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Image: 2theRGryffPencil.jpg   849x966 174805 bytes 2006.12.18

:: 2 the Ranting Gryphon ::

Epales, just getting myself to draw some more, i was litseing to\r\nthis interesting fellow form the "furry fandom" call's himself\r\n"2 the ranting Gryphon" pretty good stuff to litsen to\r\nhe has his own radio show via online\r\nGo and litsen to his rants and stuff I warn you,\r\nhe can be ofencive, but he gets the point across.\r\nso i did this out of pure insperation litesning to his stuff. gonna color this soon.\r\nI hope you all like\r\n\r\n2 © 2 the ranting gryphon\r\nImage © IvyB!\r\n

Tags: 2 the Ranting Gryphon  
Image: 3Brothers.jpg   1256x728 175988 bytes 2006.06.06

These are the 3 brothers, heh. form left to right, \r\nJay, Bones & Preston.\r\nBones and Preston are older characters of mine\r\nthose stated off in the 9th grade and finaly got to\r\nunite all 3\r\ndone in ink and colored in PSCS2

Image: Aj_the_Cannan_foxRGB.jpg   583x693 69557 bytes 2006.08.14

Epales, well this is a headshot i did for Zorrito AJ\r\n=3 a good friend of mine trying to get my muse back.\r\nDone in ink and PSCS2\r\nAj © AJ the cannid Fox. Posted with permission\r\nImage © Ivy Beth Gladstone

Image: AllanComisshColored.png   797x1089 182617 bytes 2007.12.23

:: Allan Commission ::

this was a last min. Allan commissioned me to do for him.\r\nOf his Lupin Assassin "allan"\r\n\r\nDone in Ink and colored in PSCS3\r\n\r\nAllan © Allan\r\nImage © Ivy beth Gladstone

Tags: wolf, male, nudity, commission  
Image: AlphaApeColorsLOW.jpg   687x1025 144641 bytes 2007.03.27

:: Alpha Ape ::

For konanarillah \r\ni hope you all like :3\r\n\r\nAlpha Ape © konanarillah \r\nimage © Ivyb!

Tags: Gorilla, male, digital  
Image: An_Intimate_Moment.jpg   903x713 249166 bytes 2007.03.27

:: Intimate Moment ::

COMPLETED!\r\nit represents how much i missed this person since shes has been gone for some time now and got back in touch.\r\nand i wanted to keep the pencil feel to it, so just added a tint to it\r\n\r\n\r\nlyly © frawley28 \r\nOvy and image © Ivyb!

Tags: Tiger, Cat, female, pencil, mixedmedia, emotive  
Image: AnubisSeiColored.jpg   1005x743 190782 bytes 2006.09.07

A b-day present for my Ex. A fantasy of Seiko's to \r\ndo Anubis in his male form\r\nheh, well there you go and happy B-day Seiko\r\n\r\nSeiko © Seiko\r\nImage © Ivy Beth Gladstone

Image: AriusInkColores.jpg   740x1027 128502 bytes 2006.08.30

This is piece i did for my budd, Arius.\r\na year ago when we went with a group to a hotspot\r\nto chill out.\r\ndone in Inks and PS7\r\nArius © Arius\r\nImage © Ivy Beth Gladstone

Image: AriusPronMakimayer.jpg   825x1040 223073 bytes 2007.04.18

:: Arius PRON ::

Well porn, this is somehting i did for arius since he is visiting\r\nand he brough overr yamibliss and illution \r\nso i guess it a candy and drawing party\r\nand Arius had asked to draw his character with Jay\r\nso this is done with Ink and Cool grays makers and a 2 colored markers\r\nI hope you all like it\r\n\r\nArius © arius \r\nJay and Image © ivyb!

Tags: traditional, markers, dog, fox, male, yiff, mature,  
Image: ArtemisNDbruinColoredFlat.jpg   829x612 122602 bytes 2006.08.23

Comission for Dbruin a bit of X ratedness\r\nhim and his bo having fun.\r\nahh love.\r\n=3\r\n\r\nDone in pencil and PSCS2\r\nDbruin,Aetemis © Dbruin, posted with permission\r\nImage © Ivy Beth Gladstone

Image: AshColored.jpg   603x1052 124483 bytes 2006.07.06

Epales, well this one of my two gift for my friend Lysa\r\nShe is a great person with a great heart and and i wanted to do this \r\npic of her character Ash.\r\nDone in Inks and PSCS2\r\n\r\nAsh©Lysa Frawley. Posted with permission.\r\nImage© Ivy Beth Gladstone

Image: BADGESSET1COLOR.png   1156x850 294784 bytes 2007.07.01

:: Badges Set 1 AC 2007 ::

COLORED AND DONE\r\n\r\nBADGESSSS\r\nleelee mykiwichan painwolf kira \r\n\r\narius ivybeth yamibliss rilest\r\n\r\nlook out for set 2\r\n\r\n=3

Tags: Badges, fanart, multiple characters, male, female  
Image: BADGESSET2.png   1147x850 310074 bytes 2007.07.13

:: Badges Set 2 ::

\r\n\r\nGonna make some more, but theres where the ones that made it to AC\r\n\r\nyunicoon blinque korth blackfrost\r\nMottenfest PalladinThug soba beastlybahamut\r\n\r\nimage © ivybeth\r\n

Tags: wolf, tiger, bear, dragon, unicorn, donky, cat, husky, badges male, female  
Image: BladedJayColored.jpg   954x600 95526 bytes 2006.05.25

Well here is jay with a sword for some reason\r\nand i was skeything this out in one of those "post it"\r\npaper. heh\r\nwell done in a ball point pen and PSCS2\r\n=]

Image: BlinqueFierce.png   716x1060 144722 bytes 2008.02.09

:: Blinque ::

a little gift i had promised for blinque \r\nwith her new get-up. :3\r\n\r\nenjoy\r\n\r\nBlinque © blinque \r\nImage © ivy beth gladstone

Tags: hybrid, female, giftart, digital  
Image: Bliss2007Colored.png   835x1088 187277 bytes 2008.02.09

:: Winged Bliss ::

just a little side piece i had drawn at yamibliss' house\r\nwhen i went to visit him, also to cheer him up\r\n\r\nenjoy\r\n\r\nBliss © Jeffrey "yamibliss" Carrión\r\nImage © ivy beth gladstone

Tags: wolf, male, nudity, giftart, digital  
Image: BrunoColor.jpg   683x1003 177339 bytes 2006.09.29

a request piece for Tomcat of Bruno. all tough bruno...yeah\r\nscary, but its wat he wanted XD\r\nDone in ink and PSCS2\r\n\r\nBruno © TomCat\r\nImage © Ivy Beth Gladstone

Image: BunnysoulColored.jpg   556x1083 117687 bytes 2006.12.18

:: BunnySoul ::

Epales guys, another piece quite over do for the bunniest of bunns, bunnysoul\r\nof his character, =3\r\nand showing his all mighty self\r\n>>\r\n<<\r\n\r\n^^'\r\n\r\nBunnysoul © bunnysoul\r\nImage © Ivyb!\r\n

Tags: BunnySoul  
Image: CheeringupBenColored.jpg   815x1041 211945 bytes 2006.08.30

A quicky a did for my Ex, that wanted to cheer a close friend\r\nthat was feeling donw on the dumps\r\nDone in Ink and PSCS2\r\nAll characters©to each there own maker\r\nImage © Ivy Beth Gladstone

Image: CodyFrostColored.jpg   742x714 132578 bytes 2006.08.14

A gift for CodyFrost. I so do love his Tiger heheheh\r\nDone in Ink n PSCS2\r\nCodyFrost © Vince S.\r\nImage © Ivy Beth G.

Image: Cox.jpg   759x1136 173962 bytes 2006.10.21

Epales guys, well this a fanart piece i made for Gideon of this foxy hottyness\r\nCox. i hope you all likes\r\nDone in ink and colored PSCS2\r\n\r\nCox © Gideon\r\nImage © Ivy B! Gladstone

Image: COYcolored.png   807x801 100898 bytes 2007.07.01

:: Coy head shot quicky ::

did a little quick of coy for gideon \r\ncool character, love the originality in him\r\nhehehehhehe\r\nwell, here all go\r\n*goes back to work*\r\n\r\nLinework in OC , colored in PS\r\n\r\nCoy © gideon \r\nartwork © ivybeth

Tags: mature, cock tongue, dog, male  
Image: CuddleOvySeiko.jpg   718x937 154462 bytes 2006.05.22

Just a friendly cuddle between mates ^_^\r\nits good to see some love in the air.\r\nDone in a ballpoint pen and PSCS2\r\n=]

Image: CyberfleeColored.jpg   844x1011 131699 bytes 2006.08.30

A pic i did a few months back for my bud, Cyberflee\r\nas a trade. hehe ^^\r\nDone in Ink and PSCS2\r\nCyberflee © CyberFlee\r\nImage © Ivy Beth Gladstone

Image: CyberWuffBondageColored.png   815x1085 206988 bytes 2008.02.09

:: Cyberwuff Bondage Commission ::

This is WAYYYYYYY overtherdue!! But i finished it! :3\r\nthis is for cyberwuff of his fetish enduced piece of his\r\ngrey wuff and German Shepherd all being teased and touchered\r\n\r\ni hope you like it Wuff and SOOO SORRY for the wait\r\n\r\nCharacters © cyberwuff\r\nImage © ivy beth gladstone

Tags: canines, comissionm, male, bondage, fetish, digital  
Image: DasColoredFullBod.png   839x1443 223203 bytes 2007.05.19

:: Dazen ::

Commission for notveryathletic\r\nfor dazencobalt\r\n:3\r\n*back to work*\r\ndaz © dazencobalt\r\nimage by © ivyb!

Tags: digital, hybrid, male, comission, muscle, fanart  
Image: DasDraconisColoredLOW.png   787x1101 180260 bytes 2008.02.21

:: Das Draconis commissh ::

\r\n\r\ncommission from Daswolf for DraconicaNimbus\r\nas a Valentine gift, given the eve of st valentines hehe\r\nwell i hope ya'll like it :3\r\n\r\nDas © Daswolf\r\nDn © DraconicaNimbus\r\nImage © ivy beth gladstone\r\n

Tags: tiger, hybrid, commission, male, female, valentines  
Image: DJColored.jpg   691x1165 167332 bytes 2007.02.09

:: DJ Casual wear ::

Epales, well hiws it going, been very busy and Slump-ish\r\nand also started my new semesnter, so im juggleing alot of stuff at the same time.\r\nwell this is a piece (needs to be colored) for blacknblue\r\nvery lovely fellow whom im a big for his music\r\nso this is part of a little deal with him\r\nand helping develop more his character "DJ"\r\nwell this his casual view\r\n\r\nDJ © blacknblue\r\nPencils © ivy beth gladstone

Image: DragoneerContestEnteryLOW.jpg   773x1064 250452 bytes 2006.09.01

This is a piece i made for a contest for Dragoneer\r\nbasicly the chalange was to draw his characters\r\nem..doing whatever. and i saw that he enjoyed bondage\r\nso intergaded that in this piece.\r\nDone in ink and PCS2\r\nCharacter©Dragoneer\r\nImage © Ivy Beth Gladstone

Image: DuoNGaelicColored.jpg   921x1009 203580 bytes 2006.08.23

A betaleted commission piece for Gaelic for he r then Bo, Duo\r\nhe is very shivilrest and always protecting his girl.\r\nvery sweet.\r\n=3\r\n\r\nInked and colored in PSCS2\r\nGaelic © Gaelic\r\nDuo © Duo\r\nImage © Ivy Beth Gladstone

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