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Image: jonwI_citymousestrut.jpg   250x650 18445 bytes 2005.08.23

City Mouse Strut. Alternate background and outfit. Take your choice.

Image: jonwI_Countrymousestrut.jpg   250x650 26649 bytes 2005.08.23

Country Mouse Strut. From a pose by Martin Gerlach; just had to try my hand at it. Couldn't make up my mind, though, about the background; this is the first one I tried.

Image: jonwI_ReadyAlert.jpg   500x350 28996 bytes 2005.08.14

Ready Alert. In the canal zone, during WW II, fighter squadrons were kept on ready alert, against a Japanese attack against the critical Panama canal. Pilots sat in the cockpits of their fighters, ready to go, day after day. Fortunately, there never was an attack. Never the less, the fighter pilots were there,and probably bored out of their gourds too. Here a fighter pilot sits "ready alert" at the station built to defend the critical Ka'hass jump gate, the route to Federation space.... Kudos to APIS, who does this sort of thing much better than I.

Image: jonwI_spontoon01.jpg   260x325 20868 bytes 2005.07.28

Spontoon Island. I finally got around to reading some of Simon Barber's "Spontoon Island series, and thoroughly enjoyed them. Here's a small tribute; my Tigress, Bali Hi, doing the "Hula of the sunburned tourist" at the annual dance competition. In the background is a somewhat out of the time line Vought OS2U Kingfisher from about four years in the future. Maybe he's emerging from the Burmuda Triangle....<br>

Image: jonwI_BeastofBurden.jpg   750x750 169621 bytes 2005.07.21

Beast of Burden. Again, a little difficult to explain; it all stems from a mud puddle, and some cat tails at work. DON'T ASK. At the end, I felt all bound up in red tape and very much the beast of burden, endlessly working towards a never completed goal. Hence the picture. Once again, done on the PDA, hence the screwy colors.

Image: jonwI_OolaLop.jpg   750x750 54342 bytes 2005.07.01

Oola-Lop. This one's a little difficult to explain; as things built up to the release of Star Wars Episode III, I saw, on Renderosity, a prop by PhilC, for the Poser program; the slave girl that danced for Jabba the Hutt at the beginning of episode VI. Those fleshy... horns? Swung from her head as she danced, and somehow, I thought "lop". Here's my version of her as a lop-eared bunny. Why green? Well, ages ago, I read some fiction about a space patrol where one of the characters was an Ytt, a lepine-like being, only green. Green's a good color for an alien slave girl, don't you think? Green lop-eared Orion slave girls?

Image: jonwI_lvt-4.JPG   733x550 124646 bytes 2005.06.05

LVT-4 This one's been in the works forever. The LVT (Landing Vehicle, Tractor) was made of aluminum, and able to "swim; they were a Godsend to the Marines, in the Pacific during WWII. This is the "armed" variant; they were frequently used as tanks by desperate commanders (which they weren't). On occasion they were also used as gunboats. And the life of the average Marine in the Pacific in WW II would have been a lot grimmer without them. I bet the soldiers at Normandy would have liked them too....<br>

Image: jonwI_Reluctant.jpg   753x753 78059 bytes 2005.06.02

Reluctant. My version of "meet the parents". Perhaps he's just not a beach person, after all, most felines don't care for the water. More likely he's not really wild about meeting her friends. Maybe he thinks he won't fit in. But she's not having any of it....<br>\r\n

Image: jonwI_countrygirl.jpg   417x640 94950 bytes 2005.05.12

Country Girl. This one's for Kittiara, an acquaintance on FurryMuck.

Image: jonwI_Bored_pg.jpg   350x350 24359 bytes 2005.03.17

Looks like he's waiting for something. The industrial (billious) green walls, the bare concrete floor... Waiting for his car to be repaired? For the IRS agent to call him for the audit? For something, that's sure. The newspaper's been read, the crossword puzzle done, and still he waits....\r\n\r\nDone on the PDA.

Image: jonwI_BeachMouse.jpg   325x700 24509 bytes 2005.02.19

And this is the subsequent "nice" version... Lack of layers ability makes this annoyingly difficult.

Image: jonwI_XmasOnGuard.jpg   753x753 37593 bytes 2004.12.18

My thanks to all those that stand guard to keep the rest of us safe, especially durring the holidays! Merry Christmas!

Image: jonwI_Christmas04.jpg   753x753 61278 bytes 2004.12.11

Merry Christmas (Hey, for once I got it out early!)

Image: jonwI_Thong07.jpg   588x768 128542 bytes 2004.08.27

Haven't done one of these in ages. But it IS a thong. Trust me; I was there...

Image: jonwI_GrafenwehrGhosts_sm.jpg   1024x338 54767 bytes 2004.07.10

They've been training Tankers at Grafenwehr, in Germany, since the 1930's. Last I heard it was still in heavy use, by Nato. Not many places left in Europe where you can drive tanks around... Given its history, there are bound to be a few ghosts there.

Image: jonwI_ZassaTease.jpg   725x944 76069 bytes 2004.06.24

Zassa, of Furrymuck (and Kittiara's stories) being her usual teasing self. Thought the "come hither" look caught her just right, but its obvious I'm still working on "red"... Used with permission.

Image: jonwI_SoldiersattheGate.jpg   560x768 89938 bytes 2004.05.31

Soldiers at the gate: Easter service, and my mind was wandering. The youth were putting on a skit and thoughtlessly, I didn't have a clue what they were doing. Two teens in robes were pacing back and forth in agitation, and the announcer was saying "our Master is dead, and we thought they'd be coming for the rest of us. We were listening for the tread of soldiers at the garden gate"... OK, the first thing that flashed through my mind was "well, the first put a couple of grenades over the garden wall.... THEN I figured out they were talking about Jesus' death, and the disciples fearing they were next... Oh. Ooops. Sorry, Lord.... This picture is what came to mind; completely inappropriate I'm afraid. Prismacolor markers and Derwent watercolor pencils

Image: jonwI_WyldHareTease.jpg   535x811 103975 bytes 2004.05.26

Not sure just where she is, but she's being her usual teasing self. Hmmm, probably the first time I've done a G rated picture of her....

Image: Formal.JPG   538x768 136186 bytes 2004.03.13

Something decent for a change; a couple at a fancy party (thinking about my wife and our upcoming anniversary). Sorry about the Polaris, the rotating restaurant atop what used to be the Regency Hyatt House in Atlanta; its been 30 years since I was there last, and the more I think about it, the more I realize how wrong I got it. It'd always looked like a flying saucer had landed up there, but this looks more like a "Daily Planet" logo...

Image: NudeBeachZassaArrorDep.jpg   565x768 81020 bytes 2004.02.29

Nude Beach Zassa; Arriving or Departing? Personally, I think, as the beach is still deserted, and she usually attracts a following wherever she goes, she must just be arriving. Zassa (this one at least) is copyright the one on FurryMuck and is used with permission.

Image: barbarianunicorn.jpg   768x753 78112 bytes 2004.02.15

Not really sure just where this one came from, but.....

Image: M8greyhound.jpg   1024x704 73268 bytes 2004.02.01

The M8 armored car wasn't a match for anything else in the war, with the possible exception of a Kubelwagen... Mostly it was used for convoy escort, but occasionally they were used for the purpose they were designed for; scouting. Here a scout group comes out of the woods, and into the open, where the M8 might use its speed to aid in its defense (although I doubt the dismounted scouts would appreciate that).

Image: xmas2003.JPG   1024x740 135865 bytes 2003.12.24

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

Image: beachwalk.jpg   768x768 144590 bytes 2003.11.29

Me and my Lioness. Not much else to say.

Image: jonwi_jaguar.jpg   472x768 49558 bytes 2003.11.04

"Jungle Trails - Jaguar" A friend recently pointed me to a tutorial for doing jaguar spots ( and this is the result of my experimentation with it. The log is supposed to be across a still stream, under the dark canopy of the jungle. Anyways, _I_ like it...

Image: JONWI_RAQUEL.JPG   433x768 46666 bytes 2003.10.25

"Raquel" When I was in College,I had the famous poster of her, from the movie "One Million Years BC". Lousy movie, but.... Here's my furry version; a tribute if you will.

Image: ontos.jpg   968x768 171755 bytes 2003.10.14

> "Ontos" is Greek for "The Thing". Designed to destroy enemy tanks, they found themselves in 'nam, where they wound up being particularly useful, although not for the purpose they were designed for. The beehive round for the 106mm recoilless rifle could peel back the jungle for a quarter mile, and the Ontos could fire all six barrels at once, making it the world's largest shotgun. Charlie hated 'em. You'll have a hard time finding a surviving Ontos; almost all of them were scrapped. There are more surviving WW 1 tanks, than M50A1's. Rare indeed.<

Image: sundaydrive_m3halftrack.jpg   1300x900 162683 bytes 2003.09.28

Sunday Drive. Well, it certainly doesn'tlook to me as if they're expecting any combat. And that's a good thing as the M3 halftrack's armor could not withstand the bullets from the German MG42 machine gun. I'm glad we've got better equipment these days....

Image: AirDefense.JPG   1200x1028 171661 bytes 2003.08.13

From the '60's to the present, the M-163 helped guard the skies against all sorts of nasties. Of course, now the FIM-92A heat seeking shoulder fired missile is there to help too. Not sure if the Dragon is Russian or Chinese, but its definitely a "red".... Sorry, bad joke. The venerable Vulcan also did real well against ground targets too.....

Image: Mercenary2.JPG   799x768 141819 bytes 2003.07.07

Sequel to "Mercenary Arriving". Our merc friend has been assigned to a fire team, obviously to, ah, "stiffen" their combat abilities.... Or something like that. Yes, the APC and dropship are stolen from Aliens... Makes you wonder who they're fighting, doesn't it?

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