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Image: MBT70.JPG   1002x768 195809 bytes 2002.08.04

"I'll TAKE it!" In the late 60's, the M60 was about to be outclassed by Soviet armor (or so everyone thought) and the M48 was basically obsolete, despite the brilliant use of them by the Israelis in '68. The MBT 70, a joint research project with the Germans, was to be the solution. It was a technological marvel; but it cost 1.3 million dollars each, and as such was deemed too expensive to field. (sigh). It was the precursor for the Leopard II in Germany, and the M1 Abrams in the US. But in the late 60's, there was nothing like it on the planet.

Image: Mercenary2.JPG   799x768 141819 bytes 2003.07.07

Sequel to "Mercenary Arriving". Our merc friend has been assigned to a fire team, obviously to, ah, "stiffen" their combat abilities.... Or something like that. Yes, the APC and dropship are stolen from Aliens... Makes you wonder who they're fighting, doesn't it?

Image: MercenaryAriving.JPG   556x767 140925 bytes 2003.01.01

It was a backwater planet, with a third class war, little more than a civil disturbance. And yet, given his past, it was the only work he could find. And it had taken his last credits to book passage there. Maybe things would work out better this time... Inspired by a Kaa Starhunter picture.

Image: Mil_42cc.jpg   616x720 116274 bytes 2000.01.20

Image: Mil_46.JPG   1024x608 269727 bytes 1999.01.10

Image: Mil_48.JPG   552x768 177053 bytes 1999.05.02

Image: mink.JPG   319x768 33803 bytes 2000.01.17

Image: Missed.jpg   563x768 85697 bytes 2000.07.14

I spend too much time in airports; the sci-fi version of an RL event. The scanner, usually a pretty good machine, didn't like this one; hence considerable touchup with Photoshop...\n

Image: mooneyes.jpg   883x768 122915 bytes 1998.01.12

Image: MorningCrowd.JPG   592x768 144247 bytes 2003.05.27

LONG overdue; two years ago, I promised to do a pair of pictures for my friends on FurryMuck. I was planning a picture of the girls, looking right, and then, later, a second picture of the guys looking left. This is the picture of Samanthia, Mwerevu, Buzz, Polgara, Kibbles and Kratsminsch. I bet they've long since forgotten about it. I hope they're not too disappointed in either the delay or the final product. Guys, don't hold your breath; I can't even remember who was supposed to be in the group.

Image: mosby_1.JPG   520x768 167811 bytes 1998.08.12

Image: mosby_2.JPG   520x768 164283 bytes 1998.09.13

Image: msha.jpg   504x768 96163 bytes 1998.05.21

Image: MSHA03-1.jpg   804x768 75639 bytes 2003.03.22

This is the other MSHA doodle. The meeting started at 7:30 and lasted all day. I don't function without coffee. Had to find a pot. Then filters. Then coffee. Then we discovered the water cooler was empty. Get the key to the next-door building where potable water was available. Start the coffee maker. THEN find out there are no cups. Send a guy out for cups. FINALLY the coffee was ready, and by then I had this sketch done.

Image: NIPANDTUCK.JPG   1090x1024 157395 bytes 2003.04.05

My tribute to Ralph Hayes Jr.'s great comic strip. The building in the background isn't in Malarkey Co., though; its in Twiggs Co, Georgia, in Bullard, along the Cochran short route, South of Macon. Used to be a thriving country store, but now its abandoned and decaying. But I thought it had the right look for Pop's gas.

Image: nomorechanges.jpg   590x768 178266 bytes 2001.07.15

For all the long-suffering draftsmen who have to put up with project and process engineers (like me) who just can't seem to get it right.

Image: nostrpe2.jpg   1024x768 145102 bytes 1996.12.03

Image: notnow.jpg   530x768 101255 bytes 1996.12.03

Image: Nude_Beach_14.jpg   512x768 65552 bytes 2003.02.09

First finished picture with my new graphics tablet. Didn't help much with her face or hair; something's definitely not right there, but I like the way the rest of it came out!

Image: NudeBeachZassaArrorDep.jpg   565x768 81020 bytes 2004.02.29

Nude Beach Zassa; Arriving or Departing? Personally, I think, as the beach is still deserted, and she usually attracts a following wherever she goes, she must just be arriving. Zassa (this one at least) is copyright the one on FurryMuck and is used with permission.

Image: ontos.jpg   968x768 171755 bytes 2003.10.14

> "Ontos" is Greek for "The Thing". Designed to destroy enemy tanks, they found themselves in 'nam, where they wound up being particularly useful, although not for the purpose they were designed for. The beehive round for the 106mm recoilless rifle could peel back the jungle for a quarter mile, and the Ontos could fire all six barrels at once, making it the world's largest shotgun. Charlie hated 'em. You'll have a hard time finding a surviving Ontos; almost all of them were scrapped. There are more surviving WW 1 tanks, than M50A1's. Rare indeed.<

Image: otteress.JPG   1024x594 48521 bytes 1999.08.07

Image: overture.JPG   977x768 217111 bytes 1999.09.11

Image: park.JPG   514x768 140089 bytes 1999.02.07

Image: powr.jpg   1024x745 93650 bytes 1996.12.03

Image: prc.jpg   1005x768 190852 bytes 1996.12.03

Image: rage.jpg   561x768 196801 bytes 1999.11.06

Image: refuge.jpg   800x600 89952 bytes 1998.10.11

Image: retreat1.gif   464x720 11999 bytes 1997.09.23

Image: Sara.JPG   331x768 87926 bytes 1998.10.19

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