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Image: MorningCrowd.JPG   592x768 144247 bytes 2003.05.27

LONG overdue; two years ago, I promised to do a pair of pictures for my friends on FurryMuck. I was planning a picture of the girls, looking right, and then, later, a second picture of the guys looking left. This is the picture of Samanthia, Mwerevu, Buzz, Polgara, Kibbles and Kratsminsch. I bet they've long since forgotten about it. I hope they're not too disappointed in either the delay or the final product. Guys, don't hold your breath; I can't even remember who was supposed to be in the group.

Image: Callahans2.JPG   644x768 137230 bytes 2003.04.15

Callahans (Of FurryMuck), where everyone's got your number... Kittiara's bar in FurrySpace is one of my favorite hangouts. She SAYS Spyder Robinson doesn't mind, but that's probably because he's never actually BEEN there. Or at least I've never seen him there. An interesting place.

Image: NIPANDTUCK.JPG   1090x1024 157395 bytes 2003.04.05

My tribute to Ralph Hayes Jr.'s great comic strip. The building in the background isn't in Malarkey Co., though; its in Twiggs Co, Georgia, in Bullard, along the Cochran short route, South of Macon. Used to be a thriving country store, but now its abandoned and decaying. But I thought it had the right look for Pop's gas.

Image: MSHA03-1.jpg   804x768 75639 bytes 2003.03.22

This is the other MSHA doodle. The meeting started at 7:30 and lasted all day. I don't function without coffee. Had to find a pot. Then filters. Then coffee. Then we discovered the water cooler was empty. Get the key to the next-door building where potable water was available. Start the coffee maker. THEN find out there are no cups. Send a guy out for cups. FINALLY the coffee was ready, and by then I had this sketch done.

Image: LionOnTheWatch.JPG   1024x751 149433 bytes 2003.03.10

"Lion on the Watch" For a while I had a painting of a (non-morphic) lion on a ridge, watching the plains below, as wallpaper on my computer. I forget the painter's name, but it apparently was a moderately famous painting. Here's my version. M4 Sherman, early production, I think.<br>

Image: UNICONAN.JPG   378x768 57342 bytes 2003.02.13

A muscular young Unicorn Stallion seeks adventure in a barbarous world. Started as a picture of a friend, stalled over discussions on how the eyes should go, resurected when I got my new graphics tablet, and finished as something never intended when started. I think.

Image: Nude_Beach_14.jpg   512x768 65552 bytes 2003.02.09

First finished picture with my new graphics tablet. Didn't help much with her face or hair; something's definitely not right there, but I like the way the rest of it came out!

Image: MercenaryAriving.JPG   556x767 140925 bytes 2003.01.01

It was a backwater planet, with a third class war, little more than a civil disturbance. And yet, given his past, it was the only work he could find. And it had taken his last credits to book passage there. Maybe things would work out better this time... Inspired by a Kaa Starhunter picture.

Image: Xmas2002.JPG   565x768 100357 bytes 2002.12.20

Honestly, the tree didn't look that big when we bought it, nor did it look that big in the back of the truck. Maybe the house shrunk.... Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all of you, from all of us

Image: JungleTrails_OtterSurprise.JPG   1024x745 261082 bytes 2002.11.12

A lovely young otter lass hides in the grass, waiting for trouble to pass... Or maybe she's after new alligator shoes; she DOES have that knife!\r\n\r\nActually sold this one at auction on Furbid! Imagine that!

Image: M60A2.JPG   1002x768 276046 bytes 2002.09.01

In the early 70's, it looked as if the tank's day was over. Hollow charge weapons and Anti-Tank Guided Missiles could penetrate any armor. The M60A2, sometimes known as the "Starship" for its advanced technology tried to take advantage of some of that. The main weapon was a gun that could fire 152mm shells OR launch an ATGM. However, the massive recoil from the large gun almost always screwed up the electronics for the missile, and it was taken out of service. Then Chobham armor came along and everything changed.

Image: Taj_WaitingOutTheRain.jpg   588x768 151107 bytes 2002.08.10

Taj, my fanfic character (From Anthony Pryor-Brown's Thystra universe) takes what shelter he can find, from the rain. You KNOW how felines hate to get wet!\r\n\r\nTrying something a little different here; largest character I could squeeze onto the page, to see if it came out any better. Did it work?

Image: MBT70.JPG   1002x768 195809 bytes 2002.08.04

"I'll TAKE it!" In the late 60's, the M60 was about to be outclassed by Soviet armor (or so everyone thought) and the M48 was basically obsolete, despite the brilliant use of them by the Israelis in '68. The MBT 70, a joint research project with the Germans, was to be the solution. It was a technological marvel; but it cost 1.3 million dollars each, and as such was deemed too expensive to field. (sigh). It was the precursor for the Leopard II in Germany, and the M1 Abrams in the US. But in the late 60's, there was nothing like it on the planet.

Image: JungleTrails_WTLS.JPG   541x768 114739 bytes 2002.07.24

This was just a quick test to try out the seven Prismacolor markers I bought. All I could afford. Feedback requested (; should I invest in a wider selection of colors, or fall back to the colored pencils? Or, (grins) should I give it up completely?

Image: M48A3.JPG   988x768 281573 bytes 2002.07.12

An M48 in 'Nam. I know that look all too well; the TC and the loader are thinking; "We just ran over something...." Lets face it, visibility from those things sucked. The driver probably never saw whatever it was he ran over. Hope it wasn't anything important. Oh, by the way, this was from a very interesting photo. The TC's cupola indicates A3 or earlier, but the fume extractor 1/3 down the barrel suggests a retrofitted 105 mm, and along with the two antennas, that suggests something like an A5. Wish I could see the side, to count the track return rollers; that'd give a clue.

Image: Uh-Oh!.JPG   679x768 201541 bytes 2002.04.30

If it hadn't been for his trusty walking staff and a lot of luck, Taj would have been in REAL trouble when the floor gave way. He really SHOULD look where he's going....

Image: cantfindit-sm.jpg   927x680 203280 bytes 2002.04.15

You know the feeling; you know its there somewhere, but you CANNOT find what you need in the index or the table of contents..... Taj and Bhunni have a small problem, and the spell, ANY spell that will solve it seems to be eluding them......

Image: yipesstripes2.JPG   614x768 144417 bytes 2002.03.02

Two lovely ladies, meeting by chance, possibly as they head for the dinner of some convention (yeah, right, the same sort of "convention" ZigZag might attend....)

Image: Valentine2-15-2002.JPG   580x768 151485 bytes 2002.02.17

OK, so I'm a little late; done with my wife in mind, thinking back to our honeymoon so many years ago. Better late than never?\r\n

Image: jonwI_Hunts.JPG   1024x687 185078 bytes 2002.02.10

Companion piece to VanAnkat Hunts. Different times call for different techniques. 'Nuff said\r\n\r\nBy the way, I realize most folks won't recognize the setting; that's the TC's machine-gun turret on an M48A3. No power traverse; you had to horse it around manually.

Image: VanAnkat_Hunts.JPG   555x768 122499 bytes 2002.02.01

A white Tiger finds concealment among the Birches, in the snow. For John, in Michigan, a fellow author on the Waterwings page (the VanAnkat stories), and fellow carnivore

Image: Viking.JPG   563x768 396869 bytes 2002.01.06

" A burned out homestead; a stranger; a Vixen with a question; "Are you a Viking?" She has horns on her hat; is it a simple case of mistaken identity? Does she think that horns do a Viking make? Or is she from the destroyed homestead, dressed in scavanged armor, seeking revenge? And what happens when wave a red Vixen in front of a Bull? So many questions, so little time to frame an answer; that axe of hers looks sharp!

Image: Xmas2001.jpg   566x768 94562 bytes 2001.12.22

Merry Christmas, from jonwI' 's Pride to yours

Image: LTB01.jpg   568x768 158077 bytes 2001.12.15

"Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh One" The crowd roars and the next contestants look up in nervous anticipation. Did the Emperor signal thumbs up, or down? And then the Coluseum stage manager is calling for the next two teams. Time to go..... Started while watching Gladiator and months in the making. My second attempt using the water color colored pencils.

Image: swinger.jpg   543x600 174609 bytes 2001.12.07

An old picture, over a year old, that I FINALLY got around to finishing. Can't help but wonder what was running through my mind when I drew his feet, however. Oh well.....

Image: antonia2b.jpg.jpg   489x768 101068 bytes 2001.10.25

Antonia from FurryMuck; she wanted something risque, which this one is not; it however does lead into the picture to follow (grins)

Image: M5Stuart.JPG   1024x718 299842 bytes 2001.10.06

This one should really be called "Green"... An infantry unit provides cover during an advance, backed by an M5 Stuart light tank. As the average American half track could be perforated by German machine gun bullets, I SUPPOSE this was a benefit, but with the 37mm gun, the Stuart was woefully outgunned by almost any German vehicle. Curiously enough, the Stuart, and its successor, the M24 Chaffee, were made by Cadillac.

Image: Flute.JPG   563x768 140980 bytes 2001.08.21

My younger daughter fancies Leopards (OK, so she fancies Leopard prints....) and plays the flute. This one's for her.

Image: 2ndamendment.JPG   446x768 85229 bytes 2001.07.23

I've always been a proponent of the right to own guns; lets face it, at 6' 3", and too many pounds I'm still not a match for eight high-schoolers with baseball bats. And I'd imagine its even worse for the ladies. Here, a young mother deals with what might be a hazardous situation; fortunately she's prepared (Oh, don't worry, they're PROBABLY just the power company crew working on ending the black-out.... Riiiiiight).

Image: nomorechanges.jpg   590x768 178266 bytes 2001.07.15

For all the long-suffering draftsmen who have to put up with project and process engineers (like me) who just can't seem to get it right.

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