thing she felt was the tiger pushing her legs and arse further into the cage, causing her body to compress uncomfortably and before she could move them out again the tiger had closed the door of the cage and locked it shut with an audible click.

Withdrawing the key form the lock, he stood up and said “We’ll let you wrest for a wee while and we’ll come back for tonight’s… entertainment lets say. You’ll be fed while in there as diner’s at five and I think you’ll quite enjoy the... delivery method. Until then just try and relax.”

With that, he shut the door to the cupboard and Dannie was plunged in to total darkness, she heard another click as a padlock secured the door place. A hiss of escaping air sounded as the pneumatic main door opened and the tiger turned and said “See you in three hours”, then Dannie heard the hiss again and the sound of bolts locking into place, securing the door beyond compromise. “She could not take 3 hours of this” Dannie though as she shifted to what extent the cage allowed, she was struggling to cope now.

The Jaguar ran to catch up with the tiger as he strode elegantly down the corridor. They weaved expertly though the maze of corridors in the slave facility and continued a presumably previous conversation about power consumption and nomio-space ion propulsion systems. The facility was quiet at this time of day and they only passed a few furs on the way. One was a rather stern looking female weasel who donned a distinctive blue uniform and bowed her head at the two cats at they passed.

The uniform she wore was standard for facility workers and was dark blue with silver stripes on the shoulders indicating rank and a crest on the chest made up of a cane, brand, manacles and ball gag, the words “Servitus est Libertas” sat above the crest and below the translation “Slavery is Freedom” sat. The weasel also wore a knee length blue and black tartan kilt that matched her top, this was standard uniform for non military staff regardless of sex and the tartan dictated the furs division (slave facility, hospital, administration ect).

Another fur they passed was a lizard, a rare sight indeed, being lead down the corridor on a leash by a large female bear wearing the same uniform as the weasel, the lizard was wearing a black rubber sensory deprivation hood, armbinder and hobble chain but was still putting up a hell of a fight. The final fur they passed was a small female wolf who performed a full bow. She was wearing a short white dress, corset and collar with three red stripes. The colour of her collar told the two cats she was a trained domestic service slave, the number of stripes told them her rank (Domestic Servant of the Third Degree) and the colour of the stripes told them that she was under the control of Delta group.

The two cats finally reached an airlock lock like section at the entrance of the facility. It was a large circular room with a heavily reinforced, convex shaped, pneumatic door at each end and a small corvettes compliment of weaponry under computer control and aiming inwards. The door they had just come through slammed pneumatically and bolted into place in a menacing mechanical manner, while the door that the other end remained sealed. A chill ran through each furs back as the room magnetised and then a shrill metallic voice sounded.

Two organic life forms identified and zero mechanical, confirm.

Confirmed.” Barked the tiger seemingly unconcerned with the formality of the situation.

Life forms identified as Niveus Panthera Tigris and Atra Panthera Jagus, Confirm.

Conformed” the tiger said with the same disregard for severity as before.

Please look into the Teledome to confirm identity and rank.” The two cats both looked up at the pulsating red dome in the centre of the roof while it beeped and clicked.

Identity confirmed as RAH Zippostev and FIRST NAVIGATION FUR Mikeloff.

Please sate your clearance code in the form: XY;YK=<D>SU.

Echo Delta semicolon Delta Oscar equals less Zulu greater Alfa Tango stop.” recited the tiger quickly and laboriously.

Tank you organics continue into reception.

The room demagnetised and the door at the opposite end of the room ‘pisssssed’ open and the two furs proceeded to exit the chamber. The room they entered was a cavernous entrance-hall style reception room with desks housing clerks and officials at computer terminals scattered about it.

Can we not speed up those security points, Zip” said Mike. “Nah, fleet say we need them in case the slaves’ revolt and the last time I fiddled with standard fleet equipment against their recommendation the Executor exploded in the dock hanger… and took us out of commission for 2 months” Replied the tiger. “Ah yes, I see your point”.

The tiger stopped at one of the large desks facing them (ones facing the other way were used to gain entry into facility, the ones facing them were used for internal administration and checkout) and waited for the clerk to look up from his computer. When he finally did look up he was startled at the two cats presence.

“Rah, I didn’t realise, Sorry.” said the fur clumsily.

“Don’t worry just do me a favour” said Zippo “There’s a slave in confinement cage 3 in A-15 , I’ll be back for her after dinner but can you get of the block administrators to give her food and water at 5 through the usual method.”

“What level of stimulation do you want Rah?” said the clerk. “Ehh… 3 I think.” Replied Zippo. “Very good sir” said the clerk as he typed something onto his computer.

Zippo and Mike then made there way to the main doors of the facility, which were ironically perpetually open and again had the words ‘Servitus est Libertas’ engraved in strong bold letters over them and the facility crest in the centre. This grand door merely led to a long room of express lift that could take you anywhere on the ship in a matter of minuets, provided you had clearance. Zippo entered a free lift and Mike followed, keying in deck ‘B1: Main Bridge’ and pushing his thumb to the sensor pad, the lift begun to move and Zippo continued his rant about the primary drives.

The lift stopped and the doors opened, Zippo walked into the room, Mike stopped at the entrance to the lift.

“Rah on deck!” Barked Mike.

Everyone in the room stood up and put their left hand up in the air and slightly forward with their fingers splayed and thumbs tucked into their paw, as was the standard solute on the ship. The room was large and had a very high ceiling. It was curved like a half section of a circle and the outside (long side) edge was made entirely of glass. At each end of the bridge was a large door, the one they had come through led to the express lifts and the Officers quarters and the other led to the tactical array, analysis suite and other important rooms.

Along the inside edge of the bridge was a pyramid like structure that housed the helm, navigation, tactical, analysis, sensors, weapons, defence, communications, propulsion, engineering, electrical, fleet, deck and command desks. Each was manned by a head officer and a normal officer and was responsible for a different section of the ship, the commanding officer (Captain) witch was Zippo when he was on duty sat at the command desk and was in overall command of the ship. It was not a true pyramid but more like a completely circular pyramid that had been cut in half and placed against the inside wall. It had steps running up the middle and on each level the various command desks spread out on each side.

“At ease” said Zippo “Report”.

A small male panda stood up and said “Sir, we are currently 3 days and 2 hours form delta-four at present course and speed”.

“What have the primary drives been up to” said Zippo.

A tall female dear with a French accent stood up and said “Sir, the primaries have been fine but the 2, 6 and 8 fusion reactors have been playing up again, the engineering boys say if two of them go, the wrest will trip and the ship will have to cut all deck power to maintain life support and shields”.

Zippo pondered for a second and then replied “Keep it up, if the power fails go to emergency alert and stop the ship.”

The fur nodded and sat back down to her computer terminal.

The tiger looked around and said “I’ll see you all for dinner in the main hall at 5, for now I’ll be in my quarters”.

Dannie shifted again trying to relive some of the tension that her predicament had afforded her, though it was impossible, the cage was simply too small. All she could do was wait for dinner, presumably, someone would take her out of the cage to feed her and that might give her a break. She knew tee was at five but she had no idea what time it was, what planet she was on or even what part of the galaxy she was in. Recalling the events of recent hours, she was surprised to find that, disregarding the trauma, physical abuse and enema she had been rather turned on by the bondage and humiliation. It was a secrete and unpractised fantasy she had long held but the level to witch she had experienced so far at the facility was already too heavy for her. Shifting again, she settled down to wait for dinner.

Zippo entered his quarters, they were large and panoramic. The room was semi-circular (like the bridge) with the half opposite the door made of glass. The ground floor aria was large and empty, the bedding and main recreation arias were on a second level above the entrance and looked on to the ground floor. Underneath where the bedding and recreation was, were doors to access various other rooms such as storage, bathroom, galley and personal slave quarters and playrooms. Zippo went to the raised level, poured a glass of whisky and slumped in a chair. Several minuets later, a bong sounded signalling 5 o’clock and dinnertime but Zippo did not notice as he was still slumped, in drunken sleep, in his chair.

Dannie felt, more than heard, the deep bong as it resonated through the ship, she could only guess this meant 5 o’clock and she was glad that she would be released and fed soon. She was then surprised when she felt a new presence in the cage, a protrusion in front of her head. The protrusion was slowly moving forward towards Dannie’s mouth and due to the tightness of the cage, she could not avoid it. The phallus entered her mouth regardless of her struggles and continued to move forward until almost touching the back of her throat. She struggled to keep from gagging and as she did, a drop of pulpy-gooey liquid trickled down her throat.

After settling down a bit, Dannie gave the metallic penis in her mouth and experimental suck and no liquid flowed, a valve seemed to have shut. Dannie resorted to instinct and started to move her head back and forward fellating the cock, when she sucked while doing this the gooey liquid flowed freely from the dong. The liquid had the consistency of cum but tasted of nothing and Dannie realised it must supply various minerals, vitamins and water necessary to sustain a person for a short period of time. She eventually and grudgingly accepted that this constituted her tee and she was not going to be realised until the tiger came back.

The furs in the main hall ate tee and chatted in the usual manner. The main hall was in the dead centre of the ship and acted as an atrium; it was a about 750 meters long, 250 meters wide and went up over 75 decks. The decks that bordered the hall tended to be residential and recreational as there proximity to the atrium gave them an airy, scenic feel. At one end of the hall was a large multi-purpose stage that hosted speeches, concerts, plays, public executions and other such things and the main floor could also be used for many purposes. Generally it served as a hub for the ship were most communal activities took place, it was also the only part of the ship capable of mass feeding the 60% of the crew that ate at standard meal times (the other 40% that were on watch during these times ate one hour later). Though the sheer size of the hall kept it form getting too hot or stuffy when full, the accumulated buzz of over 80,000 furs taking was at times deafening.

“Lieutenant!” shouted a charismatic male wolf wearing engineering officer insignia.

A small brown raccoon wearing deck command insignia turned around and bellowed “Yes, Sergeant”.

“Is Rah Zippo joining us?” barked the wolf.

“He said he would but I haven’t seen him” shouted the raccoon fighting the background din.

The wolf bit his lip, “It’s just that the problem with the fusion reactors may have, possibly gotten worse. There stable but could easily overload if strained”.

The raccoon though for a second and then shouted back “Warren is the on duty deck officer down here, he can get a message to Zippo, if needs be.”

The wolf nodded and got up to make his way over to the deck officer but as he did there was a tremendous crash and everything was thrown forwards, seconds latter the lighting cut and the hall was plunged into darkness. Several seconds later, there was a low-pitched diminuendo as the back up generators failed and the relentless drone of the ion engines ceased.

Dannie awoke with a start, that bang had sounded like an artillery shell hitting the building she presumed she was in but several seconds later she heard the alien sound of engines powering down she suddenly realised that she was in a star ship. Form her engineering background she new that if you were on a ship for a long time your brain shout out the sound of the engines and they were almost impossible to hear. Mulling over this new revelation in her head Dannie slipped back into her sate of half sleep, longing for her moment of release.

Zippo woke, unusually clear headed, and shouted “Lights!”

Nothing happened. Moving over to a storage aria, he fetched a torch and made his way to the main door. Finding it unable to open automatically and jammed shut to prevent the spread of fires, he released the pneumatic valve and the door sprang open. Walking to the turbo-lifts to find them out of order he made his way to the bridge to find it partially lit by the ambience of the distant stars shining though the main windows. The crew were in a panic, hurriedly perfuming a flurry of diagnostics.

“Sir! Both the primary and secondary generators are down, the ship has the bear minimum of life support but all other systems are down. We have no engines, navigation, communications, lighting, lifts, nothing!” shouted what Zippo presumed to be an out of breath deck officer, possibly Bill – a tall male Zebra.

“What do the engineering boys say?” replied Zippo calmly.

“We can’t contact them, all the coms are down, and we can’t get to them because we can only move laterally though the ship, not between decks. We can only hope they get ether the primaries or the secondaries up soon or we’ll end up ether in a sun or the nearest planet will have an interesting new continent.”

“What can we do until then” said Zippo.

“Not much, this whole deck is totally redundant without power, all we can do it wait and hope.”

Several hours passed with the only interruptions being the occasional whirr of a fusion starter motor as the engineers desperately tried to restart the generators. They tried again and again and failed every time but eventually after almost 3 hours and with the starter motor fuel completely exhausted the reactors finally kicked into life. Suddenly things started to happen all at once, the central computer came back on-line and the lights came back on, the doors all returned to their previous sates and the bridge systems came back up as the crew struggled to run full diagnostics of their particular systems. Zippo assumed command of the bridge while the ship underwent recovery and it was late at night before he finally returned to his quarters and collapsed onto his bed.

It was late in the morning when the door to playroom A-15 slid open and Zippo walked in. Realising he had left Dannie in the cage for longer than originally planned, Zippo accepted he may have to postpone his plans slightly in accordance with her condition. Dannie awoke as the door to her cupboard-come-home creaked open and she felt the tiger’s presence once more. He knelt down and unlocked the door of the cage and Dannie moved her legs out of the cage and to their fullest extent. Shimmying slowly on her aching arms, she slowly moved out of the cage and ended up lying on her belly on the floor. Zippo placed a two-section dog bowl with food and water in it next to Dannie’s head.

“I’ll give you some time to stretch of and eat something and then its on with today’s fun.”

With that, he departed to the bathroom and Dannie heard the shower being turned on.

Dannie stretched off and ate what she could before the tiger returned. As the door to the bathroom opened, Dannie looked up to see the tiger standing with his hands on his hips and his legs spread… completely naked. He was a magnificent sight, confident, bold and perfectly formed. A hint of arrogance was also present in his complexion. He put his hand under her chin, cupping her face, and tilted her head upwards. She averted her eyes but a jolt form the tiger forced them back. Producing a leash from his other hand, he clipped it to her collar and raised her to her feet. Leading her over to the door, he pushed his thumb into the sensor pad and the door slid open. Moving in to the corridor they turned left and continued walking. Winding though the maze of corridors Dannie noticed many signs but ‘Punishment Cells/Hall’ kept reappearing. As they approached a heavy door saying ‘Disciplinary Section’ Dannie began to drag her heels by a small tug on her collar convinced her this was not in her best interests.

They went though the door and entered a corridor that was different form all the simple and clean previous ones; on the walls were stylised pictures of noble-looking furs wearing Officers uniforms with slogans such as ‘Discipline is strength’ and ‘Confinement sets you free’ in bold, striking letters underneath. The whole corridor marked a change of mood form a clinical and efficient facility to a more correctional and sinister aria. As you walked down the corridor the images seemed to hypnotise you, luring you to believe the messages they bore; most likely their intention. As they reached the end of the corridor a fur sat behind a desk at a computer terminal, Zippo had words with him that Dannie could not distinguish. Zippo turned and placed a blind fold over Dannie’s eyes, tightening the straps behind her head, he warned her not to touch it as she was unbound and unfettered. They continued into the next room and turned left; Dannie did the best she could to keep up blinded as she was. They must have walked for 100 yards when the tiger finally halted and Dannie walked straight into the back of him. He took her by the shoulders and turned her 90 degrees clockwise before removing her blindfold.

The sight that met her eyes shocked her. She was in a long corridor, that stretched to each side, with a separate cell every 5 yards with a glass front and door. In front of her, though the glass front, in a small metallic room, was a male fox, crouching down, facing her. His arms were bound behind him by a thick black leather armbinder and attached to an anchor point in the roof high above him, puling his arms together and up in an unnatural and painful way. He appeared to be crouching on a very large dildo protruding form the floor that went up goodness knows how far into his anus. He was also wearing a metal genital cuff (that clamped behind his balls but did not interfere with his sheath) that was chained to a ring at the base of the dildo.

Around his neck was a collar similar to Dannie’s but with two distinctive red bands running around it and a cuff around his tail chained to the back, keeping it high up and out of the way. He was gagged with a large harness ball gag similar to that witch Dannie had worn yesterday but was not blindfolded. His dilemma was obvious, if he raised himself up off the dildo and relived some of the stress on his shoulders his genitals would be put under unbearable pressure and if he lowered himself to relive the pressure on his balls his arms would ache and the dildo in his ass would penetrate him further. His arse was only one foot or so form the floor and by the looks of it his bounds were unbearably tight, there was barely any slack in his bollock chain at all. He was therefore forced to shift the few inches he could between up and down and his legs must have be under extreme pressure. If he fell, depending on how flexible his arms where he would ether have his whole weight supported by his arms or by the phallus in his butt.

He looked up with what little energy he had and his eyes met Dannie’s. The pleading, desperate, hopples look he gave her made her divert her eyes in fear, goodness knows how long he had been there. The tiger looked on seemingly unfazed.

Without turning to look at her he said, “I hope you’re scared… For this is what could happen to you if you fail to obey the rules here. He’s an extreme case, granted, but it’s the end of the same process. The bands on his collar mean he has been found guilty of a second degree crime.”

“What did he do” Dannie said timidly.

Zippo looked at her and replied “It is not relevant, what is is that because he has been found guilty of a level 2 crime he will spend the rest of his life enduring punishments like this.”

“What?” came the timid voice.

“There are different levels of punishment that the judiciary can hand out on ship. The worst crimes such as murder are punished with the death sentence. Severe crimes that do not quite warrant the death penalty, called level twos, earn the perpetrator a life stay in the punishment cells. They will spend 4 days of the week in a punishment and the remaining one day at rest in a cell (the ships week is 5 days long, 5 weeks make a month and 15 months make a year; days are the same length though) then they will move on to a new punishment the next week.”

Dannie was shocked, “Do they have any chance of getting out?”

Zippo smirked, “In rare circumstances… things are ever changing. Usually less serious offences are dealt with by salve staff not judges and take the form of ether on the spot punishment, as you experienced yesterday, a day in the punishment hall or in serious cases a period in here. Do you understand what is required of you?”

Dannie gulped and Zippo took it as her answer. He put the blind fold back on her and added sardonically “I don’t want you to faint on the way out… or cum.”

Dannie was confused by his words but did not have time to contemplate them as she felt a tug on her collar and was suddenly jerked forward. Zippo lead her back the way they had come and only stopped briefly at the front desk of the block. Oddly, the tiger did not remove her blind fold but instead continued to lead her, presumably, back to the playroom.

When they finally entered a room and Zippo clipped Dannie’s collar to an attachment above her head just inside the door. He warned her not to remove her blindfold and went though the large double doors at the back of the room returning every few minutes and depositing, several unknown items on the floor each time. Dannie stood wondering what was going on until the tiger unclipped her form the leash, removed her blindfold and she finally saw she was in back in her old playroom, or one exactly like it. On the floor lay various bondage equipment, tangled in a mass, and Dannie struggled to differentiate between each individual piece. She was interrupted form her obsession with the kit by the tiger clearing his throat.

“You have 30 minutes, where I will leave the room, to put yourself in the most elaborate and imaginative bondage situation you can think of, you must try and use all of the equipment I have provided. From what I’ve seen so far you shouldn’t have much trouble with the imagination side” he said with a smirk.

He didn’t wait for a response but instead turned and walked though the double doors at the back of the room and Dannie heard it lock with a click.

She stood considering her cocktail of emotions; she was shocked to find that the equipment on the floor and the images it countered up in her head were exiting her, a lot. She wanted to start and managed to convince herself that she was doing this the appease the tiger and not because she wanted to, but it didn’t quite work. Never the less she wandered over to the pile of kit on the floor and sat by it. On closer inspection, it included a thin latex hood, a metal chastity belt, a sizeable silicon dildo, a very large varnished wooden butt plug, several lengths of chain, a short spreader-bar, a long spreader-bar, several padlocks and a syringe of lubricant. She did not know what to do but decided to just start and go on impulse.

She picked up the chastity belt and examined it. It comprised a thick black leather belt with many attachment points and a wide intricately shaped metal plate that was attached to the back of the belt, stretched between the legs and locked to the front making it imposable to gain access to, or get anything in or out of the wearer’s vagina or anus. She buckled the belt around her waist and locked the thin end of metal plate to the back of it.

Rolling back and lifting her legs up in the air and out to the sides she reached for the dildo, it was large but being a mare she recond she could handle it. It was made of silicon, perfectly smooth with a rounded tip and about 10 inches long and two wide just after the tip flaring to three at the base. She put the head to the entrance of her pussy and was surprised to find herself dripping wet. Rubbing the tip of the dildo up and down her pussy, she tried to warm up the cold rubber.

When the tip was dripping with her juices she began to push it within her. She had adopted a semi-chastity 6 month ago after a traumatic break up with her last boy friend and had not been penetrated since then. It felt good to be stretched again and she threw her head back and enjoyed the sensations in her nether regions. She pushed and pushed until after 5 minutes, almost all of the phallus was within her, and then as a matter of course, she pulled its entire length out and then quickly pushed it back in again. After she had adjusted to the size of the dildo, it stayed within her easily and was no bother to her, in fact she was now in a state of high arousal and her imagination had gone into over drive.

She picked up the butt plug and studied it, it was made of hard unyielding wood covered in dark brown varnish and while only 5 inches long was over 3 inches in diameter. It was the classic butt plug shape with a thin head that tapered to its widest point and then sharply thinned before sharply flaring out again to form a base, in this way once inserted into the rectum it would stay in place. She had only had one anal experience, apart form yesterdays enema, with an old boyfriend who was into that kind of thing, even though it was only a small plug she had tried she had not enjoyed it and had no will to try it again. Tentatively she put the plug and lube syringe to the side, she knew the tiger had said to try to use everything put she could not bring herself to try that monster.

Moving on she rolled forward again and got on to her knees. Bringing the metal plate of the chastity belt between her legs, she gave the dildo a final push, then brought the plate up, and locked it to the front of her belt at the tightest adjustment. The chastity belt firmly held the dildo within her and prevented any contact with her nether regions; she was totally unable to get any sexual satisfaction. She took the keys out of all the padlocks she had used so far and put them around the shackle of another, witch she placed on the floor.

She picked up the short spreader bar witch had large leather cuffs permanently attached to each end. She figured it was attached to the thighs just above the knees and was used to hold the legs open but allowed the lower legs to move freely, a fur could run with this piece of kit on but they would be comically wide legged. She sat on her ass and attached one cuff to her left thigh and locked it in place, spreading her legs almost painfully wide she managed to lock the other cuff around her right leg. Locking it in place, she got on to her knees and experimented with her new situation. Getting to her feet, she waddled around a bit before returning to the ever-lessening pile of equipment.

Picking up the longer spreader bar she found it had no cuffs only attachment points, she figured it would be locked to the cuffs still in place around her ankles form yesterday. Giving it an experimental push she was surprised to find it retracted under the pressure, pulling it out she found it would stay at the length she set it to. Examining it closer she found it had a key, she gave the key a turn and the two ends of the bar shot out to their maximum length, only when she turned the key back could she move the ends in again. Looking down at the bar she already had in place she was startled to find it had a similar arrangement, tuning the key the bar suddenly moved out forcing Dannie’s thighs to their widest possible position and continued to push firmly maintaining pressure on them. She did not see how she could have missed this and though she could use it well, she turned the key again and the bar retracted. She took the longer bar, compressed it to its shortest length and locked it to each of her ankle cuffs.

She then took a foot long length of chain and locked it to her right wrist cuff and placed an open lock around the other end of the chain. Pausing again, she removed the keys form the locks (except the spreader bars keys) and placed them around the open padlock on the floor she had used before. Being careful with the chain dangling form her wrist she finally picked up the hood. It was made of thin black latex and stretched all the way back to her neck, it also had holes for her ears. Putting it up to her eyes, she discovered she could just about see through it. Opening it up she discovered it had a very wide but short penis gag at the end that the latex would keep tight in her mouth, it even had a hole at the end for breathing as her nostrils were covered in latex.

Turning the hood inside-out she push the phallus into her mouth and began to pull the mask back over her head, she enjoyed the feeling of the latex as it stretched and contorted over her fur. Her ears popped though the holes and hood ended just before her collar, she let it go and it snapped around her neck. Opening her eyes, she found she could just about see but everything was distorted and had a black tint to it. Experimenting with her mouth, she found that the latex held the phallus tight in her mouth and kept her mouth shut tight around it. She could not speak coherently but could make a fair deal of noise and thus she figured that the gag was more for humiliation than effect as the latex alone would have been more effective as a gag.

Shifting onto her stomach she took the padlock with the keys on it, closed it and threw it across the room, because it its size she had no change of seeing it though her hood. She bended her legs at the knees back towards her butt and reaching back she grabbed the longer spreader bar separating her ankles and flicked the chain dangling form her right wrist over it. Grabbing it with her left hand she took hold of the lock she had put on it earlier and after some struggling she managed to get it though the eye-hole on her left cuff.

Without thinking she clicked the lock closed and flicked the key across the room. Then she stretched down, arching her back, and turned the key in the shorter spreader bar. Repeating the process with the longer bar her legs were forced obscenely wide and she let go of the bar and relaxed onto her front.

She realised her misstate almost immediately. It had taken her, at most, 15 minuets to get to this point and she realised she had half-an-hour to get ready. She should have, she though, waited several more minuets before she completed such a stringent tie as she now had to wait 15 minuets for the tiger to return. She tested the limits of her bonds; she found that she could move her head almost unrestrictedly, and if she arched her back she could get her hands to the long spreader bar but not further. The only other thing she could do was wiggle slightly in her bonds but it would have taken her more than an hour to move across the room.

Relaxing again, she exhaled lengthily through the phallus in her mouth. She thought about her situation. She was on her stomach in a hogtie with her legs and knees spread wide, her arms where behind her back and attached to the bar between her feet. She had a large dildo in her pussy and it was held in by a locking metal chastity belt. Around her head was a tight latex hood that made sight difficult and in her mouth was a wide phallic gag. The length of the chain connecting her wrists to the spreader bar meant that if she relaxed the tie was not so stringent and she was not uncomfortable for the moment. Lying with nothing to do her mind wandered and she finally broke, she accepted to herself that she liked to be tied, dominated, whipped and raped. It was a long held fantasy that she had always been disturbed by and had managed to suppress until now. But now that she accepted it, she revelled in her bonds and fantasies played over and over in her head. Once she was tiered out her mind wandered again, this time she tough back to how she had gotten here in the first place.

She was an engineer on a tramp steamer. Working for a shipping company on her home planet of Yhezo (y-he-z-o). Her system had become involved in the Grand Vulpine Confederacy (GVC) war effort and her company was being used to run guns between Yhezo and a naval base on its main moon Yakini (ya-kee-nee). The ships were meant to run to a timetable with military escort but, the caviller attitude that dogged trap steaming meant that the little bulk carriers often ran off the clock with no support. It was during one of these journeys, while Dannie was off duty and in bed that it had happened. She awoke when the ships engines stopped and a few seconds latter the emergency sirens went off. As the chief engineer, she was required on the bridge and she rushed out of her room in her nighty.

As she rushed onto the mess-of-a-bridge, a dominating-looking wolf was on screen and a large modern looking Corvette was present off the port bow. The crew were in a panic, the wolf had ordered that the ship drop its shields and the captain, a friendly and kind brown bear, was stalling for time. Suddenly two jolts hit the ship in quick succession and the inevitable deep diminuendo sounded as the shield generators overloaded and the engines ceased. The wolf smiled and said “Prepare to be boarded. If we meet any resistance we will retaliate”. The Corvette moved closer to the bulk carrier and locked on to it with a tractor beam. As the Corvette made contact with her ship Dannie felt a jolt and moved away form the main door over to a storage unit in the wall.

Suddenly the airlock door blew open and several heavily armoured furs burst through brandishing automatic weapons. Dannie slipped into an empty storage compartment and peered out though the slits. All of the crew on the bridge (witch was most of the ships compliment) had dropped to their knees and put their hands in the air in a submissive an pacifistic gesture. But the invading furs cared not and opened fire with their weapons, cutting several of Dannie’s comrades down in flashes of light and splashes of blood. Several other invaders had kicked members of the crew to the floor and continued to beat them relentlessly. As more furs came though the airlock some disappeared into the depths of the ship and eventually the wolf appeared on the bridge, he wore less armour than his comrades and carried a large katana. Several of his crew had captured the captain, forced him to kneel on the floor with his head bowed and striped him of his uniform.

“What are you carrying” said the wolf.

“Please, we are not resisting, please don’t kill any more furs, we are not military.” he pleaded.

The wolf raised his sword “That is not the question I asked. Answer!”

“Guns, small arms for the naval base on Yakeeni, that’s all, its just a job.”

The wolf turned away form the bear and then in a single, swift, fast movement swivelled and brought his katana down across the bear’s neck. Dannie closed her eyes as her captain’s body fell limp to the floor. When she looked back 30 seconds later she saw several of her co-workers, both male and female, being lead out of the ship in various states of bondage and into the corvette. At that moment an armoured fur passed right by her hiding place and stopped, turning he came back and opened the door to the storage container. The last thing Dannie remembered was herself screaming before he had shot her with what was presumably a stunning weapon. The next thing she knew she was the stables, chained and manacled.

She was awakened form her thoughts by the re-entry of the tiger.

Let’s see what we have here” he said as he moved around Dannie’s bound form.

Dannie could see him dimly through the latex. He turned and brought a large piece of furniture form the room he had come form, form what could see it looked like a 4 foot high padded leather table with upwardly angled sides to prevent anyone rolling off, it was in much the same style as the whipping bench she has experiences previously but had no straps, locks or raised centre. The tiger unexpectedly reached down and picked Dannie up by the longer spreader bar, causing her to uncomfortably arch her back.

He placed her on the black leather bench and said “It’s an ambitious tie, but I see there is some kit you didn’t use, we’ll have to change that!”

He went over to the small pile of kit she had not used and picked up the few items that she left. He walked behind Dannie and unlocked the padlock holding her chastity belt to the back of her waist belt.

“First to fix your biggest mistake.”

He took the ½-litter syringe of lube and inserted the end into her anus; she tensed at the sudden intrusion. He slowly depressed the plunger of the syringe, forcing about two thirds of the clear viscous lubricant into her rectum. Maintaining pressure on the plunger, he slowly withdrew the nozzle from her, spreading the reminder of the lube around the outside of her anus. The gel was cold and Dannie struggled to relax under its influence. The tiger took the butt plug and moved around to face Dannie.

He pealed the mask back to in front of her eyes, so she could see, and put his right foot up on the bench next to her head. From her vantage point she had a excellent, and uncomfortably close, view of his gleaming sheath and impeccably clean tailhole. The tiger held the large butt pug in front of Dannie’s face and then seemingly without lube or any effort at all put the tip of the plug to his tailhole and smoothly slid it inside himself. Dannie watched as his anus effortlessly stretched over 3 inches and re-tightened just before the base, leaving only a thin pink ring of muscle visible in contrast with his white fur. Throughout this he seemed to show no feeling and did not react at all, apart form saying “Just thought I’d warm it up for you” with a smug smile. Putting his foot down on the floor and re-applying her mask, he walked behind Dannie seemingly unfazed by the monster in his ass. Dannie heard a loud ‘popping’ sound as the tiger, presumably, removed the plug from his butt. He then placed its tip against her tailhole and she tensed.

“Relax!” Zippo said “It will be 100 times worse if you tense.”

Dannie tried to relax but as the tiger began to put pressure on the plug, her subconscious got the better of her. The tip of the plug began to force open her anus and she strained to refuse it access, the tiger continued to steadily push and Dannie tailhole began to burn. She bit down on her gag and moaned in pain. The tiger kept pushing and pushing until Dannie was sure she would tear in half.

Suddenly the tiger stopped pushing and withdrew the butt plug. Dannie stopped tensing and panted though her gag.

“Well I though you had learned your lesson form yesterday, but it appears you need some extra help.”

He withdrew a very small syringe (with a needle) containing a light green liquid and inserted it into the skin just to the left of her anus. Injecting half of the liquid, he withdrew the syringe and put it away.

That is a muscle relaxant; it will block all nerve endings and relax all muscles in the local area for… a limited time.”

Almost immediately, Dannie felt her whole ass going numb and soon she could not feel anything at all. Zippo picked up the butt plug again and with firm, steady pressure, slowly inserted its entire length into her, it did not ‘pull-in’ as usual when it passed its widest point as the normal muscles that caused this where non-responsive due to the drug. Zippo reattached the chastity belt and got to work ‘improving’ the wrest of her tie.

“Feeling will return in about 5 minuets” whispered Zippo as he locked a chain to the small loop on the top of her hood.

Bringing the chain now attached to her hood back to the longer of the spreader bars, he looped it round and locked it off, pulling her head back severely. Then he released the chain binding her hands to the longer bar and reattached it, more tightly, to the shorter bar. This pulled her arms and head back further and caused her to arch her back uncomfortably. As a final touch, he took a thin lather thong and bound it around her elbows, drawing them tightly together.

The tiger took a chair and sat, just out of Dannie’s field of view, watching her calmly. She was still tensed form his work retying her and was aware of his presence, silently watching her. She struggled in her new bonds trying to test their limits. She found that she was now, pretty much, completely immobile and was even less able to escape that before. She was also held perpetually in the most uncomfortable position she could imagine, her neck was beginning to ache, her ribs dug in to the surface she was resting on, her back was arched at an obscene angle and she was sure her shoulders could not take much more pressure before they dislocated. She writhed trying to find a comfortable position but every time she managed to make something hurt less, something else hurt more. She was struggling with this balance when she suddenly noticed a burning sensation in her rear.

She had not felt the butt plug go in and had forgotten all about it, but now the numbing drug was wearing off. She stopped struggling as sensation slowly came back to her ass and began to panic as the rising pain in her ass. The dull burning became more fiery until it was unbearable. She cried out in pain and just as she was about to inhale to scream again the tiger placed his fingertip over her breathing hole. She was startled by being unable to breath and panicked empting what remained in her lungs. The tiger kept his pad over the hole and Dannie tried to shake her head form side to side but it was impossible. She felt consciousness slipping from her and fainted.

When she awoke, she was on the floor of the bathroom. She found that both her wrist and ankle cuffs were joined with one-foot chains but otherwise she was free. She heard a noise and sat up to see the tiger standing over her, instantly she noticed the plug still lodged in her ass and moved so she was not sitting on it, her ass still hurt though the burring had subsided.

“I’m giving you 10 minuets to remove that butt plug, if you don’t I have other methods.”

Zippo said to her before turning and shutting the door behind him. Dannie shifted on to her knees to examine the plug, the chins binding her were long enough to allow her a fair amount of flexibility. She felt the plug, only small the base of which remained outside. She grasped the base and slowly pulled, pushing will her anal muscles as she did. She pulled and pulled until the pain was too much then rested and tried again, but try as she did, in whatever positions she simply could not get the plug out. She kept trying, right up until the door opened and tiger came in. She stopped in her tracks and looked up at him guiltily.

“Well, well, it seems you are incapable of even removing a plug and once again I will have to assist you” he said.

He then took the chain linking her hands and attached it to a chain dangling from the ceiling, this left her crouched on her feet with her hands high above her head. Tying a thin string around the base of the plug, he tied the other end to a ring in the floor directly beneath her. She was now in conflict between the 2 points, being held up by the chain but the string stopping her from rising too far or the plug would be pulled from her ass. Zippo moved behind her and took the whip from his belt. As she turned her head to look at him the fist blow landed across the top of her ass, she jumped but managed to only pull on the plug slightly.

The second blow was harder to resist and the plug pulled painfully at her ass. After each blow, she sank back down and let her hands take her weight. After several successive blows, Zippo grew impatient and folded the whip away. Dannie relaxed and led her hands take her weight as the tiger left the room. The plug was still firmly in her ass and she let her sphincter pull it back into a more comfortable position. Zippo returned with a long thick bullwhip, two metallic pads and a small mysteries box. He silently slipped a metal pad onto the underside of each of her calves, where each was held by a small amount adhesive. Each pad had a wire trailing from it, which Zippo plugged into the metal box. Turing the main dial on it up some he engaged it and finally turned to Dannie.

“So far today you have experienced bondage, humiliation, watersports and breath control but now its time for some electro-torture!”

With that, he pushed the main button on the box and an electric shock hit Dannie like lighting. She involuntarily tensed and her calve muscles witch cussed her to quickly jump into the air, ripping the plug form her ass. She screamed at the combined pains and collapsed, barely conscious, letting her arms take her weight. Zippo showed no sympathy and raised the chain supporting her hands to the point where she was dangling with her feet just clearing the ground. He took up the bullwhip and uncoiled it. The first blow violently shook Dannie form her semi-conscious state, it landed across her back and stung like hell. Dannie shrieked as the blows continued to land across her back, each strike finding a different mark. Zippo continued his relentless assault on her back and she eventually, after what felt like hours, was silenced by unconsciousness.

Dannie awoke once more and this time she was bent over the short end of a very heavy wooden table. It came up to her waist (where she was bent double) and stretched forward beyond her reach. As she experimented with moving she realised her hands were bound to a ring at the far end of the table by her wrist chain and her feet were each chained to a leg of the table, keeping them slightly apart. She was also gagged with the familiar red trainer gag. Her sex was exposed and she felt very venerable, a feeling that only increased as she realised the tiger was standing behind her. He silently put his hand on her back and she winced.

I hope that whipping taught you to do as you are told, if not the punishments will only get worse and worse… that time you did not bleed.”, He said bluntly, “As a sex-slave you will be expected to posses a range of abilities, and these must be balanced and in proportion. As a mare, you have a number of natural talents but there are many many months of practice ahead of you to develop the abilities you fall short in. I think the process of breaking-you-in is coming along so nicely that we can start on one of your, inadequacies, now.”

Dannie was confused but she was also angry about his opinions of breaking-her-in, she was not a toy or a pet and she would show him this some way or another.

All of her confusion was resolved as she felt something brush against her ass, and then without warning the telltale shape of a lubricant syringe slowly entered her tailhole. The tiger pushed a fair amount of lube into her ass and spread the remainder around her anal rose as-per-usual. Putting the syringe down he put his paws on Dannie’s hips and put the tip of his penis to her anus. Dannie’s heart sank as he rubbed his cock up and down her anus, covering its tip in lubricant.

I’m sure you will find the tiger’s member, interesting, to say the least. Especially mine… genetic engineering is a wonderful thing.” Zippo said with a smirk, “I’ll talk you though it, if you want!”

Dannie struggled to control her breathing and contain her panic, a challenge that she completely lost when Zippo started to push his penis against her tailhole. He slowly but forcefully pushed until the tip suddenly popped into her, due the fact her anus was still distended from the larger wooden plug that part was not to bad.

“Well-done, you took the head but that’s fairly simple, its only 2.5 inches wide and 3 long, next is the shaft witch starts at 2 inches wide and ends at 4 over 8 inches later. I think you’ll also find the nubs at the top interesting.”

Zippo started to push and Dannie felt a strange sensation as the nubs started to move into her and the head pushed deeper. She was surprised to find she was no longer panicking and decided to grit her teeth and just try to get though this. Suddenly Dannie felt her anus tighten as if she had reached her limit in size, the tiger must have felt it too as he stopped.

“That’s about 3 inches, the size of the plug, you stretch well that’ll make anal training much easier but the first few steps will be hard.”

Dannie oddly took this as praise and sensed he would now back off. To her horror, he continued to push into her, with somewhat increased resistance. She squirmed and squealed as he proceeded to force her open another inch, however when he stopped this time it felt different… some how it didn’t feel as if he was hilted in her.

Now for the final act, so far all you’ve had is standard feline anatomy – just a bit bigger – but now for something I borrowed from the canines, my knot. It’s 4 inches long and varies from 4 inches across to over 8; I can consciously control its size, for now I’ll keep it at 4.”

He pushed in a further 2 inches and Dannie felt herself nearing the limit of depth, it must have been around 13 inches into her bowels but it felt like 13 feet.

“Feel that, that’s the curve of you intestine, this is your limit in depth with out further medical treatment.”

She felt his cock start to pulsate as blood began to rush to his knot and was filled with dread at the prospect of his cock doubling in girth; she was already beyond her width limit. The knot slowly started to expand and Dannie’s anus tightened further, she began to panic again and felt herself nearing unconsciousness due to the pain.

The tiger sensed her troubles and stopped: “Well it seems we have found both your limit of depth and width. Your depth limit will remain fairly constant but over successive sessions you will learn to accept wider and wider objects, anal training will be interspersed or mixed with other training sessions but now to finish of this session.”

The knot receded to the width of the shaft and the tiger began to slowly withdraw his cock. Dannie felt a huge wave of relief wash over her, but was brought back down to earth by the realisation that the tiger had stopped withdrawing just before the head, leaving it within her. He re-swelled his knot to its fullest size and suddenly, without warning rammed his cock back into her tailhole she screamed into her gag and felt a renewed burning and stinging pain around her anal ring. He had pushed in with great force and only the swollen knot had stopped his cock. He withdrew his cock again and once more rammed it into her.

Quickening his pace, he began to fuck her in the ass and she continued to whine and cry-out. After what felt like hours the tigers pace quickened to a climax. He grabbed Dannie’s hips and gave one final, almighty push letting out a great roar as he came. His cock pumped cum into Dannie’s ass at great pressure for several seconds and once it had finished he relaxed and let go of Dannie’s hips. She stopped panicking and calmed her breathing, the pain had brought tears to her eyes. Zippo slowly withdrew his penis and wiped the cum off it with his hands. He rubbed the cum into Dannie’s back and picked up a glass beaker. He held the beaker up to Dannie’s anus and brought his forearm down across her lower back, this caused her to tense her stomach and expel a large amount of cum form her ass.

Zippo caught it in the beaker and held it up: “half a litre, that still leaves about half.”

Now for an act of submission that will dictate your rout though you’re training. He came around the table to face Dannie and removed her gag. She worked her jaw trying to ease out the aching and looked up at the tiger.

The tiger put the beaker to her lips and said forcefully: “Drink it.”

Dannie inhaled the salty sent and was repulsed, without thinking she closed her mouth and refused to drink. The tiger tipped the beaker up and pushed it to her lips more forcefully but she still refused to open her mouth.

Without trying any further Zippo took the beaker away and said: “Ok you have made your choice, we will do things the hard way.”

Danny realised she had failed to fully comprehend the concomitances of her actions and forgot that the tiger had total control over her and it was in her best interests to do what he said. The tiger walked back around behind her and fiddled with some nondescript equipment he had produced form somewhere. Suddenly Dannie felt the sensation of the familiar lube syringe on her ass but some how, this time if felt different. There were several taps on the device in her ass and see felt a cold viscous liquid running into her ass.

“Since we couldn’t get that cum in one end, we’ll have to put it back in the other, wont we now.” said the tiger condescendingly.

Dannie felt the slow flow of liquid teetering out as the cum re-entered her ass, then a new sensation approached.

See felt a runnier liquid running into her ass; “Not all the cum went back in, so I had to wash it down with another liquid” said Zippo as he finished urinating into the funnel.

“You now have about 2 litres of liquid in your rear, nothing compared to yesterdays enema, and this time only half is piss!” Zippo said laughing.

The funnel was removed and a short, wide, hard plastic phallus put in its place; it was only 4.5 inches long and 3 wide but it was smooth and did not flair to a wide base at the end, instead the shaft had been sheared off and ended abruptly so after the head the width did not vary. In this fashion it appeared that if it was inserted into the anus, the rectum would pull it in and it would get stuck. However, the phallus was attached at the base to a simple thin leather belt. The belt ran to another thicker, one around her waist, looped over at the back and ran back between her legs to buckle to its self at the front. This held the anal phallus firmly in place and before it was strapped up tight, a hard wooden dildo was placed in Dannie’s pussy. When all the straps were locked and keys removed, Dannie could not expel any liquid form her ass or take out any of the intrusions. The tiger went back to the storeroom and dragged out a large contraption Dannie could not see, he took some equipment from the top of it and walked around in front of Dannie.

He placed the pile of kit on the table in front of Dannie’s head and said: “That’s us about finished for today, but before I go I’ll just set you up for tonight.”

With that, he began to take individual pieces of kit from the unintelligible pile and moved around Dannie attaching them to her. Firstly unchained her legs and took a large piece of lather gear, covered in straps and wrapped it round them, holding them tightly together from her ankles to just below her groin. Then he unbound her hands and brought her arms behind her back. Pinning her to the table he wrapped a heavy lather armbinder, which matched the one around her legs, around her arms – causing her elbows to touch almost painfully.

He pulled her off the table and led her over, her hopping as best she could, to what she now saw to be a small cage, the one the tiger dragged in earlier. The cage was simple and the top hinged open at the back, it was about 1.5 feet height and width and 4 feet long, the same dimensions of the cage she had spent last night in. The tiger lifted her into the cage so she was standing up with the back of her legs against the back of the cage. Zippo supported her while at the same time pushing her down into the cage. The leg binder was obviously designed for this as it allowed her to bend her legs, while at the same time maintaining all its tension. She was forced down until she was kneeling in the cage with her ass hard up against the back and her head almost touching the front.

The tiger locked the leg binder to the back of the cage and then lowered the lid, but did not lock it. He locked the very end of her armbinder to the lit of the cage, pulling them upwards as the lit was not shut fully. Her collar was chained to the bottom of the cage, keeping her head down. The tiger then strapped an unusual mask across her face. It was not un-similar to a gas mask; it was made of black rubber and had glass lenses that went over the eyes, distorting her sight. It held a large inflatable gag in her mouth and tubes in her nostrils, valves meant that she could only inhale though her mouth and exhale though her nose. The mask was loose fitting but strapped on tightly, that was until a rubber back was fitted and all the air removed, from between the two with a pump. This forced the mask tightly to her head and kept her mouth tight around the gag, it also meant the gag, and the tubes trailing from it, was her only source of air. Form the front side gag two tubes protruded and further valves ensured that air had to be drawn from one for a few moments before any could be drawn form the other, though with both tubes uninhibited in normal air the change over was almost unnoticeable.

Zippo brought both tubes back under Dannie towards the back of the cage. He then shut the top of the cage, forcing Dannie down further, and locked it in place with a heavy padlock. Finally, he attached the tube that air had to be drawn though first to an attachment point on the anal phallus and released a valve on the base of it.

Dannie did not hear the door to the room close and lock or the tiger’s farewell through the thick rubber, she just saw the lights go out through the glass lenses and suddenly felt utterly alone. As she knelt alone on her cage, she found that, oddly, inhaling was more difficult for the first second and then it was free again. She also felt the liquids in her ass move around in a curious manner.

She was just beginning to fall asleep as she tasted something in her mouth, purely out of reflex she tried to spit out what ever was in her mouth but found the valves in the mask prevented her from expelling the liquid. Instead of forcing the liquid out of her nose, she swallowed. She had little time comprehend what had happened before she inhaled again and this time got a full dose of the liquid. She gagged and expelled the liquid though her nose, causing great discomfort. Tasting some residue of the liquid she realised, to her horror, that she was being forced to drink the cum she had refused earlier plus the tiger’s urine, straight form under her own tail! She also came to realise that because of the design of the mask, in order breath she would have to first suck in a small amount of the vial concoction and either swallow it or force it out of her nose – her body seemed to naturally opt for the latter, much to her dismay. She came to accept that she had to drink this stuff but often though the night, as she drifted into sleep she would be woken up, gagging, with the liquids in her nose or wind pipe. She knew she had, inadvertently, chosen this and the tiger had offered her a choice, but she still heated him and she would have her revenge. Thinking vengeful thoughts, she steeled down and held out for whatever tomorrow would bring.