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Image: arriba_aya.jpg   588x809 142869 bytes 2002.10.28

i just love the art of miss Aya Braeden, i decided to do her a fan art, hope she liked it ^_^\r\nAya Braeden (c) Herself\r\nArt (c) Sergio "il Chechu"

Image: Beast_Chronics.jpg   1161x738 194487 bytes 2002.04.20

A request from redwolf in late 2001. I did it pleased. It's Kiara, the poor slave girl, and Selina, a very mean warrior-gal. Both important characters of his story "Beast Chronics", wel... at least in the few pages i could read :/\r\nKiara and Selina are (c) Will S.\r\n

Image: Christmas01_02.jpg   1092x769 378571 bytes 2002.04.20

:) I did this in Christmas for my furry friends, i list with respective copyrigths (from left to right):\r\nChris and Mike Regan (c) themselves\r\nMaxx (c) David Celis\r\nSabrina (c) EWS\r\nZig Zag (c) Max BlackRabbit\r\nJames (c) James Bruner\r\nRedwolf (c) Will S.\r\nNahima (c) Andrea Lanzotti\r\nCateagle (c) Evan Mayerle\r\nil Chechu and Charo (c) Sergio San Millán\r\n

Image: holy_cow.jpg   709x823 57469 bytes 2002.04.12

=) She is Holy Cow, one of Supermegatopia's heros. For one reason that's no need to say she's one of my favorites.\r\nHoly Cow (c) the Brothers Grinn, found at

Image: kimych.jpg   865x528 86548 bytes 2002.12.03

Chechu (in double form) with miss Kim the Terrible, in a situation i don't find adjectives...\r\n(c) in pic

Image: lalapush.jpg   636x908 144737 bytes 2003.02.17

FELIZ CUMPLE, MAESTRA!\r\n\r\npush (c) herself\r\nart by Cholo il\r\n(despite it is all noted in pic)\r\n

Image: lcxch.jpg   816x553 128969 bytes 2002.12.03

^_^ draw for miss Lindsay "x-yness" because yo like her, and she draws cows... kind of...\r\nshe's cute anyway!

Image: marcapasos_c.jpg   680x936 140224 bytes 2002.09.25

hand-colored, awful and 5% smaller version of Marcapasos.jpg, which i'll put here until i color the original with PaintShop Pro\r\nSame copyright stronzzo than marcapasos.jpg

Image: Maxx_Gora.jpg   937x1266 214946 bytes 2002.04.20

El muy ilustrísimo señor don Maxx Celis proposed doing an art trade and i accepted. this is what i gave him, his fursona mounting one of my creatures, a Gora-iwia.\r\nel Maxx (c) David Celids\r\ngora-iwia (c) Sergio San Millán

Image: pete.jpg   640x893 234285 bytes 2003.02.17

Cricket and Hoko (c) Kim Cassin the gorgerous and terrible\r\nSilence (c) Luke, the lucky brother\r\nCholo (c) Sergio "il Chechu", the euphoric combulsive\r\n\r\nhappy mood tudai ^^

Image: push-a-lot.jpg   989x736 162656 bytes 2002.12.17

In front of my lack of conversation skill grew a huge dessire in drawing secretely for miss Push-Tyber, because she is she also.\r\nArt is (c) me, but most important, all those little creatures are (c) Push-Tyber

Image: Red_Nah.jpg   1032x753 244235 bytes 2002.04.20

This is my part of the art trade i did with Redwolf (my first trade ever, i note). The theme is a scene in their story Mystic Realm, created by him and Nahima.\r\nRedwolf and Nahima are (c) by themselves

Image: zzalicornio[1].jpg   820x846 61493 bytes 2002.04.04

Other draw for James Bruner's page. Zig Zag mounting an Alicornio, as she holds a shield that says "the greatest".\r\nAn Alicornio is a mythic creature of Cantabria (the region of Spain where i live), and it's different to other unicorns in it's lion's tail and deer's legs with dragonfly's wings. The idea was taken from a legends book and altered to my style.\r\nZig Zag (c) Max Black Rabbit

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