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Image: 2ndamendment.JPG   446x768 85229 bytes 2001.07.23

I've always been a proponent of the right to own guns; lets face it, at 6' 3", and too many pounds I'm still not a match for eight high-schoolers with baseball bats. And I'd imagine its even worse for the ladies. Here, a young mother deals with what might be a hazardous situation; fortunately she's prepared (Oh, don't worry, they're PROBABLY just the power company crew working on ending the black-out.... Riiiiiight).

Image: 6sigma_Rt.jpg   499x775 145453 bytes 2001.01.10

"Six Sigma - Right" Before long it became painfully obvious they were actually gunning for me. Those golf balls could hurt!<br>\r\n\n

Image: a-wc.jpg   1024x675 353564 bytes 2000.12.10

"TCS Endeavor, from Echo Wing Lead; Its not a sensor ghost; I've got a visual, but I swear, I've never seen a ship that looks like THAT before!" A friend of mine is a devout Albedo fan, scouring the comic book shops while on business trips for the missed back issues. I like 'em too, but am adicted to the Wing Commander/Descent Freespace style space fighter/shoot-'em-up. Steve Gallacci's ships make sound engineering sense, but as we've discussed, they lace a certain "romantic appeal".... Here the pilot of a Wing Commander Universe Interceptor gets the first look at a visitor. Oh, and if you haven't ever read any of Steve's most excellent works, you should! \n

Image: abtf.gif   402x561 12347 bytes 1997.08.02

Image: AirDefense.JPG   1200x1028 171661 bytes 2003.08.13

From the '60's to the present, the M-163 helped guard the skies against all sorts of nasties. Of course, now the FIM-92A heat seeking shoulder fired missile is there to help too. Not sure if the Dragon is Russian or Chinese, but its definitely a "red".... Sorry, bad joke. The venerable Vulcan also did real well against ground targets too.....

Image: alice01c.jpg   717x768 160981 bytes 1998.03.20

Image: alice02c.jpg   737x768 104760 bytes 1998.03.21

Image: Animal.JPG   511x768 95950 bytes 1998.09.08

Image: animal02.jpg   960x720 115075 bytes 1997.10.07

Image: antonia2b.jpg.jpg   489x768 101068 bytes 2001.10.25

Antonia from FurryMuck; she wanted something risque, which this one is not; it however does lead into the picture to follow (grins)

Image: AutoMag.jpg   547x768 118870 bytes 2000.12.31

Latest in my "Girls with Guns" series. The .44 caliber AutoMag was a '70's classic, but ill-fated. You had to hand-make your own ammunition from .308 rifle ammo cases. At least until High Standard bought the rights and convinced Federal to make the ammo.... but High Standard went bankrupt shortly thereafter. Here a Mouse Lady awakens in the middle of the night. Intruders? She reaches into her nightstand for her pistol... Pity the poor intruders!\n

Image: bail-out.jpg   598x768 129789 bytes 2000.03.06

Image: BaliHai.JPG   592x768 74683 bytes 1999.06.13

Image: bandersnatch.jpg   551x768 180328 bytes 2000.02.14

Image: banth.jpg   990x768 214535 bytes 2000.11.03

"Banth" Ive seen a lot of 'taurs go by on the furry archives recently, and thought I ought to do something along those lines. In his "John Carter of Mars" series, Edgar Rice Burroughs described the Banth as the "Martian Lion." Big beast, with eight legs. Here's a morphic Banth (Banth'taur?) on the plains of Mars.\n

Image: barbarianunicorn.jpg   768x753 78112 bytes 2004.02.15

Not really sure just where this one came from, but.....

Image: Barrett.JPG   541x768 163796 bytes 2001.03.23

A Husky-morph poses with her Barrett sniper rifle after achieving a "vehicular kill" at a range of almost a mile. Latest in the "girls with guns series"

Image: bchasslt.JPG   1024x768 370860 bytes 1998.08.31

Image: beachwalk.jpg   768x768 144590 bytes 2003.11.29

Me and my Lioness. Not much else to say.

Image: Beginner.jpg   1024x736 205719 bytes 2000.08.09

Taj, my fan-fiction character from Anthony Pryor-Brown's "Thystra" universe practices his swordsmanship. Is that "Fencing for Dummies" he's working from? Hard to say........ His story is on\n

Image: BhunniCornered.jpg   546x768 128325 bytes 2001.02.13

Another of those pictures from the six sigma course doodles; Hemmed in, cornered.... feelings like that were not unknown at that seminar.... Shame on me for taking it out on poor Bhunni.....

Image: bhunnimad.jpg   600x768 186224 bytes 2000.09.29

Its not often that I get the supporting picture done before the story, but... Here's a character I'm trying to work into Taj's Saga; Meet Bhunni, the wizard-wanna-be's "familiar". Dunno what she's mad about (not until I write the story anyways).\n

Image: BhunniRibbon.jpg   381x768 52594 bytes 2001.02.13

Bhunni tries to fashion something to wear from a single long piece of ribbon; not sure it came out QUITE as desribed to me, but.....

Image: BikerBabe.jpg   1024x738 396203 bytes 2001.06.25

Over the years, I've seen a lot of pictures of chicks with bikes go by. I have to admit, I can't get worked up over motorcycles, not even Harleys (I know, blasphemy...) However THIS is one bike I'd love to have, ESPECIALLY with her sitting in back. Thanks to Zassa of FurryMuck for posing for the picture!

Image: buy_ice.jpg   1024x719 295718 bytes 1997.04.21

Image: Callahans2.JPG   644x768 137230 bytes 2003.04.15

Callahans (Of FurryMuck), where everyone's got your number... Kittiara's bar in FurrySpace is one of my favorite hangouts. She SAYS Spyder Robinson doesn't mind, but that's probably because he's never actually BEEN there. Or at least I've never seen him there. An interesting place.

Image: cantfindit-sm.jpg   927x680 203280 bytes 2002.04.15

You know the feeling; you know its there somewhere, but you CANNOT find what you need in the index or the table of contents..... Taj and Bhunni have a small problem, and the spell, ANY spell that will solve it seems to be eluding them......

Image: cast_light.jpg   596x768 97957 bytes 2000.06.20

A young Wizard-wanna-be starts with the most basic of spells, casting light. From a series of fan-fiction stories I've started, set in Anthony Pryor-Brown's "Thystra" universe. If you're interested they can be found at\n

Image: chalnge.JPG   1022x768 100488 bytes 1998.06.01

Image: ChomaSword.jpg   547x726 187688 bytes 2000.01.10

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