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Image: GwenSpike.jpg   578x517 75089 bytes 2003.07.10

I hate this...I really do. Im so sorry this came out so awful. I hate humans. Or at least drawing them. Im a FURRY ARTEEST!!! *WHINES!* But yes, Trade with a lovely person. Her char. Gwen with Spike from Cowboy Bebop.......

Image: Outkast.jpg   278x500 44635 bytes 2003.07.10

Trade with Michele, Her character Outkast

Image: Pyro.jpg   382x600 55563 bytes 2003.07.10

Trade with Shine. It's Pyro, Shin's character, on rollerblades on the boardwalk on the beach. I love the beach, the ocean...sigh. Hope you enjoy this, Shin!

Image: RabidBoi.jpg   309x550 40706 bytes 2003.07.10

Trade with RabidWabbit. Its RabidBoi, I think that's his name. I like drawing it, but what he's posing as...I just don't know

Image: StevosSad.jpg   537x400 74859 bytes 2003.07.10

My best friend dumped her boyfriend of 5 months. I met him through her and I consoled him through the "grieving process" I drew this for him to let him know he always had a shoulder to cry on. We've become very close pals cuz of this

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