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Image: jonwI_Tease.jpg   566x850 79942 bytes 2008.09.19

Tags: Cheetah Trouble  
Image: jonwI_Thong07.jpg   588x768 128542 bytes 2004.08.27

Haven't done one of these in ages. But it IS a thong. Trust me; I was there...

Image: jonwI_tigressthong.jpg   800x532 75851 bytes 2006.08.17

Bali Hai on her day off? On the other hand, who needs a reason?

Image: jonwI_TigresswithBooks.JPG   800x600 80871 bytes 2007.08.31

Tigress with Books

How many Tigresses do you know that like to read? I know at least one....

Tags: Tigress  
Image: jonwI_VanAnkat_Rose_R.gif   234x713 34513 bytes 2005.10.27

A request, for VanAnkat (who wrote stories in Todd Sutherland's "Waterwings" franchise universe). The .gif is meant to be inserted into an e-mail to make it "personalized stationary" for correspondence with furries of a like mind. Beyond that, its not a bad picture of VanAnkat.... Hope he gets some use out of it.

Image: jonwI_WyldHareTease.jpg   535x811 103975 bytes 2004.05.26

Not sure just where she is, but she's being her usual teasing self. Hmmm, probably the first time I've done a G rated picture of her....

Image: jonwI_XmasOnGuard.jpg   753x753 37593 bytes 2004.12.18

My thanks to all those that stand guard to keep the rest of us safe, especially durring the holidays! Merry Christmas!

Image: jonwI_ZaftigBikini.jpg   320x864 30029 bytes 2005.11.19

This is one of those things that just wouldn't quit; started as a simple head sketch; liked the way that came out; so then the torso was added... and what to do with the hands? Then, colored on the PDA, and a background added. Long way from that simple head sketch.

Image: jonwI_ZassaTease.jpg   725x944 76069 bytes 2004.06.24

Zassa, of Furrymuck (and Kittiara's stories) being her usual teasing self. Thought the "come hither" look caught her just right, but its obvious I'm still working on "red"... Used with permission.

Image: JungleTrails_OtterSurprise.JPG   1024x745 261082 bytes 2002.11.12

A lovely young otter lass hides in the grass, waiting for trouble to pass... Or maybe she's after new alligator shoes; she DOES have that knife!\r\n\r\nActually sold this one at auction on Furbid! Imagine that!

Image: JungleTrails_WTLS.JPG   541x768 114739 bytes 2002.07.24

This was just a quick test to try out the seven Prismacolor markers I bought. All I could afford. Feedback requested (; should I invest in a wider selection of colors, or fall back to the colored pencils? Or, (grins) should I give it up completely?

Image: katja1.gif   435x768 9215 bytes 1997.07.23

Image: Katja3.JPG   270x768 100743 bytes 1999.08.21

Image: katja5.jpg   428x768 109632 bytes 2000.01.05

Image: kittiara3.jpg   586x768 96399 bytes 2000.03.18

Image: letters.jpg   782x768 102690 bytes 1997.02.28

Image: Li_Tanu.jpg   482x768 161107 bytes 1999.11.06

Image: Li_up_against_the_wall.JPG   540x768 170774 bytes 2000.06.20

Li, the Katian babe from Anthony Pryor-Brown's "Wulf" stories, in a dramatic pose.\n

Image: LionessC.JPG   1024x768 309884 bytes 1998.06.09

Image: LionOnTheWatch.JPG   1024x751 149433 bytes 2003.03.10

"Lion on the Watch" For a while I had a painting of a (non-morphic) lion on a ridge, watching the plains below, as wallpaper on my computer. I forget the painter's name, but it apparently was a moderately famous painting. Here's my version. M4 Sherman, early production, I think.<br>

Image: Liza.JPG   403x768 74978 bytes 1998.11.02

Image: LTB01.jpg   568x768 158077 bytes 2001.12.15

"Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh One" The crowd roars and the next contestants look up in nervous anticipation. Did the Emperor signal thumbs up, or down? And then the Coluseum stage manager is calling for the next two teams. Time to go..... Started while watching Gladiator and months in the making. My second attempt using the water color colored pencils.

Image: M3Grant.JPG   993x768 270139 bytes 2000.11.22

A while back, Bill Kuelbs posted a picture called FoFL_3.jpg, in which he showed a brave British furr in the turret of his Grant Mk 1 light tank. LIGHT? If he's talking about the M3 Light tank, that was the Stuart (with a later M5 upgrade). If he's talking about the M3 Grant tank, that was a medium tank. From the picture, I suspect he meant the Stuart; both had the same 37mm turret, but the Grant had a machine gun turret on top of that (whereas his picture shows a pintle mount MG). Anyways, here's what an M3 Grant looks like. \n

Image: M48A3.JPG   988x768 281573 bytes 2002.07.12

An M48 in 'Nam. I know that look all too well; the TC and the loader are thinking; "We just ran over something...." Lets face it, visibility from those things sucked. The driver probably never saw whatever it was he ran over. Hope it wasn't anything important. Oh, by the way, this was from a very interesting photo. The TC's cupola indicates A3 or earlier, but the fume extractor 1/3 down the barrel suggests a retrofitted 105 mm, and along with the two antennas, that suggests something like an A5. Wish I could see the side, to count the track return rollers; that'd give a clue.

Image: M4a1.jpg   928x696 194220 bytes 2000.04.10

Image: M4Flame.jpg   984x768 192671 bytes 2000.10.06

"M4 Flame" Another one in response (grins) to Lienhard and Knechtshaft, although I do believe I'm cheating here; this is more probably a Korean war version. Its also one I couldn't identify in any of my reference works, but as I was working from a photograph, it MUST have been built somewhere. A Sherman Tank, with a flamethrower added to the right side of the turret (probably at a fixed angle, using a worn-out gun tube). As I've said before, back in those days, our folks used worn out, obsolete equipment; there were a few M-26 Pershings in Korea, but the bulk of the armored forces used Shermans left over from WW II. Have things gotten better? I dunno; hasn't the M1 Abrams been around since the 70's? Is the army running 20 year old tanks again?\n

Image: M5Stuart.JPG   1024x718 299842 bytes 2001.10.06

This one should really be called "Green"... An infantry unit provides cover during an advance, backed by an M5 Stuart light tank. As the average American half track could be perforated by German machine gun bullets, I SUPPOSE this was a benefit, but with the 37mm gun, the Stuart was woefully outgunned by almost any German vehicle. Curiously enough, the Stuart, and its successor, the M24 Chaffee, were made by Cadillac.

Image: M60A2.JPG   1002x768 276046 bytes 2002.09.01

In the early 70's, it looked as if the tank's day was over. Hollow charge weapons and Anti-Tank Guided Missiles could penetrate any armor. The M60A2, sometimes known as the "Starship" for its advanced technology tried to take advantage of some of that. The main weapon was a gun that could fire 152mm shells OR launch an ATGM. However, the massive recoil from the large gun almost always screwed up the electronics for the missile, and it was taken out of service. Then Chobham armor came along and everything changed.

Image: M8greyhound.jpg   1024x704 73268 bytes 2004.02.01

The M8 armored car wasn't a match for anything else in the war, with the possible exception of a Kubelwagen... Mostly it was used for convoy escort, but occasionally they were used for the purpose they were designed for; scouting. Here a scout group comes out of the woods, and into the open, where the M8 might use its speed to aid in its defense (although I doubt the dismounted scouts would appreciate that).

Image: Mauser1896.JPG   588x768 115466 bytes 2000.04.22

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