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Image: ZF_Zephyr.jpg   720x770 88970 bytes 2003.04.20

a WIP for ZephyrPanthur, working on the colour as we speek :)

Image: ZF_TawniDraft2.jpg   398x477 24607 bytes 2003.04.20

Something for Tawni of Pawspace, she hasnt seen it yet, but im waiting on her ok... waiting to see if there's anything that'll change, and if there is then i'll re upload and remove this one...

Image: ZurryDepressions.jpg   504x430 56873 bytes 2003.04.20 is why

Image: Zurry_SketchZen_s.jpg   336x298 24770 bytes 2003.03.05

Whenever you get into the groove of sketching you always get those annoying interruptions... isnt that the way it always happens? \r\n\r\n[old pic, sorry for the reupload, i had to clean it up a bit]

Image: Zur_angel_nude.jpg   451x598 35502 bytes 2003.03.05

something a friend and I did, we were just BSing on netmeeting and i started drawing and what started as just a fox head came to this :) i really like how it turned out :)

Image: Zur_Ash_sm.jpg   657x800 45792 bytes 2003.03.05

commission i did for a friend in the UK, he told me, "i want a purple kitty, do what you want" and i did... soon to be coloured

Image: zur_slaveboi_sm.jpg   698x800 58183 bytes 2003.03.05

just a slave boy coming home from the shoppes ^.^ \r\n\r\nsorry about the eraser lines/dust... i had to change pose several times... but my maniquen helped a lot :D

Image: zurry_i_love_you_.jpg   522x800 67289 bytes 2002.10.14

This would be the final B&W version, Still very pleased with this one :)

Image: Zur_Stick.jpg   320x316 6447 bytes 2002.03.28

Random nonsence, cute though. Thought I should Upload it!

Image: Zur_FearTheCute.jpg   270x291 6852 bytes 2002.03.10

The cute is to be feared?

Image: Zur_Grieving.jpg   449x392 23429 bytes 2002.03.10

Just a lil something I did for a friend of mine from Pawspace, an official member of FAP, Furs Agenst Pants, a lil mock group that I'm aparently the founder of..?

Image: Zur_LazyKitty.jpg   489x484 24749 bytes 2002.03.10

Lookit, a lazy cat... and Pants!?

Image: Zur_tutorial.jpg   575x259 62117 bytes 2002.03.05

a few small things, just in case you've ever wanted to draw ZurDraco, Pbbbbt, Who'd ever want to do that?

Image: Zur_Physiology.jpg   615x522 21856 bytes 2002.03.05

basic physiological structures

Image: Zur_lilBox2.jpg   750x665 51301 bytes 2002.03.05

Same as the first version, I jsut inked it and played with the shading... Look Zur's got PANTS?!

Image: Zur_lilBox.jpg   749x675 85015 bytes 2002.03.05

ZurDraco, ticked off about something, I dunno, just a mood shot.. I'm fine.

Image: Zur_patriotismc.jpg   459x674 65901 bytes 2002.03.05

The coloured version, ZurDraco wrapped in a flag, Hybrid of both American and British, showing his life, 1/2 in britain, and 1/2 in America.

Image: Zur_Heyas.jpg   455x800 31634 bytes 2002.01.10

Just ZurDraco leaning agenst a light post and offering a lil greeting "Heyas!" Notice that in this one he has no wings, he's polymorphic, and uses his wings when it suits his mood or environment. \r\nShaded with pencil.

Image: Zur_Protect.jpg   800x550 29534 bytes 2002.01.10

This was started by a friend of mine, Bryant bit my 3' dragon plushie, and after protecting it, I was inspired to sketch this. Rough sketch in pencil. I'm terrible at perspective shots.

Image: Zur_Rexx_wolfe.jpg   796x691 45807 bytes 2001.09.28

A lil something I did for Rexx_Wolfe of Lava Dome 5, The Macro Meanie! ^.^

Image: Zur_FacingFront.jpg   657x611 27776 bytes 2001.09.28

While most of my images are 'facing the front' this one decides to face the 'other' front... ... ... sorry, i saw this in a clowd!

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