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Image: shiandkra.jpg   502x347 48351 bytes 2005.04.08

Two of my really good friends, Shira I'nusyl and Kraken D'Waggin. Characters copyright themselves, art copyright me.

Image: Grapes.jpg   477x680 50088 bytes 2004.05.21

Ehhr'Len getting some delicious grapes. Mmmmm...

Image: taurcolor.jpg   446x644 59752 bytes 2004.05.21

Ehhr'Len. Taur form Colored.

Image: Zkythen_Chest.jpg   281x481 46531 bytes 2004.05.08

A little study of bellyscales I doodled after a test. Dont ask where the rest of the pic went, cause I cropped it. VERY scary... *shudder*

Image: Ehhrlen.jpg   446x644 65597 bytes 2004.03.21

This is Ehhr'len, Dragontaur. Shi's one of Zkythen's alternate forms. Ehhr'len is actually Zkythen's last name. Zkythen Anorae Ehhr'len. He uses Zkythen for male of himself, Anorae for female of himself, and Ehhr'len for everything else.

Image: Follower_of_Love.jpg   180x582 16322 bytes 2004.03.20

Here's Zkythen again in Hybrid. I like those low cut leather pants... ;)\r\n\r\nThis picture origonally had the draconic translation of "The Loving Follower of The Warrior", Entohr'nae Na'han Dae'oh (excuse spelling, draconic doesnt work into letters well), at the top, but it didnt scan well, so I cropped it.

Image: Grapes_Fixed.jpg   477x680 54086 bytes 2004.03.20

This is Ehhr'len. Shi's a Dragon Taur, if you cant tell, reared up on hir heind legs to reach some yummy grapes. I rather like the pose, but I might redraw and ink it so it's cleaner and the muscle structures are closer to correct.

Image: Confused_In_The_Mirror.jpg   305x692 19461 bytes 2004.03.20

Zkythen waking up for the first time in Hybrid form. Being a dragon, he's not used to being furry.

Image: Croth.jpg   460x600 37427 bytes 2004.03.20

My very first colored work ever! I clocked it at 23 hours of work! That pretty much taught me how to color.\r\nCroth is a character I made up for the Wizard's RP.\r\n\r\nPenned, Colored on Paint Shop Pro 7.

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